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TR 309 - Exposing the Most Filthy Superstition

TR 309 - Exposing the Most Filthy Superstition

Digging even deeper into the sordid history of mass vaccinations.

Let’s dive in.

Picking up where we left off with TR 308 - The Sordid History of Vaccines, today’s report will present a broad scope of evidence that suggests the global push for mandatory vaccinations may in fact be nothing more than a money making sham. We will explore the origin of vaccinations, the process of vaccine development, and the underlying assumptions embedded in mass vaccination campaigns. But first…

Let’s set aside the fact that China is ready to “join forces” with Russia, the fact that the U.S. is beefing up the “Eastern Flank” of nine NATO countries who comprise the front lines of our “collective defense,” and the fact that the warmongering liberal media (which should be an oxymoron) is mocking peace loving protesters who gathered in DC to rage against the War Machine. These are just distractions.

The globalists will have their war, whether we want it or not, precisely because it is an integral part of their overarching plans and provides cover for their various schemes. And, given the recent escalations, it would appear they intend to accelerate this effort, perhaps before too many people grow wise to their plot. As it turns out, more and more stand-up comedians are starting to point out the obvious:

There’s truth in jest.

Similarly, we must ignore the drip, drip, drip of hope that the GOP is “really close” to “bringing down the hammer” on Hunter Biden, or that the Supreme Court might reign in Big Tech censorship, or that the Brunson brothers were going to overturn the 2020 election, or that Donald Trump is actually going to “complete the mission” of “cleaning house” by calling out the deepstate factions.

You may disagree, but I believe these too are just distractions.

I believe that false hope is being stoked daily in order to build up nervous anticipation, which heightens suggestibility and always sets people up for desperation and despair. Don’t forget, if we take Bill Gates at his word, we are headed for a hung election and a civil war, potentially in 2024, and they are diligently conditioning the population with the requisite emotions and embedded backstory to make it happen.

But this too we must set aside for today, to address a bigger issue:

The Crime of Vaccination.

Just to refresh, “The Crime of Vaccination” was published in 1926 by Dr. Benedict Lust, who was the somewhat controversial naturopath penalized for speaking out against the American Medical Association’s endorsement of mass vaccination.

Dr. Lust, along with many other “eminent men” and the “profoundest thinkers of the age,” had closely scrutinized the origins of vaccinations, particularly the smallpox vaccination, only to discover and declare that these vaccines were unsafe, ineffective, and that any claims about their so-called “benefits” were highly deceptive.

Thus, these medical professionals, these prominent thinkers, concluded that the proclaimed effectiveness of mass vaccinations was in fact a “filthy superstition.”

But what was their evidence?

Throughout the book, these diligent skeptics cited government records from as far back as 1847, prior to the administration of mass vaccinations, and then compared the before-and-after data before deriving their logical conclusions. This information was presented to the Royal Commission on Vaccinations in the year 1890, who were, according to the record, “ignorant of statistics and statistical methods.”

From the book we read:

“The commission lingered on for six years, and did not issue its final report till 1896, while the evidence, statistics, and diagrams occupied numerous bulk blue-books. The most valuable parts of it were the appendices, containing the tables and diagrams presented by chief witnesses, together with a large number of official tables and statistics, both of our own and foreign countries, affording a mass of material never before brought together.”

The point emphasized throughout this section is that medical doctors are not mathematicians. The commission was so convinced of the effectiveness of the vaccines, they were incapable of seeing the data for what it was, which was objective evidence that disproved their theories and pointed to the harm being caused by these injections—but that’s not the story that was promoted by the government.

Are you curious where the “safe and effective” vaccine story originated? Get this:

“The story goes that [Edward Jenner, a chiropodist and barber] made the discovery that milk-maids were immune to smallpox. He therefore concluded that something in the cow warded off the germs of human smallpox.

In those days one guess was as good as another, and before long, Jenner announced to the world that cowpox germs in the cow killed smallpox germs in the human, and that cowpox germs injected into humans would make the existence of human smallpox germs impossible.”

