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TR 383 - What Are We Fighting For?

TR 383 - What Are We Fighting For?

Addressing Trump's indictment and our what and why.

I’m not at my best today, but here’s what’s on my heart…

What will it take?

That’s the question I’m asking myself this morning: what will it take?

What will it take for the majority of Americans to say enough is enough?

What will it take for the majority of Americans to stand up and push back?

What will it take for the majority of Americans to reclaim their own damn country?

It will take a miracle.

There is a lot of lip service given to the idea of justice these days.

Retributive justice.
Distributive justice.
Restorative justice.
Environmental justice.
Social justice.

It’s all bullshit.

There is no justice. If it ever existed beyond the idealistic realm of conjecture, it is now dead. At this point, anyone can define justice any way they want, twisting, distorting, and warping the word to fit whatever contrived narrative has captured the moment’s imagination. Anyone who claims they are fighting for justice is a fool.

They are only fighting for the right to feel good about their own moral preening.

There is no justice.

As such, there is no point in wasting any more time talking about it.

Lawlessness abounds.

Trump has been indicted for supposedly having illegal documents. So what.

It happened the same day evidence confirms Biden took a $5 million bribe. So what.

Conservative Supreme Court Justices just sided with race baiting ideologues. So what.

Ukraine has finally launched their “long awaited” counter-offensive. So what.

Radical leftists are fighting to allow men to exploit women’s bathrooms. So what.

Democrats want to remove white people from office to dismantle racism. So what.

Woke morons continue to rewrite “problematic” American comic books. So what.

Hillary Clinton is bringing back a limited-edition of the But Her Emails hat. So what.

Does anybody care?

This is what passes for news. This is the kind of stuff the media wants people to care about. This is the sort of political theater, spin, and propaganda that is supposed to get people excited—like, “Oh my gosh, what’s going to happen to Trump!”— but so what.

Does any of this actually matter?

In the sense of whether or not any of these are pressing issues that demand our attention and need to be addressed, the answer is no. In the sense of psychological warfare fleecing the masses and wreaking havoc on mental health, the answer is yes.

It matters that these are the stories that are getting fed to the public, because this steady diet of drivel and distraction leads directly to people doing nothing. And, since the majority of people are doing nothing about anything important, the global cabal continues to advance its sinister agenda without any sort of substantial opposition.

So, back to the original question: what will it take for people to wake up, stand up, speak up, and buck up to deal with the bigger issues, like the total enslavement of humanity by a bunch of sociopathic sycophants who are wielding weaponized artificial intelligence for example? There’s no easy answer, but I have an idea.

The chi follows the yi. Where the focus goes, the energy flows.

As the above sampling of headlines demonstrates, people’s focus and energy are being fractured and diverted into meaningless mental gymnastics that keep the emotions roiling and the mind occupied. The result is that very, very few people—VERY few people—are spending any time focusing on the over-arching agenda. Of course, from the top down, it is precisely the over-arching agenda that global elites have been obsessively organizing and strategizing about for the last century or so.

Clearly the advantage rests with those who have been laser focused on advancing the Common Agenda. As the global elites continue to work in concert, drawing upon their inexhaustible war chest of resources, coordinating their public-private partnerships (fascism), orchestrating the consolidation of power and control (communism), and transforming human consciousness (collectivism), they continue to build momentum, pick up speed, and gain greater and greater leverage over the masses. They understand this. We understand this. Most people don’t.

Our enemy is growing stronger by the day.

And just to be clear, our enemy is the group of people who are seeking to dominate and control the whole of humanity using 21st century tools like sentinel surveillance, social listening, and algorithmic social interventions. They are the secret cabal. They are elite and untouchable. They have tools that we do not have. They have knowledge and data that we do not have. They have strategies and methods that we do not have.

They essentially have every advantage in every way—except one.

We were born with free will.

And they are helpless to stifle the expression of free will, so long as an individual is empowered, emboldened, and brave enough to act on their own volition. Any person who sets their mind to doing things their own way—not the common way, as dictated by social conformity, but their own way according to personal conviction—represents a teeny-tiny stick in the gears of the great globalist machine. At the individual level, such expressions of free will, in opposition to state tyranny, are likely to get obliterated by the shear force of everything in motion.

But if enough tiny sticks band together, it would be like sticking a broom in the spokes of a bicycle. Things would come to a screeching halt, real fast.

That’s the theory. According to the laws of physics, this is technically possible.

We just need to get enough people to collectively express their individual free will, and obviously that is no easy task. But it’s possible. Where the focus goes the energy flows.

My mind is grasping for a way to communicate what must happen.

Rather than focusing on so many different things, politically speaking, we need to focus on a singular issue. Rather than being drawn into battle on so many different fronts, we need to realize that the real war is happening in the hearts and minds of the people we already know and interact with. There is something that fundamentally transcends and supersedes all of the social chaos. There is a cause.

There is a reason we must unite and stand together. There is a reason we must set aside our petty differences. There is a reason we must reject the two-party system. There is a reason we must resist this global assimilation.

We must maintain and defend our humanity.

We must maintain our dignity and defend our individuality.

We must fight to the death to preserve our sacred nature.

We cannot allow humanity to be peacefully enslaved by machines. We cannot allow the collective to eradicate the individual. We cannot allow the darkness to dim and snuff out the light of the soul. We are not just soulless hackable animals.

We are free human beings. We are incredible cosmic creatures. We have intelligence, imagination, and intuition. We have the power of choice, and with it, we have unlimited positive potential. We have the ability to overcome all odds.

We have the ability to win this war.

We just have to communicate our what and our why.

We are not just fighting for freedom. We are not just fighting for fair elections. We are not just fighting for parental rights. We are not just fighting for our traditions. We are not just fighting for the constitution or the rule of law. We are not just fighting for our children and our future. We are fighting for all of that and more.

We are fighting for a dream,
For the real and yet surreal,
For a past and for a present,
For the truth we can only feel.

We are fighting for a moment,
For a fluctuating thought,
For that flicker of awareness,
For the wisdom seldom sought.

We are fighting for a lifetime,
For the body and the mind,
For eternal life unfolding,
For the sacred and Divine.

We are fighting for the cosmos,
For the balance, for the light,
We are fighting for our soul’s sake,
For the chance to make it right.

So let’s fight with all our might.

Friends, thank you for reading, for listening, for liking, for commenting, and for supporting this publication. This has been a philosophical Friday. We need to think deeply about the road ahead. Where the focus goes the energy flows.

Don’t let them steal your joy. Cherish the little things. Life is amazing.

Look for the magic. Life is always talking.

Peace and blessings to you and yours.



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