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TR 332 - The Sad Demise of American Values

TR 332 - The Sad Demise of American Values

Why our nation is no longer united on our basic founding principles.

Look around.

Everywhere we look these days, we see conflict. We see disagreement. We see bickering between opposite ways of thinking. Is this just normal human behavior? Has it always been this way and we just never really noticed before? Or, could there be something else going on, something that is intentionally driving this division?

Instinct indicates that something’s up—as I’m sure you all have sensed for yourselves. It doesn’t take rocket science to observe the obvious fissures and fractious divisions that are tearing our country apart. In a series dubbed Divided America, the Associated Press attempts to explain the problem based on their “unmatched insight:”

The melting pot appears to be boiling over indeed—the problem is that too many frogs are still in the pot. Most people have yet to grasp that all of this division is being intentionally stoked, not just for the purpose of stoking, but to spark a revolution. Some would call it a cultural revolution, but I prefer to call it was it is: a Communist revolution. As we’ve discussed at length, that’s precisely what we are enduring.

In an effort to better understand exactly how they’re pulling this off, we need to dig into the philosophies and strategies that are being used against us. At the outset, there are two things that are important to keep in mind: 1) To think that our country has never been more divided is not entirely accurate; and 2) Society is being prodded through sequential steps of conscious transformation that are in fact predictable.

This predictability is the chink in the armor of the great progressive zeitgeist, but before we get into that I want to throw a few more facts out on the table:

  1. As part of the Great Reset, this specific “conscious transformation” strategy is being used to disrupt every sector of society, including the banking system. For example, in an article titled, “The post-pandemic, socially conscious transformation of American banking in a digital world,” the Brookings Institute is promoting a “public banking option” piloted and administered through the USPS, in cahoots with the private sector and the Federal Reserve, to solve the problem of “unbanked” individuals suffering from “economic injustice.”

  2. Similarly, the National Institute for Transformation and Equity is promoting the SALT model of Social Action, Leadership, and Transformation to indoctrinate “socially conscious” leadership in American universities to form a cadre that “facilitates transformation to achieve justice.” By leveraging a series of seemingly harmless surveys, the NITE organization is developing “collectivist orientations” with pro-active philosophies that catalyze “cultural responsiveness.”

  3. These are just two of innumerable examples of what Marxist’s call “dialectical materialism,” which is the root philosophy that is being used to uproot American ideals and transform public consciousness into a collectivist hive-mind. This strategy itself stems from Hegelian Dialectics, which is a method of argument that uses a “contradictory process” that positions “opposing sides” against each other in order to synthesize cultural shifts in consciousness, ascending toward socialism in the name of the greater good.

That’s the short version anyway. The point is that these philosophies were developed in the 1800s, complete with strategies to facilitate “conscious transformation” that ultimately culminates in a Communist revolution that is believed to solve the supposed “injustice” of inequality. The thoughts are sophisticated enough to appeal to aspiring intellectuals (college kids), while simultaneously remaining out of the grasp of the average everyday citizen.

Unless you were indoctrinated in an Ivy League institution, having received countless lectures on the merits of Marxism and material dialectics, you are simply too ignorant to understand why they know what’s best for you. If you’re curious about all of this, and you’re a glutton for punishment, you might enjoy chewing through this nearly four-hour long lecture on Hegel, Wokeness, and the Dialectical Faith of Leftism.

That’s the framework for what we’re dealing with. In a nutshell, like we covered last week, this is how the “Enlightened Leaders” are being trained to think. They believe that this way of thinking is infallible. If you recall from TR 329 - The Great Global Story, they have been using these methods to produce “significant changes in perception and consciousness” for decades, leveraging “overlapping, sequential campaigns” that drive “wedge issues” that force the public to adapt to the progressive agenda.

All of this is culminating in America right now.

Connect the dots.

In his Love Letter to America, former KGB propagandist Tomas Schuman warned about the ideological subversion of American values. He explained how “the process of changing the perception of reality in the minds of millions of people” was achieved in a four step process that takes about 30 years—noting that the ideological subversion turns a “strong force” against itself so slowly that it is almost imperceptible.

Which brings me to some disturbing stats from a recent Wall Street Journal article that shows an absolutely shocking decline in traditional American values over the last 25 years. From America Pulls Back From Values That Once Defined It:

“Some 38% of respondents said patriotism was very important to them, and 39% said religion was very important. That was down sharply from when the Journal first asked the question in 1998, when 70% deemed patriotism to be very important, and 62% said so of religion.”

Given that the UN’s “Global Vision, Local Voice” initiative was launched in 1997— which groomed and placed telegenic personalities to push their “activist media strategies” and redefine what news is—it would appear that their strategies have had a profound impact on American perspective. Is this not a perfect picture of the ideological subversion we’ve been warned about?

While many Americans bemoan the drifting away from Christianity and faith, and are quick to connect this to the precipitous drop in patriotism, too few have worked out exactly how they’ve managed to pull this off. Charts like this are reflecting the dialectic dismantling of public perspective, which intentionally gives rise to the increasing vitriol and divisions that invariably fill the void of shared values.

This demoralizes and destabilizes a society (our society) until is implodes, or until its weakness invites stronger forces to invade or assimilate the dying nation.

What I want to make clear here, is the how.

How are they so profoundly changing Americans’ values and perspectives?

Through the sequential steps of conscious transformation facilitated by Hegelian Dialectic—also referred to as the Problem-Reaction-Solution model—wherein a problem is created to stimulate a predictable reaction so that a desired solution can be implemented. Hegel’s genius was realizing this method can be applied to transform thoughts and consciousness (our inner world) just as effectively as it can be applied to transform political systems and society as a whole (the external world).

Just to reiterate, these ideas and methods have been in use for 200 years.

There is a science to it—and THAT’s what we need to wrap our heads around.

Psychological warfare, propaganda, brainwashing, menticide, mind control, all of these are just various manifestations of the same basic exploitation. Our minds are malleable and our perception is fallible. This is part of being human, and lacking any awareness of these vulnerabilities, the average person is like a sitting duck for those who understand and deploy the dialectic tactics.

Again, so subtle and cunning is the technique, the shifts in consciousness happen without most people even realizing their perspectives and values are changing. Most people are not aware of the countless ways in which their language and terminology has changed—though this is really coming to light given the absolutely ludicrous use of woke terminology that has been cropping up in recent years. This reflects the advanced stages of collective delusion that accompany the ongoing ideological subversion, and none of this bodes well for the future.

The sad demise in American values, a process decades in the making, is nearly complete. The collectivist re-orientation, turning Americans away from individuality and self-determination, has led directly to an exponential increase in dependence upon the state. The “woke” ideologies that sprout from Marxism and material dialectics have roots that run generations deep, and just like an aggressive weed over taking your garden, so too has this memetic virus overrun religious conviction and our once shared national values.

All of this has been intentional—and the reaction was predictable long in advance. As the destruction of American values nears completion, as chaos accelerates and society collapses, those who have been instigating the transformation will reveal their solutions. By now the wise have realized that this ideological subversion isn’t a unique American problem. This is a global problem, and it will require a global solution.

At least that’s how the story will be told, according to the global cabal. As far as turning the table and using these techniques against them, that’s something we’ll have to unpack in tomorrow’s report. Until then my friends, remember: resistance is the spice of life. Therefore, “Resist we must!”

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