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TR 408 - Solutions from a Simple Man

TR 408 - Solutions from a Simple Man

Mocking the propaganda and honoring the American legacy of Charlie Daniels.

It’s just nuts.

Let me ask you:

What do you think about 3,000 of America’s troops—many who are Individual Ready Reserve troops—being deployed to Europe for Operation Atlantic Resolve?

What do you think about Biden blowing $39 billion dollars to buy the votes of some 800,000 lazy ass college-educated idiots?

What do you think about the crack cocaine at the White House and the fact that Secret Service just closed the investigation due to a lack of evidence?

Are you upset about the Hollywood Strikes?

Are you worried about the extreme heat that could kill you if you go outdoors?

Are you disturbed by the so-called “Last Generation” gluing themselves to the tarmac to disrupt flights and slow down the pollution of mass transit?

Did you know that the Department of Justice just deleted their information on child sex trafficking after congresswoman Anna Luna pointed out they’ve “lost track” of 85,000 children who were in government custody?

Of course there is the whole fitness leads to white supremacy trend, but I’m not even going to ask about that. Remember on Monday (TR 404), how the news was out about China and Russia leading 40 other countries toward a gold-backed global currency that could utterly destroy the dollar? Well, apparently now there are seven U.S. states that are entertaining the idea of joining the club and catching this wave.

Oh yeah, and Russia just passed a “digital ruble bill” that is essentially identical to the Fed Now scheme recently rolled out here at home, with the date for full implementation set for 2027, coincidentally just like Great Britain.

But never mind all of that.

It turns out Ron DeSantis is dropping like a rock in the polls, as more and more people learn about his connections to China and the WEF, and even though Trump is the front runner by far, Joe Biden has been raking in donations at a record pace, more than doubling Trump’s fundraising haul. How is that possible and why is that happening?

I’ll let you chew on that one.

Like sands through an hourglass, these are the days of our lives:

Hunter Biden has sent Donald Trump a cease-and-desist order, because Trump’s rhetoric is putting his family in danger, the United States just set a grim milestone for the deadliest six months of so-called “mass killings,” and the Associated Press is lamenting the fact that polling indicates democracy isn’t working for anyone.

Evidently, some 53% of Americans no longer feel like the government is representing them—and that’s 6 out of 10 Republicans and even 4 out of 10 Democrats.

Regardless, there should be no doubt that the solution will be more socialism.

Let’s pivot.

I wanted to lay it all out there like that to make the point that it is impossible for any one of us to keep up or keep track of everything that is going on. As a result, different people tune into different issues, and very few people see the bigger issues—like the “aggressive use of AI” by weaponized federal agencies who are doing the bidding of the global cabal, for example.

Fewer people still are keen to the mental warfare, military memetics, and the subsequent transformation of human consciousness that is happening on a global scale right now. That’s why I want to circle back to the FBI’s “Speak Now” initiative, as mentioned in TR 406 - The Future is In Our Hands. You may recall the graphic:

Let’s just pick that one apart a little bit, shall we?

Who do you think is the target audience for this federal snitch program? Do you think that it’s manly men who are worried that someone’s civil rights might be getting violated? I’m guessing not, given the mauve background and swirly purple writing.

I’m just an ignorant peasant, but my hunch is that they’re targeting women.

Why might that be? Could it be because women are more emotionally vulnerable, prone to stress and depression, and just wired differently at the biological level?

It’s funny, such things are directly observable to anyone in their right mind, and yet as I was searching for some “science” to back those statements up, I got this:

When looking for research on women being more vulnerable than men, the first response was “masculinity might be more toxic than we think.” That’s really quite funny, given that decades of psychology have documented this fact, and the MRI brain scans in the study linked above prove what everyone already knew.

But this is a perfect example of how the algorithms are rapidly reshaping perception, by feeding the public with whatever “trusted” information advances the approved narrative. The reason is simple: because behind these machines are human minds, and in most cases these minds have been heavily indoctrinated into “social consciousness” while they were acquiring the “education” they needed to code the algorithms.

