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TR 316 - It's a "Free-for-All Hellscape"

TR 316 - It's a "Free-for-All Hellscape"

That's what the liberals are calling free speech these days.

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Take a look:

Liberals now think that free speech is a free-for-all hellscape.

That lady holding the sign is Ms. Katie Porter, congressional representative from Orange County, California. She has three kids and no husband—not that that matters—just thought it might help explain why she busted out that cute little whiteboard and scrawled out such a ridiculous statement in a congressional hearing.

The fact that progressives are so aggressively trying to censor free speech is mind boggling, unless of course you realize they’re not thinking for themselves. They’ve all been assimilated into the collective hive mind. The collective seeks to centralize control and power at all costs, and ultimately they—the democrats, progressives, liberals, and the rest of the Collective Cult—have to silence dissent in order to pursue their fantasies. We’ve seen it all before.

This is communism, pure and simple, tried and true—and its’ coming for you.

Hopefully you already knew that, just don’t forget to tell your friends.

Let’s have some fun.

Get this: It turns out Senator John ‘The Con’ Fetterman (D)-Pa.—who mooched off his parents until he was fifty years old, who even before he had a stroke on the campaign trail could barely thread together a coherent sentence, and who has been doped up and hospitalized with clinical depression for the last two weeks—that guy has just sponsored some exciting new legislation! It’s rail safety legislation!! Yippee!!!

Of course, this has the liberals all hot and lathered given the epic disaster in New Palestine, but some doctors are a little concerned that Fetterman might not be thinking clearly, given the fact that he is hospitalized and “receiving intensive treatment for severe depression” at the moment. Generally speaking, one might assume that means being unable to function and do your job. However, as a Democrat, Fetterman only needs to prove he has a pulse to be politically effective.

Still, I find it funny that an ape like Fetterman, especially given his current condition, is sponsoring legislation to clean up the mess created by ‘Gay Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg’s utter failure and ineptitude as the Transportation Secretary. Let’s not forget that ‘Gay Mayor Pete’—as he likes to be called—who has been relentlessly mocked for failing in every conceivable way (even failing the Woody Allen Test according to liberal media), who has proven repeatedly to be wholly unqualified to hold his position—THAT guy— is still being touted the future of the Democrat party, maybe even president!

Of course, I’m probably just being mean. By exercising my free speech, I’m probably creating the “free-for-all hellscape” that the esteemed single-mother-of-three liberal progressive hack was trying to warn Americans about. That pesky 1st Amendment is way antiquated. Nobody should be allowed to just say whatever they want. That’s dangerous. That’s a threat to democracy.

I should probably be censored.

And, according to recent revelations from the congressional hearings on the Twitter Files, I probably already am. The deepstate and Big Tech have been colluding and “shadow banning” people for years. They call it “visibility filtering” and it allows the liberal snowflake arbiters of truth to stealthily stifle the reach and audience of anyone they choose—but most especially, anyone who speaks the truth and seeks to destroy the narrative. They have been censoring free speech at will, it’s already changed the outcome of elections, and there is ample evidence to prove it.

[Watch the full 6 hours of testimony (or the 3 hour highlights) if you have any doubt.]

It’s funny though, I’m not seeing much of that being discussed in the headlines, even in the conservative circles. Hmmmm… now why might that be? Gee, I wonder.

Instead of broadcasting the fact that the deepstate has colluded with powerful tech companies to steal American elections and usurp the will of the people, Fox News is broadcasting sensational murder headlines next to a proud women fighting in Ukraine headline, while tossing out their religious hook with a school districts should “reject hiring teachers with Christian values” headline. Worthless.

But that’s what passes for news these days—and for a lot of people, that’s all they know.

Every once in a while, a mainstream journalist accidentally slips up and does some honest reporting—like the NBC reporter who went to Crimea and shocked viewers by telling the truth. Not only do the vast majority of citizens in Crimea consider themselves Russian, it is not at all realistic to think that Ukrainian forces will ever be able to take out the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet—despite the fact that Zelensky just vowed that Ukraine was going to “take Crimea back.” Bullshit.

Not surprisingly, that NBC reporter who accidentally let the truth slip is now on a Ukrainian kill list, and the increasingly unhinged Zelensky is out demanding more and more weapons, even vowing that Americans “will have to send their sons and daughters to war” to defeat the Evil Russian Tyrants. Ridiculous.