Doctors at the time “heaped billingsgate upon this barber’s head,” declared Jenner to be a dangerous man, and demanded that he be arrested. But Jenner was a slick salesman, and he bypassed the medical community and took his magic injections straight to the scared parents who didn’t want their children to die from smallpox—proving for the first time in history that vaccinations were a profitable enterprise.

Soon there was a vaccine lobby plying parliament for public support, and with a major push of government propaganda, vaccinations became “the rage of all Europe.” Jenner was thrust into the limelight as a medical celebrity of sorts, rocketing from his position as a lowly barber and foot specialist, to being hailed as the leading medical man of the day and recognized as a “great scientist and humanitarian.”

Despite this story not being true, all of this should sound pretty familiar. Think about Dr. Fauci’s celebrity status and the fact he is the highest paid bureaucrat in the land, and let’s keep reading:

“The medical lobbyists buttonholed the representatives of England’s shires, and before another moon had waxed and waned, Parliament voted Jenner a pension.”

This was all happening to the shock and dismay of actual medical professionals, who had been faithfully reporting actual medical data—including the numbers of death and disease caused by these magic vaccines—who had conducted actual analysis to derive their factual conclusion that these vaccinations were nothing more than just a filthy superstition. Of course, it was a profitable superstition as well:

“But when the medical men lost their battle with Jenner, only the public suffered. For the doctors, defeat meant victory. Vaccines became a source of revenue. Vive Jenner! Millions of children are dead, but long live the name of King Jenner!

The defeat of those medical men has been visited upon children’s children of those mothers who saved this barber from the gallows and made vaccination possible.

Medical men know that Jenner’s proposition was unscientific. They know that vaccination is a filthy superstition. But only the bravest of them admit Jenner was wrong. Only a handful have the courage to tell the truth about this hideous practice.

Vaccination is blot on the medical escutcheon.

How long, oh, how long must humanity suffer before that stain is removed?

You can almost feel the desperation for facts to matter, all to no avail.

Picking scabs and scraping pus off a cow and swishing it around a bit and declaring it to be a magical cure before injecting it into people’s arms, had led to severe suffering, strange disease, and sudden death among the vaccinated. The book goes into detail describing the emergence of complications associated with getting jabbed, which up to that point in history had never been seen before.

Adding to that disturbing fact, is the historical record of smallpox sweeping through unvaccinated townships leaving much less death in its wake than when vaccinated townships were struck with the disease. This passage captures the point:

“A remarkable feature of this London outbreak is the high fatality rate. One-third of the cases have been fatal. Twelve vaccinated cases and four unvaccinated cases at Poplar died. Before vaccination was introduced at all, only 18 percent of cases were fatal. At Leicester in 1903-04 only 5 per cent of the unvaccinated died. At Nottingham, Middlesbrough and Clone Valley, not one single unvaccinated case died in 1921. The medical officer of the County of London recently reported 700 cases in England and Wales in 18 months with only one death.

Why, then, have these London cases proved so fatal?

It cannot be the lack of vaccination, as so many of the patients are vaccinated. Moreover, there was a much greater lack of vaccination at Nottingham, Middlesbrough and Clone Valley, and yet not one of the patients died. The death rate in this outbreak is so extraordinary, so contrary to all previous records, that it ought to be inquired into.”

Friends, all of this should sound very, very familiar. History appears to be repeating itself. The book goes on to document the sharp discrepancies between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, with the unvaxxed always faring much better. The historical record indicates that in every smallpox scare, “large numbers of people have been severely injured by vaccination.” People who got the vaxx suffered and died in higher numbers than those who had not got the vaxx.

This is exactly what we are witnessing right now with the covid jabs.

I don’t believe this is a coincidence or a mistake. I believe it is all part of the much darker plot. They claim they want to vaccinate every man, woman, and child on the planet by the year 2030—whether they want it or need it or not—and they claim this is meant to save lives, which doesn’t jive with their depopulation agenda.

But, if we allow that mass vaccinations may in fact just be a “filthy superstition” that leads to an untold amount of suffering and death—while simultaneously lining the pockets of crooked politicians, doctors, and lobbyists—then we can begin to connect the dots. The patterns abound. They’ve used the playbook before.

Patriots would be wise to take note… and tell your friends!


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