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TR 344 - The Destruction of Happiness

TR 344 - The Destruction of Happiness

Understanding the reasons why liberals are so mentally unstable.
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Call it like it is.

There are a lot of crazy people in the world. Not only is the IQ of the average person in precipitous decline, the rise of mental illness is on a meteoric rise. The results are on full display in major cities all around the world. These two trajectories have much in common, not the least of which is a direct correlation to so-called “woke” ideologies, which is a socialist conditioning of a progressively unstable mindset.

Note that the progressive mindset—the mindset of today’s progressives—is the direct descendant of the radical communist revolutionary mindset so prevalent throughout the 20th century. Progress, in their twisted collective minds, is forever moving toward the utopian fantasies of socialism, chasing their pie-in-the-sky delusions and becoming increasingly detached from reality each step of the process.

This is, as discussed at length in TR 116 - The Regressive Progressive Agenda, is a backward way of collectivist thinking that has roots predating Karl Marx. The underlying ideology dates back to the philosophies of egalitarianism and idealism stemming from the 18th century Enlightenment.

This is the same mental disease that produced Communism, and it pervades American politics today. As previously stated:

“The irony of this perspective is maddening. So-called "enlightened" leaders cannot discern the difference between what they think, and actual reality. They believe that reality is indistinguishable from their perception. The degree of arrogance is astounding, though it is ultimately dwarfed by the degree of ignorance and self-deception afflicting those who suffer this delusion.

That said, it is precisely this deluded thinking — which is completely void of logic or rational thought, and in utter denial of reality — that drives the progressive obsession with equality.”

This mindset is so infectious, it is properly identified as a memetic virus, a contagious set of beliefs that are not based in reality. This is why the collective hive-mind is such a threat. The ability to capture the human mind is possible, and cult-like compliance can be cultivated with clinical precision. It’s like growing insanity in a petri dish.

If you need to refresh, check out TR 301 - Memes, Memetics, & Mental Warfare. It really spells out what we’re up against:

“They, the great masses of unmitigated fools, are the weapon of choice of evildoers. Not only are they content to be slaves, preferring servitude to public lashings, but by the very virtue of their majority their collective ignorance ripples throughout the entire population, creating a strong social pressure to conform with stupidity, simply because that’s what most people are doing. We are herd animals after all, and this instinct to imitate is both strong and innate. This is all perfectly observable.”


Resist the urge to follow the herd. As my mom’s bumper sticker says:

“Be a herd quitter.”

Resist the urge to passively adopt the new language and perspectives that are subtly (and not so subtly) being spoon-fed to the unsuspecting masses. By the very virtue of your interest in reading The Torch Report and other news sources, you have distinguished yourself as a person of exceptional intelligence and interest in civil affairs. That means that you are part of the solution, and by extension, that you have work to do. The fate of humanity has always rested in the hands of the few.

While the majority of people are obliviously being prodded into global tyranny—and conditioned to accept it in the name of the greater good—it is incumbent upon those of us who see what’s happening to do everything we can to prevent it. We cannot allow humanity to be enslaved in a technocratic dystopian hell. Once the oppressive framework is fully in place and operational, and it nearly is, then we will no longer be capable of mounting an effective opposition.

By biohacking humanity and treating us like Hackable Animals, the global elites intend to achieve victory over human nature. If successful, they will have domesticated the masses by enslaving the average citizen in the mental delusions of collectivist thinking. No longer being able to think for themselves, just like the Heaven’s Gate cult could not think for themselves, the majority of people will keep drinking the kool-aid and accepting whatever the state narrative tells them to think.

At this point, once the majority of people have been successfully assimilated into the collective hive-mind, the state will then be able to deal with the opposition however they see fit. Unfortunately, the public will believe whatever story they’re told about these alleged dissidents—and how they are dealt with—and that day is not far away. I think we can expect to see more of this sort of authoritarian crack down crop up whenever the next pandemic rolls around.

