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TR 412 - Orchestrated Global Chaos

TR 412 - Orchestrated Global Chaos

Just when you think we've seen it all, we haven't seen anything yet.

This week I started by honoring the endless quest for truth, before taking the philosophical plunge into human nature and the answers within. Yesterday, I went out on a limb to demonstrate that covid was coming full circle, noting how the pre-conditioned fear of an “invisible enemy” is allowing the media to spin vaccine related deaths as a matter of “nutritional deficiency.” I finished that report with the line:

“You’re not going to believe what happens next.”

After couching the conversation in the broader context of global depopulation and briefly touching on “national food control systems,” I wanted to make it abundantly clear that we are nowhere near the end of this insanity. And, just as COVID-19 kicked off the Great Reset in order to accelerate the adoption of the globalists’ Agenda 2030—which includes disarming and reducing the human population—COVID is going to be used in the next round of “iterative disruptions” that are about to unfold.

For those who are new to the crowd, please understand that “iterative disruptions” are how the global elite build “resiliency”—i.e. how they coerce compliance.

Over the last two years I have railed against the covid narrative, exposing the lies as many others have, by presenting the actual data and the decades of medical research and precedent that preemptively obliterates the entire scheme. And yet, thanks to weaponized AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions, the majority of the public still remains painfully ignorant of the facts unpinning the so-called “pandemic.”

That is not by accident, obviously, and it’s not a casual concern either. The fact that people still remain ignorant is about to come back and bite us in the ass. Mark my words. Whatever small degree of public awareness has been stimulated by the substantial efforts of honest truth ambassadors and the sight of people falling over dead on live television, is grossly dwarfed by the proliferation of propaganda.

Though it hasn’t really been on most people’s radar, I’ve been keeping track of the covid narrative, watching it slowly evolve, and most recently seeing it get repositioned for its reemergence. Just to give you a glimpse of what’s been out there over the last month or so, check out these headlines:

I just want to emphasize that as of the summer of 2023, the Washington Post—which is where all the “kool kids” get their “trusted” information—has stated perfectly clear: COVID isn’t over. Then they’re top three health articles target the “embroiled” probes into the Wuhan lab (“embroiled” links to controversial, which means these probes are probably being conducted by racist white supremacists who are ignoring “The Science” in order to push their bigoted political agenda, in case you were wondering); dispelling the myths of vaccine “misinformation”—like what RFK was puking out in congress this week—and obsessing over whether or not one should engage in normal human behavior, or probably not, because one “might” be contagious.

Oh how I dislike the Washington Post. Idiots.

At any rate, we need to realize that these are the seeds that are being planted into the liberal subconscious, this idea that covid isn’t over and you might be contagious, and they are being watered by a steady drip of headlines like this:

And just in case there was any doubt, according to the Global Center for Health Security linked above, this Three-Pronged Defense looks like a boon for Big Pharma:

“This fall, Americans will be urged to get shots against the flu, Covid and, if they’re older, R.S.V. To prevent a repeat of last winter’s “tripledemic” of respiratory illnesses, Americans will be encouraged to roll up their sleeves not just for flu shots but for two other vaccines, one of them entirely new.”

Ah yes, roll up the sleeve, get three shots back to back—to prevent a repeat of last winter’s tripledemic (remember that?)—and be grateful that the pharmaceutical companies have seen fit to bless you with an entirely new experimental injection, which will no doubt roll out just in time for the holidays.

You know, that way you have the right to gather with family and friends and know you’re not going kill grandma, like all of those savage anti-vaxxers.

So, we’ve been warned. We know that this threat looms. The struggle continues. Covid is certainly not over, even though even the most cautious people are tentatively moving on. Hence the fresh federal advisory, linking “long covid” to the ongoing mental conditions that are most likely being caused by prolonged subjection to military grade propaganda and the nefarious attempt to transform human consciousness—but what the hell do I know.

But wait, there’s more!

I know food prices are soaring, and since hunting season is just around the corner, I suspect there are probably plenty of red-blooded Americans who are looking to fill their freezers with fresh meat, harvested from the abundance of the land.

But, while you might not live in fear of the forthcoming tripledemic, the media has a warning for you too:

Of course, that’s not the first time we’ve been told, “Thou shalt not eat the king’s deer.” You may recall I raised this issue back in May of 2022, when Monkey Pox was ravaging the land and covid was running rampant among wild deer populations.

And, quite unfortunately, it’s not just hunters who are now faced with the proposition that somehow their favorite pastime might lead to sudden, shocking, and even immediate death—aka covid infection. Now even those most “cautious” souls, who generally prefer to stay locked in their homes and disconnected from anything but the internet and their cats, to protect public health and safety of course, even these people are facing the very upsetting prospect that there favorite felines might be infected.


Thousands of cat deaths lead to more expert warnings and “alarming reports” about a “sudden rise” of a more virulent strain. Just note the language, and realize that these patterns leave impressions that are being branded into unsuspecting brains. The shear magnitude of horror at the thought of a poor kitten dying from kitty-covid is enough to induce a very heightened state of suggestibility. My suggestion?


But before I do, I want to point out that all of these headlines from the last month or so just so happened to crop up right when the UK was conducting a national inquiry into the pandemic, and congress has been holding its own hearings on the origins of covid right here at home. Me thinks this is not coincidence—this is the Delphi Method in action. If you need to refresh:

Also, it’s worth noting that China is purportedly getting hammered by a Second Wave of covid right now:

Evidently the suffering in China is so bad, even the World Socialists are calling out the “criminal silence” of the corporate media, even as clues to China’s true death toll keep surfacing, suggesting that cremationsi.e. the burning of dead bodies—are up 70% year-over-year.

But it’s not like the CCP are Nazis or something, so nothing to see here.

Friends, all of this comes at a time when the U.S. government has finally stopped funding the Chinese lab at the center of the entire pandemic. It comes at a time when UK ministers are preparing for the next pandemic. It comes as Canadians are sounding off about more boosters being necessary to stave off waning immunity.

It comes as courts confirm the government’s right to restrict your breathing, forcing you to mask up on a whim. It comes as states instruct citizens how to prove that they’re all vaxxed up, even if they’ve lost their vaccine cards. It comes as tens of thousands of people are convicted of breaking covid rules. Keep in mind we are only two months past the official end of the covid public health emergency, which formally ended on May 11, 2023, and already the media is reporting an increase in covid metrics. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Kind of like that very “rare” EF3 tornado that ripped through Pfizer’s pharmaceutical plant near Raleigh, NC, just days after the Governor in Raleigh tested positive for covid and decided to work from home, the fact that this will likely lead to “long term shortages” of medical supplies, just as we head into the fall season.

I’m sure that’s all just a coincidence too… and yet, my tinfoil hat kept zapping me, beaming in signals from the ether that seemed to suggest certain nefarious actors could potentially be weaponizing geoengineered weather patterns, you know, per government studies.

I suppose from the perspective of an ignorant peasant, this all looks like orchestrated global chaos—and what’s a peasant to do except prepare accordingly then sit back and enjoy the show? Again, my hunch is that we haven’t seen nothin yet!


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