Just for fun, you might play around with searching for various topics of interest and notice what comes up in results. You will notice that the first page results are heavily stacked with progressively aligned leftist sources—socialist sources that have been rubber stamped by the global cabal. This is made possible by AI that can instantly scan vast amounts of information for key words and phrases that are congruent with the approved narrative.

But the disparity between the input / output of the above results is even more revealing, as it was clear I was looking for research on the differences between women and men, and the result was an in-your-face “toxic masculinity” study that suggested the mere fact I was looking into this makes my masculinity more toxic than I ever would have thought. Fortunately, I don’t buy their bullshit, but plenty of people do.

Especially emotionally vulnerable women and feminized soy-boy fags… and the fact that I said that—the fact that I spoke that truth—is exactly why the AI doesn’t like me.

Oh well.

Just to be clear, for the sake of fairness, not all women are “emotionally vulnerable” and not all homosexuals are “feminized soy-boy fags”—but there is a correlation, and it is rooted in biology as it is in the institutional domestication of humankind.

But let’s get back to the FBI’s snitch list, which is clearly targeting women because they are more vulnerable to emotional manipulation, and take a look at their pitch:

“Justice is better than revenge. You may not be Superman, but you can help the FBI protect the country.”


That makes me want to puke.

What are they really saying here? “Justice is better than revenge.” What does that mean, and why are they using those particular words?

My take is that they lead with “justice” to appeal to a positive ideal, something that would stimulate the ego to affiliate with something good. Being good, affiliating oneself with justice, is clearly better than revenge. This triggers an acceptance of the statement as being true, and thereby reduces resistance to the later suggestion that you snitch on the neighbors for any little thing. Very few people will stop to ask: is justice really better than revenge? If so, who gets to decide?

I’ve reflected on justice a lot:

But it wasn’t until TR 383 - What Are We Fighting For? that I declared justice is dead.

Justice is based on the rule of law, and since lawlessness abounds and is being rewarded, there is no longer any justice in the formally accepted use of the word.

I say that having had a very strong sense of “justice” my whole life. I am wired as an ENTJ according to the Myers-Briggs assessment, and those letters stand for Extroverted iNtuitive Thinking Judge. This has been consistent for the last 20+ years, and it seems to be a fairly accurate reflection of the fact that I like people, trust my gut, apply my mind to figure things out, and JUDGE the situation accordingly.

Regardless, the propaganda being examined here states that justice is better than revenge, and it’s clear that revenge is being presented as a bad thing. Why? What is revenge? What emotion does the word evoke?

Revenge, just off the top, is generally associated with uncontrollable anger, even some frightening level of rage. Revenge, when viewed through this socially conditioned lens is obviously a bad thing—and nobody wants to be associated with something bad.

Note the juxtaposed appeal to ego.

But revenge, when considered through the broader lens of an open mind, when evaluated with logic and reason, takes on a different tone altogether. Revenge implies a reason, and that reason is to right a wrong. That seems rational enough, doesn’t it?

Just like the old country song says:

“The good book says it so I know it’s the truth, eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…”

—From Simple Man by Charlie Daniels

Seems pretty natural to me. Revenge is a principle that aligns with Nature and Natural Law. Justice, on the other hand, is merely a figment of the imagination. It is subjective at best and does not exist in the natural world, except for in the eye of the beholder.

Friends, according to the FBI, “you may not be Superman,” but you can do your part, be a good human, and help them protect the country if you just Speak Now. The front page of their world class website makes it very, very easy to report suspicious activity:

It also gives you a picture perfect example of gaslighting and government propaganda.

If you know of anyone who’s violating the Constitution or trampling civil rights, I highly suggest you report it. If you are aware of more than one violation, I suggest filing more than one report, as tips are probably best delivered one criminal at a time.

If you’re unsure about what’s right, wrong, or what needs to be done, I want to leave you with this timeless bit of wisdom:

Have a wonderful weekend friends. Stay wise.

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