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TR 410 - Human Nature Holds the Answers

TR 410 - Human Nature Holds the Answers

The source of our problems is also the source of our solutions.

There’s an interesting phenomenon I’ve seen cropping up lately, something that is never really talked about; nevertheless, it provides great insight into human nature. Understanding human nature allows us to better understand the great complexities of geopolitical affairs, as well as lead us toward the tactical, practical solutions we need.

Just as no problem can be properly understood without understanding human nature, no potential solution can be understood without an accurate account of how human nature will inevitably play into it. This failure to account for predictable human nature is at the root of most, if not all societal woes.

As a poet and philosopher, I have been reflecting on human nature for nearly forty years—since the days in my early youth when the dawning of self-awareness awoke within me. Circa age 10, I realized that I could learn anything that had ever been written in a book, and there were endless books to learn from. I was thrilled by the idea that I could learn for a lifetime and never exhaust the inexhaustible source and sum of all that there is to know. I knew then that I would never even come close.

Thus, I set my mind to sort through the various fields of study, in an immature attempt to determine what was most important to learn about. I needed to prioritize my learning, because while some things were certainly trivial, there were other things I could learn that would imbibe my mind with lifelong benefits.

One distinct thought I remember floating through my mind was this: I could learn how to build rocket ships or robots, which would be cool, but someday I was going to be dead in the dirt—and at that point, those silly ambitions didn’t seem to matter.

There was something more to life than just the material things, something I had experienced while romping around the Alaskan wilderness with nothing but Nature and the nature of my thoughts to keep me company. There is something that transcends my thoughts, something that even seems to transcend time itself, but that’s a special something, something I deduced that most have never seen.

It was through martial arts that I had been introduced to meditation, and it was through meditation that I had been introduced to this something else. It was there, inside me at first, nestled within my mysterious inner workings. Then, once I became aware of this presence, I realized that it was also all around me. I came to see how the inner mystery reflected and resounded all around me, always guiding, delighting, and drawing me ever deeper into the Eternal Enigma.

It was when I was a before, before I had any inclinations of being a man, that I realized the first and most important thing I could learn about was me. Who am I? Why am I here? What makes me tick? What’s going on inside me? What can I do with this body of mine? What are the limits of my mind? What can I do and what can I not do? I asked “what” a million and one times, and only one question more often: why?

By the age of 12 I was writing poetry regularly, relaying back to myself the insights that came from within, as well as the direct observations of my mind. I have stacks of journals filled with the scribbles of a searching young heart being instructed by what felt like a wise old soul. My mind was a bridge in between, but most often it was like it wasn’t even there—it was just the flicker of a fleeting thought, bouncing off the edge of my awareness. Where do these thoughts come from? I wondered.

I wrote these words over thirty years ago, before I was old enough to drive a car:

“Human nature is to wonder and the source of our will is curiosity. Constant thoughts flood the conscience of a common level. But to rise above instead of falling within is the only key, nothing else matters to me. All I want is what I am and to understand my mere existence and to master what I know is myself.”

Those lines come from a pros poem titled “Nature is Wonder.” Those words tickle my brain to this day—Nature is Wonder—and those opening lines continue to stimulate insight for me. For the sake of brevity, and to get to my geopolitical point, I’ll have to truncate this philosophical tangent, but suffice it to say, in my mind and in my own way of understanding, I believe that Divine expression is a curious exploration of infinite possibilities, and thus curiosity is a divine expression, which is the source of our will.

It will make more sense why that matters in a moment.

As for the interesting phenomenon that keeps cropping up, it is loosely tethered to this endless quest for self-understanding. To put it in concrete terms that tie into the political situation, this quest for understanding leads directly to individualism—the reality that every person on the planet is infinitely unique, according to natural order—which fundamentally defies the entire foundation of socialism, collectivism, communism, etc. The two concepts are incongruent, in fact polar opposites.

Individualism leads to the collapse and destruction of socialism.

Socialism leads to the collapse and destruction of individualism.

The latter is what we are facing right now, from the local to the global level. When I speak of assimilation into the collective hive-mind, this is what I am talking about. It is the intentional destruction of the individual identity, which is then replaced by a prepackaged and heavily conditioned social identity.

