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TR 592 - On the Conviction of Donald Trump & the Coming Revolution

TR 592 - On the Conviction of Donald Trump & the Coming Revolution

There is more going on than meets the eye. A lot more.

***Friendly Friday reminder: the podcasts are better than the reports… it’s not just some AI reading the text, it’s me putting my heart and soul into it. Also, my editor took the day off, so this one is coming raw, hot off the press. Enjoy!

It’s a fast moving train.

Yesterday, Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 felony charges in the sham “hush money” show trial—without the judge ever specifying what crime was actually committed—making Trump the first former president to ever become a convicted felon. We can undoubtedly expect to hear “Trump’s a convicted felon” ad nauseam between now and election day.

Of course, the absurdity of this situation is boundless—and absolutely maddening—but I don’t want to waste time explaining what millions upon millions of people already know: it’s all been a farce from the beginning.

However, for those who haven’t been following the circus, I think Guy Benson provides a decent summary of the case over at Townhall (emphasis added):

“According to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg—a hardcore anti-Trump partisan who campaigned as such—[Trump’s “hush money” payment to Stormy Daniels was a felony.]

Others disagreed.  

Bragg’s predecessor [the former DA] in that office looked at the same facts and chose not to pursue a case.  

The federal Department of Justice looked at the same facts and chose not to pursue a case.  

The Federal Elections Commission looked at the possibility that these actions represented a campaign finance violation, and chose not to pursue even a civil case or a fine.  

But Bragg exploited his authority… to charge these long-ago misdemeanor-at-worst acts as felonies. Why not stick with misdemeanor charges (which are rarely prosecuted by Bragg)? Because those statutes of limitations expired in 2019.  

To make a case viable during this election cycle, which I believe has been the entire point from the beginning, they had to be felonies.  

So Bragg invented what even the New York Times acknowledged as a never-before-attempted legal theory under which the bookkeeping mis-categorizations were part of a conspiracy that involved another crime.  That turned them into felonies under this strained, untested bank shot.  

Ultimately, the judge in the case — who donated to [Biden] in their last election match-up — told the Manhattan jury that they could select from a menu of three options that could be considered the critical, felony-creating ‘other crime.’  

These options were not adjudicated at trial, let alone proven.

They weren’t spelled out in the indictment.  

The defense was not able to defend against them.  

Attempts at educating the jury on the most likely of the options were barred by the Biden donor judge. A top expert’s highly-relevant testimony was preemptively disallowed, and therefore never heard.  

One of the prosecutors in the courtroom joined Bragg’s legal team from President Biden’s Justice Department, where he’d been serving as the third highest-ranking official. He quit and became an assistant in a local DA’s office, which is unheard of. This man, who was paid thousands of dollars for political consulting by the Democratic National Committee during Trump’s presidency, clearly had a very specific objective in mind. Days before Trump’s conviction, his electoral opponent’s team held a campaign event at the courthouse.  

These facts — in isolation, and especially taken together — are breathtaking.”

I’d like to point out that the man who wrote that excerpt—Guy Benson—really, really does NOT like Donald Trump. Just so that we’re perfectly clear, this analysis on the “breathtaking” nature of this bullshit trial is coming directly from the mouth of a die-hard “Never Trumper.”

Here’s Benson’s take on Trump:

“I have found Donald Trump to be a volatile, capricious, myopic, petty man for as long as I’ve been aware of his existence. …After the Capitol riot of January 6, 2021, for which I hold Trump principally responsible, I called his conduct impeachable and wrote that the GOP would be "demented" to nominate Trump again.”

I strongly disagree with Benson’s assessment of Trump, his mischaracterization of J6, and personally, I think he’s an arrogant, obtuse prick who’s nothing more than a boot-licker of the party establishment. Thus, I’m only sharing his perspective to drive home the point that even people who loathe Donald Trump can still see just how messed up and wrong this is. It’s that bad.

Even one CNN analyst is openly admitting that the felony conviction is “bizarre” because of the “various legal infirmities”—especially given the fact that, “What Trump has been convicted of, the class of felony, is no worse than shoplifting a Snapple from CVS.” This is the take from a temporarily honest leftist, who is aligned with the Never Trumper’s perspective above, which shows you just how kooky all this is.

Even former Hillary donors are beginning to flip and dump money into the Trumpster.

It’s truly an exciting time to be alive, but…

Let’s zoom out.

It has not escaped me that a lot of newcomers to the audience are not privy to the full extent of conversations hashed out here at The Torch Report. Over the last couple of years, we’ve covered a broad swath of issues, all of which come to bear on any given issue or report. Thus, when it appears that I’m way out on a limb, it’s assumed that the continuity of thought is self-evident for those who’ve been following along.

For those new to my style and way of thinking, welcome aboard.

