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TR 311 - Our Fascinating Cultural Revolution

TR 311 - Our Fascinating Cultural Revolution

Examining the connection between today's headlines and history's painful lessons.


That’s the word that comes to mind when I see headlines like these:

These headlines were all top of page at the Drudge Report this morning. I’ve commented elsewhere that Drudge used to be a right-leaning libertarian outlet that slayed the political establishment and broke honest news, but some time back, years ago now, they veered hard-left and began spewing deepstate propaganda.

This is an important observation, and I’m certainly not the only one who noticed, but the key fact is how many people did not notice this transition. It’s very similar to how many self-described liberals have not noticed that, by demanding never ending support and solidarity for Ukraine, they are now feeding the deepstate war machine.

It’s remarkable how pliable the mind truly is, how beliefs can suddenly shift to an almost exactly opposite stance, with equal conviction, and no real accounting for the split-personality behavior. George Orwell cuts to the chase:

"Whatever the Party holds to be the truth, is truth. It is impossible to see reality except by ...

Indeed, his genius and insights are highly relevant to our current situation. Consider these quotes and think about how they apply to today:

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you probably recognize that quote as a tenet of Communism, which is not a coincidence, as it was Communism Orwell was warning us about. The commie tactics are timeless and tested and true, and they are working their dark magic on Americans right this very moment.

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

Does that not sum up current public sentiment? We must go to war against the Evil Russian Tyrant, and all those shysters in the CCP, because that’s the only way we can have peace. We must submit to constant inescapable surveillance, restrictions on what we can or cannot say or do, mandatory testing and experimental injections, and the utter destruction of our culture and our way of life—because that’s freedom, that’s how we protect democracy. Those who accept these lies are ignorant and blind, and this collective ignorance is their source of strength. There is power in numbers.

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

That one stings. It is true. It’s happening right in front of our eyes, is it not? Is this not an accurate portrayal of the public mindset? We’ve seen it happen on a massive scale, thanks to the fusion between proven mind control techniques and modern technologies like weaponized AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions. That’s how they control “emerging perceptions”—how they tear minds apart and put them back together, however they want to suit any given moment.

The genius of George Orwell was rooted in his accurate reflection upon reality. He was able to observe and deduce, then put into words what was happening in the world around him. By reflecting on his words, we can better understand what is happening in the world around us. Beyond that, we too can observe and deduce, we can ruminate and muse, and we can develop our own rendition of reality, discerning the distinction between fact and fiction, truth and lies, and between our thoughts and actual reality.

Of course, that’s easier said than done.

What stood out to me in those first five headlines was that they were projecting the opposite of reality. The “transformation of society” is in overdrive, but it’s not Putin that’s pushing it, it’s the sock-puppet in the oval office doing the bidding of the global cabal, in cahoots with their innumerable public-private partnerships and global NGOs—they are the ones who openly declare they intend to “fundamentally transform” our world. Putin, if anything, is trying to conserve his world, perhaps even attempting to roll back time and reclaim the way that it was.

Regardless of your take on Ukraine, just notice how the propaganda is projecting the intent to transform society upon the Evil Russian Tyrant, upon the character the masses have been trained to loathe. Then contrast that with Biden’s “shock-and-awe”—which I must have missed somewhere along the way, honestly—and realize that these words are intended to invoke national support for the military dynasty that sought to rout out the nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq.

These words, along with so many others, have long been conditioned to evoke a particular pattern of public response. The power of this lies in the fact that the patterns are predictable, because human behavior is predictable. As Zelensky, the comedian schmuck turned globalist puppet, “vows a year of victory,” as the U.S. deepstate boldly “threatens” China, we are supposed to be dazzled by the resilience, strength, and moral imperative of the Western alliance. It’s all lies.

But, like Orwell said, whatever the party says is the truth, is the truth.

You’re really not supposed to be thinking for yourself. You are dangerous if you do, because you are probably just parroting propaganda and misinformation. You are not smart enough to think for yourself. You are not qualified to have an opinion. You are not allowed to question the narrative or challenge the state. If you do, you are a threat.

YOU are a threat.

In the broadest sense, your individuality is a threat to the collective. Each time you think for yourself, each time you question the narrative, each time you do not comply, each time you make your choice and chart your own course, you are a threat to the collective—and that is ultimately a threat to the state, at least to the notion of the supremacy of the state. By acting out of your own individual volition, you shatter the illusion that we are all just cattle, mere Hackable Animals who are meant to be slaves.

More specifically, if you offer proof that masks don’t work, question the validity of vaccines, or point out the latest study that shows a disastrous 57 fold increase in miscarriages among vaccinated women, then you are a threat.

Similarly, if you shine light on the fact that there have long been a group of radical environmentalists who will stop at nothing to depopulate the earth, or that currently, right now today, there are crackpot “scientists” who are declaring the need for global rationing of food and fuel to save the planet, then you are threat.

In a darker vein, if you were to point out that a billionaire fancier who was a good friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton just committed suicide—which coincidentally happened just days after news broke about a top Clinton adviser being found hung from a tree with an extension cord around his neck, and the recent tragedy of five Arkansas-based environmental consultants dying in a plane crash shortly after taking off from the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport—then you are a threat.

Apparently Arkancide is spreading fast. Maybe it’s something in the water.


If you do or say anything that might accidentally cause an individual to wake up to the seriousness of our current situation, the shocking degree of corruption, and the breathtaking insanity of it all, then you are a threat. The success of the global cabal is predicated upon mass psychosis, subconscious taming, and conditioned apathy.

Anything that challenges their agenda is a threat to peace and stability.

Now let’s zoom out.


Thirty million Chinese died between the years 1960 and 1962. Why?

In Mao Zedong they had a beloved national hero, a true champion of the people, and under his revolutionary leadership millions upon millions of peasants embraced the Great Leap Forward. On top of that, tens of thousands of trusted government officials were passionately dedicated to ushering the People’s Republic of China through the incredible transition, this fundamental transformation into a Communist state.

Now of course, this all took years—and 40 to 80 million people died from starvation, persecution, prison camps, and public executions in the process—but it’s fascinating isn’t it? Why did all these people die? How come no one stopped this from happening? In reality, Mao didn’t kill all those people. Even the government officials didn’t kill all those people. Instead, in essence, these people let themselves be killed. They were sacrificed for a cause, believing that the tyranny was for the greater good.

Are there not lessons to learn here? Can we not see the same patterns playing out in America today? Mao’s success was built on progressive ideals (i.e. The Great Leap Forward) like social education, family planning, central health care, women’s right, etc—as well as the destruction of old ways to make room for the new and the purging of capitalist and traditionalist dissenters. The ends justified the means.

Millions of people died, but the commies still revered him.

Such is the power of mind control. Such is the power of words. Such is the power of seductive lies. Such is the power of illusions, confusion, and public delusions. Many people were witness to this terrible epoch of history. Many people watched as their loved ones wasted away to starvation, as their neighbors were drug out and shot. Many people saw what was happening, and they knew that it was wrong, but they did nothing. They were scared. They were hungry. They wanted to believe in Mao.

They needed to believe in the narrative, that this “progress” was for the greater good.

Their reality was too harsh and they simply refused to face it.

Immense suffering and millions of deaths ensued.

And they live like slaves to this day. Why is that? Here’s the clue:

“We do not merely destroy our enemies; we change them.
― George Orwell, 1984

Patriots take note.


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