And then there’s this rather lengthy headline:

Biden Regime Confirms Commitment To “Legally-Binding” Agreement Which Will Surrender U.S. Pandemic Authority To Chinese-Backed World Health Organization “For Generations To Come”

What’s a red-blooded American to do?!

Zoom out.

In a world where progress means releasing mass shooters back out onto the streets without bail, when credit card companies are tracking the gun purchases of private citizens, when the President vows to disarm Americans “come hell or high water,” and U.S. government agencies have been weaponized against the American people, we can know for certain the end is near. The cultural revolution is nearly complete.

This fundamental transformation has long been under way, and at this point, it’s going to run its course. Take a deep breath and just sit with that for a bit.

No cavalry. No political savior. No accountability. No justice. No stopping it.

Now, I say that as an optimist, please don’t get me wrong. There is always hope.

Maybe the Republican party will rally the American people and we’ll have a national “come to Jesus moment” and witness a true Holy Ghost miracle—maybe—but I doubt it. This week I have watched hours and hours of congressional hearings. It felt important to get my finger on the pulse of perspective inside the beltway, and what I witnessed was truly remarkable.

I witnessed progressives passionately advocating for the government to do more to censor free speech. It’s free speech, they claim, that fuels hate and violence. The reason there was a “violent insurrection” on J6 was because Big Tech didn’t take their responsibility to protect the public from violence and hate seriously enough. Now Democrats are openly demanding that the government agencies and private companies who are already censoring free speech do even more to clamp down and keep people safe from hate and disinformation—and they believe this with just as much moral conviction as a Baptist believes in Jesus.

That’s the problem.

Now that censorship has become a moral imperative to keep people safe, and powerful politicians are petitioning in the halls of congress for exactly that—more censorship to keep people safe—the walls are closing in. We’re in the final stages.

J6 was a violent insurrection. Never mind all that video of Capitol Police holding the doors open as peaceful patriots streamed into the halls of congress.

People died that day, in that violent racist right-wing-extremist Christian insurrection. Never mind that Capitol Police beat unarmed civilians to death, shot an unarmed woman at point blank range, and have held their political captives locked up, often in solitary confinement, for 774 days without trial.

Justice? Ha.

The Supreme Court is painfully silent, despite being called out for their complete and utter dereliction of duty. The irony of this, of course, is that the Leftists are also attacking SCOTUS for “rejecting the rule of law”—but in their twisted world, it’s because the court hasn’t been protecting their ideological fantasies about abortion.

Which reminds me, in the U.S.A. today hundreds of liberal groups are howling for the United Nations to intervene in these SCOTUS violations of international human rights. I kid you not. Here’s how they’re selling it:

“Almost 200 human rights organizations from around the world on Thursday urged the United Nations to intervene to protect reproductive rights in the United States, accusing the country of violating international human rights law.

A coalition of 196 signatories, including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the Global Justice Center, sent a letter to the U.N. on Thursday, saying “people residing in the U.S. who can become pregnant are facing a human rights crisis" after the overturn of Roe v. Wade last year.

Isn’t it odd that there aren’t hundreds of groups of Americans protesting the medical tyranny, stolen election, and rampant political corruption that is plaguing our nation? Conservatives are content to holding hearings—for the next two years, by the way—that will hold exactly no one accountable, while progressives riot in the streets, rip our country apart, and petition their global overlords for protection from the antiquated constitutional laws that restrict the progressive agenda.

Just as a reminder, back on January 9th, in TR 277 - Chaos Prevails When Justice Fails, I shared this map and the following thoughts:

What’s fascinating to me—and equally disturbing—is that the little dot in America supposedly represents Americans protesting the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

That’s a load of crap.

Two things come to mind: 1) Given all the political strife in America, it seems very peculiar to me that there has not been more civil unrest from all those allegedly violent “far-right-wing extremists”—the ones who are supposedly a threat to democracy; 2) The idea that the only protests in the U.S. are stemming from abortion rights is laughable propaganda, but it does connect directly to a much more sinister plot.

It’s interesting, isn’t it?

From one angle, it seems like everything is marching along just fine. Obviously everything is going according to plan. The controlled demolition of America is nearly complete. You might should prepare yourself for the final phases of destruction.

Or just vote for Trump. I’m sure he can save us. Even though that turncoat Mike Pence seems to think “different times call for different leadership.”

I don’t know. What do you think? Feel free to speak freely while you still can.

In my mind, your opinion adds some flavor to this free-for-all hellscape.

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