I’m about to go out on a limb.

I’ve shared my take on Trump many times before, including certain difficult to articulate reservations, even though I’ve voted for him twice and will proudly do so again in November. In fact, for what it’s worth, I was actually elected as a Trump-endorsed national delegate for the upcoming convention in Milwaukee.

That said, while I wholeheartedly agree that what’s happening to Donald Trump is very much a travesty, treasonous in fact, I sincerely believe this is still not the most important thing that’s happening right now. Let me explain.

Like I was saying in TR 591 - Headlines, Hogwash, & the Verdict on Violence, the purpose of all this theater is to make people feel—and to make them feel so passionately and strongly (whether for or against) that they get lost in the emotion of the moment.

Indeed, nationally recognized legal scholar Jonathon Turley—who was actually in the courtroom—shares this account of what he witnessed after the verdict:

“The scene outside the courtroom was surreal. The Trump supporters were outraged. The anti-Trump protesters were ecstatic, dancing and celebrating in the street. …I am always shocked by such scenes.

There is a dehumanizing element of these moments as people celebrate not just the first conviction of a president but a person. Rage is addictive and contagious. That was vividly evident outside the courtroom.”

Rage is addictive and contagious.

Think hung election and a civil war.

As I’ve said many times before, I believe there are vested interests attempting to provoke patriotic Americans and stoke violence ahead of the election. If enough “MAGA extremists” rose up to oppose the injustice of it all, and a few sacrificial agitators kicked off a kinetic conflict, chaos who undoubtedly ensue.

This is what they want.


To justify military intervention and suspend the 2024 election under martial law.

At least that’s the theory… and with each day that goes by, with each smack in the face, with each spit in the eye, Americans are getting pushed closer and closer to their breaking point. Expect more injustice. Expect more outrageously absurd political corruption. Expect it to be obvious and in your face.

Expect the abuses and usurpations to become more bold. Lawlessness abounds.

We no longer have a functional justice system. There is zero accountability. Truth has become as irrelevant as the Constitution to the perpetrators of this chaos.

If there was any doubt about it, this sham conviction of a former president, on trumped-up bogus charges, using a twisted never-before-seen legal “theory” deployed by a radical activist DA, and Biden donor judge who instructed jurors to completely ignore the law and simply select “guilty” from one of three fabricated options that were never actually vetted in trial, makes the lawlessness abundantly clear.

And of course, it’s all by design.

With that in mind, of all the commentary swirling around this rats-nest of an issue, the most astute take I’ve seen comes from an article dropped over at The Gateway Pundit. It’s not an analysis of the show trial, but rather an address of the root causes that have led us to where we’re at.

The article makes reference to a New Hampshire state representative named Mike Belcher, who is pushing his Anti-Communism Education Act following the commie-style show trial against Trump. As Belcher notes, history is repeating itself.

Reading through Anti-Communism Education Act made my heart soar like a hawk. I thought, this guy gets itTHIS is what we’re up against! It’s been awhile, so newcomers may have missed my infamous battle cry… {for the listening audience, drum roll please}:

“The commies are taking over the world!”

As always, I state that as a well documented fact.

In the case of Belcher, he’s certainly done his homework, and he’s essentially created and introduced an entire curriculum meant to educate American youth on the very real, very imminent threat of ideological subversion. Adults, please pay attention.

If you’ve been with me, you’re probably already savvy on Communist Mind Control.

I believe he’s aiming this at the education system, precisely because it has been through the education system that entire generations have been brainwashed into passively accepting the insidious lies of socialism and the neo-marxist tenants of the globalists’ New World Order—aka “that which shall not be said.”

Belcher’s proposed legislation is chock-full of historical books detailing the atrocities and deceit of Communism. The full proposal is well worth the read. It’s meant to provide a “comprehensive education” on the true history of the evils of Communism—including the way Communism evolves, morphs, and hides itself as other ideologies, or as non-ideological, by manipulating language and definitions.

Sound familiar?

Trump’s ludicrous convictions, along with the last eight years of political persecution of he and his supporters, provide a textbook case study on how these commie tactics have been and continue to be relentlessly deployed in order to tear our country apart from virtually every angle. They are actively trying to forcibly overthrow our country—a stated aim that comes straight out of the Communist Manifesto.

In other words, the show trial is just a symptom of a much larger problem.

There is a revolution afoot… a Communist Revolution… and the first step in their process, in their own words, is to “win the battle of democracy.”

Never forget that.

It’s absolutely critical that we realize what’s at stake. It’s much more than just an election. It’s our fate and future, the very heart and soul of our nation.

If we want to retain the blessings of liberty and preserve our Constitutional Republic, we must rapidly return to our founding principles and rout out the subversive commies embedded within the establishment.

To do so may require we start a revolution of our own.



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