May 10, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 113 - The Enemy Is On The Move

The global scheme to immunize humanity against misinformation.

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You never saw it coming. 

It's nearly impossible to tell when an invisible enemy is on the move. For that we must rely on the legacy media and their government informants, or else draw upon the deep inner resources of intelligence, instinct, and intuitive insights to project trajectories of probable outcomes. Personal preference leads me to the latter.

Listeners to this podcast are well aware that we are simply sitting ducks for the next viral assault. We know, because they've been repeatedly telling us that covid is not over. Anyone who does not have their head in the sand (or stuck in their hind pocket), understands that this is all part of the plan -- that pandemics are a useful and integral part of the Great Reset.

Thus, we wait patiently for the next wave to fall upon us, wondering how bad it will get, and looking to the government--nigh, demanding the government--protect us from the next attack from the insidious invisible enemy. The good news is that the World Health Organization is rising to the challenge of protecting us all, and they have a very detailed plan for keeping humanity safe, from now until forevermore.

That said, before we explore what exactly this plan entails, we must acknowledge the flow of headlines that will help us really appreciate what the WHO is up to:

As you can see, Covid-19 is not going away -- in reality, it's heading right for us. While some people fret that they might not get equitable access to their fourth booster shot, it would be more prudent to examine the government's plan for moving forward. Doing so will help us be better prepared for what lies ahead.

There can be no doubt that the world is still in crisis, that the threat of the invisible enemy is as real and as virulent as ever, and the world is going to continue to suffer until at long last the World Health Organization can establish the sort of global governance that can keep us safe forever. To question this reality is forbidden.

Why is that? Because without this framework, they would have no reason to take even more control over local health policies--which is precisely what they intend to do. If masses of people began to question the threat of the invisible enemy, or grow skeptical of government response, the globalist agenda would simply fall apart.

Now, let's examine how the WHO plans to keep us all safe:

  1. Immunizing the Public Against Misinformation - The WHO is working with more than 50 social media companies to ensure that their "official sources" appear first on every platform from Tinder to TikTok. To be even more proactive, they have been using artificial intelligence to conduct "social listening" so they can track trends and "tailor health messages in a timely way." This is part of the UN Global Pulse initiative, which is a fusion of global scale surveillance and data collection that leverages Big Data and AI for the greater good.

  2. Global Infection Prevention and Control - This initiative prioritizes "political commitment and policies" at the local level by scaling up enforcement through "sustained financing, legal frameworks, and accreditation systems." Translating that to plain speak, the WHO intends to direct the policies of local health departments by threatening to withhold funds, creating new legal requirements, and ensuring the medical community is trained to comply. Along with "embedding IPC within all critical pathways," this initiative includes more surveillance, monitoring, and management of the supply chain, obviously for the greater good.

  3. Targeting the 'Triple Billion' Better Future - Beginning in 2019, the WHO began a strategic and ambitious 5-year plan that includes "triggering action for impact" wherein key factors lie outside the health sector. Success is based on 16 outcome indicators related to "social, environmental, and behavioral risks" such as alcohol consumption, air pollution, road safety, trans fats, and mental health. These are policy objectives that measure the effectiveness of "legislation, education, and regulation" in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. (check out their progress here)

With such a broad and ambitious agenda, it's difficult to keep track of what the WHO is up to. Who knew they were actively using AI and Big Data to immunize the public against misinformation? Who knew they were establishing the legal and financial framework to remotely take control and direct local health policy? Who knew that the WHO's agenda reached into "legislation, education, and regulation" of everything from road safety to what we eat for dinner?

Though the World Health Organization has a sketchy record of stopping the spread of disease, it is clear they have a plan for solving this problem. By using advance technologies to reduce exposure to dangerous information and manipulate human behavior, they should be able to control the entire population with very little resistance—because most people never saw it coming.