One is rooted in reality, the other is not.

Now, with the weaponized AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions, with the sneaky censorship, the grip on the narrative, and the control of “emerging” public perceptions—all of which has been documented at length here on the Torch Report—humanity as a whole is facing an unprecedented crisis. We are quite literally at risk of losing sight of what it means to be a human being.

“We are quite literally at risk of losing sight of what it means to be a human being.”

We are being transformed into mindless cogs, little more than Hackable Animals who are programmed to squander our time toiling for the sake of paying taxes and living like slaves to the state. I assure you, this is NOT the way things are meant to be—and that is precisely why so many people can sense that something is wrong.

We can sense it in our soul. We may be hackable, but we still have souls!

We have a heartbeat before we have a brain. The science here is astounding, and we’ve covered it before, but what I want to emphasis today is that this is our secret weapon. We must get out of the head and into the heart, for it is there that we can find calm in the midst of the storm, and it is there we will find both the wisdom needed to know what to do (and when), and the courage needed to make it happen.

The mind is a maze. The mental mirage is a house of mirrors. For the untrained initiates, meditation is as abstract and mind-boggling as astrophysics. Indeed, a great deal of what is taught about meditation these days is little more than a load of watered down crap. Nevertheless, learning to observe one’s own mind is the quintessential defensive strategy when we find ourselves under constant, relentless mental attack.

The more sophisticated the attacks become, the greater awareness is required to resist assimilation. This inner resistance is how you stave off menticide and overcome the subconscious inertia that has been slowly building through decades of institutional indoctrination. Though we are just now waking up to the reality of current circumstance, the truth is, they’ve been programming us for a long, long time.

We know now that they’ve got a well-developed strategy that’s designed to domesticate humanity and transform human consciousness, aiming to assimilate every individual into the collective, and clone the masses with a “cosmopolitan” perspective. We know that they’ve been at it for decades—perhaps a century or more—and that now they are growing desperate, openly opting for less carrot and more stick.

It does not matter that these people are crazy. These global socialists, communists, marxists, liberals, progressives—whatever they choose to call themselves—they all suffer from the same affliction: They have no idea who they are.

They think they know, but this thought is a mental aberration and nothing more.

Their innate sense of individual identity has been conditioned out of them. They now can only identify with the collective, with the greater good, with the narrative and story that is actively being woven throughout the web of social consciousness.

That means they are no longer thinking for themselves, nor are they capable of acting upon their own volition. Every action, the whole of their behavior, is being driven by a set of beliefs that have been literally installed in the very same way a virus is installed on a computer. This is the memetic mental virus we’ve been discussing lately.

This makes these poor insufferable fools a dangerous threat, especially given that they have been programmed to believe that we are an impediment to progress and standing in the way of the greater good. And, while the antifa sorts may get violent about it, and while the climate cult may keep disrupting flight and interrupting traffic, the greatest threat these people pose is their unshakable conviction in democracy.

Democracy is mob rule, and they are the mob.

They believe they have the right to vote, and they do. They believe that since they are the majority, they have the right to impose their will upon the rest of us, but they don’t. They call this the “international rules based order,” and they believe that it exists, but it’s really just a fantasy. They are incapable of discerning what they think from actual reality, precisely because they have lost connection with their souls.

The interesting phenomenon that keeps cropping up is the utter failure of the collective agenda. Global leaders can’t agree. Progressive policies destroy communities. Public behavior is becoming increasingly derange. More and more people are struggling mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.

Though you and I may have our opinions about all of this, I see it as an opportunity to arouse the curiosity of others, those who are unlikely to see it for what it is. Curiosity is the first step in a greater awakening. What’s going on? Why is this happening?

When we realize that it’s all just human nature, we’ve stumbled onto the ultimate solution. Freedom is the most good for the most people. Everything else leads to conflict. Those who oppose individual freedom are the problem.

Chaos is all part of the cosmos…

Transient time,
Layers of change,
Create and destroy are two sides of the same.

Nature is indifferent.

Some one has to lose, and it better not be us.

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