But, between now and then, the mental health crisis that is currently gripping the globe will continue to be exploited for political gain by the global cabal. All of this sets the stage for the final phase of the revolution: the violent eradication of dissent.

But first…

I want to share an excerpt and a couple graphics from a stellar article on the connection between liberalism and mental illness, as published by John Hawkins over at Culturcidal in a report titled:

Does Liberalism Cause Mental Illness or Does Mental Illness Cause People to Become Liberal?

This chart shows the dramatic rise is depression across the board, but especially among liberals:

This chart shows the percentage of people who have mental health issues, broken down by age group (which shows older people are more mentally stable):

In the words of John Hawkins:

“Just think about the ramifications of the fact that among liberals 18-29, more than 40% of men and women and over 50% of women have a mental health condition. How well does that bode for the workplace? For the kids they raise? For how well they run… ANYTHING? All too often, if you’re thinking, “Gee, they’re behaving like a crazy person,” it is entirely possible that it’s because they actually are a crazy person.” —John Hawkins, Culturcidal (emphasis added)

Hawkins’ report gets into much greater detail, and he does a great job explaining several different possibilities for this persistent and pervasive gap in happiness, but here I want to simply present the facts. Liberals suffer from a much higher rate of mental illness, while conservatives are generally happier and more mentally stable. This well-documented fact has remained consistent for as long as the polls have been taken. The implications of this are huge.

As decades of institutional conditioning continue to bear fruit, and modern psychological warfare continues to ravage and transform the public’s consciousness, we will undoubtedly see a continuation of these trends. When we connect the dots to voting trends and global democracy (crazy people voting for crazy things), it becomes apparent why this is such a major issue. Unhappy, unstable people will vote for more government control, naively believing that the government exists to provide them with the happiness they lack.

This is why the global cabal has been working on the “delicate task” of cultivating dissatisfaction, as discussed in TR 333 - Frank Church & the Family Jewels (the “Family Jewels” are CIA documents associated with the Church Commission, just FYI).

When we think about the government intentionally cultivating dissatisfaction, and then consider the rise in mental issues, the connection becomes crystal clear. Public dissatisfaction leads to demands for government intervention, which in turn consolidates more power into the very same apparatus that is fueling discontent.

Communists around the globe have been using these tactics for centuries.

The big takeaway here is that young people, who’s minds are still developing, are being warped by government propaganda and psychological warfare. The mental health crisis is being perpetrated intentionally to advance the globalists’ political agenda. And, as more and more people lose their connection with reality, as more people become increasingly unstable, the state will continue to consolidate more and more control. It’s a sickening loop of exploitation that needs to be called out.

Just as with every other aspect of the progressive mentality, the distortion of what’s real manifests as an inversion of reality—that is, what liberals think and project is the exact opposite of observable truth. The problem lies in the conditioned interpretations that underpin their collectivist belief systems. It is the denial of a person’s individuality and independence, which leads to the collapse of self-esteem and a healthy worldview, resulting in the inability to make sense of life and be at peace with the world as it is. Hence the current mental health crisis.

Faith, family, and fellowship—all traditional American values and pillars of conservative culture—act as a grounding rod to help young people process the complexities of life. This provides the structure and sense of meaning that’s lacking in the liberal mind. While the leftists do try to recreate these connections in collective, the connections are tenuous and abstract at best. Rather than connecting with reality, liberal minds are trained to connect with ideas and concepts that serve the state—ultimately leading to self-denial, self-sacrifice, and self-destructive mental issues.

With their minds steeped in subjective mush, and without any real grounding in reality, these poor souls become lost in the fog of mental illusions, drifting further and further away from time honored sources of peace, stability, and happiness. They’re taught to believe that this is progress, but the data and state of global mental health paint a much different picture. It turns out conditioned insanity has the opposite effect, leading people backwards into the darkness and depravity of mental captivity.

It’s no wonder so many liberals are so miserable.

Word to the wise: Don’t let them steal your joy!


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