Sep 27 • 19M

TR 206 - An Interesting Twist

Pointing out some particularly pernicious geopolitical developments.

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Luke Throop
Intelligent views on global news.
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Big news!

Bernie Sanders might run for president again in 2024! How f—ing exciting.

Remember, they’re laughing at us.

But there is some big news out there today, a few truly disturbing stories that are worth taking note of, as they point toward things to come. Without further ado:

  1. Russian and Chinese warships have been spotted traveling together in formation off the coast of Alaska’s Kiska Island.

  2. Western forces deny the outcome of referendum elections in Ukraine (where people voted to join Russia), prompting fresh nuclear threats from Moscow.

  3. Two mysterious explosions in the Baltic Sea have crippled the Nord Stream pipelines, which supply approximately 40% of European’s natural gas.

In case you missed it, the Europeans are in the midst of an existential energy crisis, and they have been since last year. Let’s try to flesh out the severity of the situation:

  • According to the WEF, European’s experienced a 600% increase in gas prices in 2021 alone. Here’s a chart that shows what that looks like:

  • Last year, the European energy crisis was so bad that nine different energy suppliers collapsed in a matter of weeks. Shortly thereafter, Vladimir Putin was praised for stepping in to help stabilize the markets (all pre-Ukraine).

  • All told, the crippling energy crisis has left major industries reeling and the economic carnage has rippled throughout the continent. According to the Institute for Energy Research, the situation is dire (emphasis added):

“The Energy situation in Europe is dire. Europe’s energy crisis has left few businesses untouched, including steel, aluminum, automobile, glass, ceramics, sugar, and toilet paper makers. Some industries, such as the energy-intensive metals sector, are shutting factories that may never reopen, resulting in thousands of job losses.

The growing energy crisis created originally by the underperformance of renewable energy was exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine resulting in Russia’s closure of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline due to sanctions imposed by the West.

Europe is struggling to have enough energy to get through this winter and if sufficient conservation does not occur, the continent may have to ration energy supplies. Most European governments prefer to slow and/or shut factories now to cutting off power to hospitals and schools over the winter by targeting demand reductions of 15 percent. Meanwhile, Europe is facing skyrocketing energy costs.

  • According to Forbes, average power bills have more than doubled again this year, which further feeds rampant inflation and the decimation of disposable incomes—prompting a “Can’t Pay, Don’t Pay” movement in some areas.

  • And, according to many analysts this situation was about to go from bad to worse—and that was BEFORE the pipeline explosion this week.

What’s going on here?

As noted, this energy crisis was catalyzed by Green New Deal policies. Radical environmentalists want to keep gas and oil in the ground where it belongs, remember? The global cabal is happy to assist with this because it causes pain on the peasants, making them cry out for help, and facilitates the capture of private companies and entire industries—which is happening all across Europe.

The sanctions imposed by the Western Alliance, who have demonized Russia while pretending to be the good guys, ultimately amounted to tightening down the screws on an already screwed European economy. Sanctions were touted as if it was going to hurt the Russian economy, when in reality it was the poor peasants in Europe who are feeling the very really pinch of incomprehensible utility bills, and all that that entails.

Soaring energy prices ordeal for European leaders as protests erupt in more  countries - Global Times

As one might expect, major protests have been breaking out in countries across Europe. I feel bad for these people, I really truly do, but here’s the cold hard truth:

Things are about to get much, much worse.

Why? Because you can’t just “fix” two busted pipelines gushing out gas at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The significance of this event—this intentional sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines—cannot be overstated or emphasized enough.

It may very well be the catalyst for the worst case scenario.

Pull into the equation Russian and Chinese ships patrolling together in packs, the West’s repeated refusal to respect the will of the people in eastern Ukraine (Minsk I, Minsk II, and now), the repeated and intentional provacations of both Vladimir Putin and Xi Xinping, and we have a perfect recipe for catastrophic disaster, including nuclear war.

Who do you think bombed the Nord Stream pipeline? More importantly, why do you think they bombed the Nord Stream pipeline? We might as well speculate, because it’s anyone’s guess, right? Western powers created policies that inflicted pain on the European people. Then they passed sanctions that inflicted even more pain on the European people. So then, maybe just maybe, this pipeline was hit to inflict even more pain, trigger a catastrophic economic collapse, accelerate the global food crisis, and potentially lead to a nuclear war?

How do you think this is going to be pitched by the MSM?

Take a peek at CNN this morning:

Like a needle in a haystack, nothing to see here—oh, wait, TRUMP! Hey, did you notice stocks are rebounding, new home sales are bouncing back, Desantis is the rising villian, Oath Keepers are historically evil, Texans are running from the law, election deniers are going to pay a big price, and immigrants are being mistreated? These are all lies.

In reality, stocks are cratering, home sales are plummeting, Desantis is a rising star, Oath Keepers were setup, Texans are enforcing the law, election deniers are just pissing in the wind, and immigrants are being welcomed with wide open arms. All of this is really just smoke and mirrors. “Are you not entertained?!”

Let me ask you this: Do you think it’s coincidence that the bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline happened on Monday, immediately following week long conferences by the UN, the WEF, and the rest of the global cabal? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Here’s the point:

As I’m sure you know, this chaos is being orchestrated and pain is all part of the plan. We are in the midst of the Great Reset and destruction of the national economies is a necessary step in the process. This is what paves the way for global digital currency.

Many people have speculated that the global cabal needs a nuclear war to facilitate the transition. Think about it, it checks all the boxes: Destruction of existing society, drastic depopulation, desperation amongst the peasants—this is the perfect scenario to Build Back Better and usher the remnants of humanity into Future Earth.

But you wouldn’t know that by reading Fox News:

The “worse-case scenario” Fox News can envision is a hurricane hitting Florida just like hurricanes have since the dawn of time—oh, and bad polls for Republicans. But there’s not a peep about Nord Stream unless you scroll waaaay down the page. How fascinating. Moving on.

Keep your eye on the ball.

Midterm elections are just around the corner. Ballots will be hitting mailboxes in just a few short weeks. We are yet to see the October surprise. Even though there has been a peaceful lull in the headline news, the commie cabal has been hard at work.

I suspect that if the November elections proved to be a surge of pro-American political will—if there really was a wave of constitutional conservatives elected to office who had the ambition and resolve to clean house, to hold corrupt politicians accountable, salvage our energy independence and national economy, and work to get our country back on track—IF that were to happen, THAT would be a major threat to the globalist regime. But maybe if they pull a few strings…

Will Trump be arrested? Will we have a free and fair election? Hasn’t the stage been set for rejection by either side? Hasn’t the public been primed for civil war? What about a nuclear war, wouldn’t that interfere with the process?

There’s no telling what might happen over the next several weeks.

That said, despite the chaos, the sun will keep shining, the world will keep turning, birds will keep chirping, and the bees will keep buzzing, at least for a little while longer. The seasons will change. Tides will ebb and flow. Our hearts will keep beating and each breath helps us know, that this life that we have is a gift.

Don’t forget to unwrap it.
Each day should embrace what is small.
The little moments that connect us,
From the one, to the many, to the All.

All things considered, this too shall pass.

May we each find peace in these turbulent times!