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TR 484 - The Accelerating Threat of AI

TR 484 - The Accelerating Threat of AI

Awakening the will to resist the onslaught of global assimilation.

Yesterday, we discussed the fact that “Joe Biden” wants to “move fast” on all things AI—noting that a) Old Joe is not actually capable of moving fast, physically or mentally, on anything, and b) there is no way a man at his stage of cognitive decline can even comprehend the policies that he is eagerly signing off on.

The question should be asked: who’s really pushing this accelerated implementation of AI, and for what ends? The answer, in a nutshell, is the not-so-secret global cabal is using weaponized AI to conquer the world and depopulate the planet.

Today, there is a fascinating article out—titled Big Brother Unchained—that details exactly the sort of disturbing trends in AI-enabled digital surveillance that myself and others have been warning about. While Uncle Joe is pushing to “unlock AI for social good”—specifically to advance civil rights, equity, and climate action—the British government is already several steps ahead.

The Brits are now using advanced AI for real-time Live Facial Recognition (LFR) to track down criminals, including anyone who protests against their Orwellian regime.

Let that sink in.

Not to be out done, Biden’s Executive Order 14110The Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence (signed October 30th, 2023)—includes authorization for a new digital Red Army for the purpose of “crime forecasting” so the government can “predict future crimes” using commercially available information from the internet. On both sides of the pond, the peasants are being told it’s for their own protection—and of course, only the fools will accept this lie.

Thus, the groundwork has been set for the great inescapable surveillance state.

As noted yesterday, the most sinister aspect of this agenda is the fact that governments around the world are using AI to condition people to trust the government. If you can imagine advanced artificial intelligence being fed every book that’s ever been written on behavioral psychology, psychological manipulation, persuasion, selling, and military grade propaganda—and then channeling this knowledge into Algorithmic Social Interventions “for the greater good”—you will begin to grasp the gravity of the situation.

Coming to bear here, we find the confluence of capacity and intent, wherein the powers that be, those looking to consolidate power and control to implement their utterly delusional dystopian fantasies (think Agenda 2030, Future Earth, and Earth Systems Governance), now have the most powerful tool ever created by man to pull it off. Not only do these digital tyrants have the ability to hack the brains of every person on the planet—mind control on a global scale—they are actively doing exactly that, without so much as a whiff of resistance.

Why? Because these tools have been being deployed for years, thereby manipulating the masses on a global scale, without any public awareness that this is happening.

It only makes sense that they don’t want the public to know. Who in their right mind would think that the government should be using artificial intelligence to manipulate public perception? It’s pretty damn creepy if you think about it. Nevertheless, the globalists have declared that we are nothing more than soulless hackable animals, and they’ve long been treating us as such.

So here we are.

Big Brother has been unleashed, pre-crime units are rolling out, and real-time facial recognition is tracking those who would dare to dissent. You can’t make this stuff up.

In the UK, the Live Facial Recognition has turned public streets into an ongoing police lineup, and it’s no coincidence that over 70% of people on the government’s “watch list” are not criminals wanted for crime, but actually protesters and political activists instead. This reality mirrors exactly what happened during the J6 protests in our own capital, and the implications should send a chill down your spine.

Let me ask you: how do we escape this Orwellian state surveillance?

How do we protest tyranny? How do we organize opposition?

At this point, with these tools, the government can do whatever it wants and warp reality in such a way that the general public believes they’re actually being protected.

Ronald Regan famously said that the nine scariest words in the English language were, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Gone are the good old days.

Now AI is being used to build trust in the government and condition people to accept the lies that the government is going to keep them safe and secure. It’s maddening!

But it’s happening.

Let’s zoom out.

Obviously Biden didn’t whip up his own AI agenda. As stated at the outset, this agenda is being driven by the global cabal. Here’s the proof:

Please note the language:

“We bring the best placed legislators together…”

Some may recall Klaus Schwab’s infamous brag about how the WEF “penetrates the cabinets” with his Young Global Leaders—including, for example, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and at least half of the Canadian Parliament—but for those unfamiliar with this strategy, it would be wise to acquaint yourself with Dr. Evil:

My guess is that whoever is writing Biden’s AI agenda has ties to the WEF and has been intentionally placed in their position to advance the globalists’ agenda. Rather than chasing that rabbit today, I would like to give credit to Dr. Robert Malone and his team for compiling the most comprehensive list of these WEF trained insurgents and their corresponding global network of public-private partnerships.

You can access his compendium of relevant information and sources here:

It’s also worth noting that the globalists’ Institute for AI is headquartered in the UK, given this little gem:

“The United Kingdom is at the leading edge of many of the digital authoritarian trends sweeping ostensibly democratic nations. In one of the many dark ironies of our age, it is the government of George Orwell’s native Britain that is seeking to massively escalate its deployment of live facial recognition (LFR) technologies, despite the concerns raised about its potential impact.

Sadly, most of these trends — particularly the tech-enabled drift toward authoritarianism and centralised technocracy — are generalised among the ostensibly democratic nations of the so-called “Free West.”

Again we might ask why, why are “ostensibly democratic nations” embracing this drift toward authoritarianism, but we already know the answer. It’s because they’ve been conditioned to do so. Not only has the public been heavily conditioned to accept the premise, as we have seen, so too have a hefty percentage of corporate and political leaders, which is a subtle fact that is easy to overlook.

The tools of mental and emotional manipulation work equally as well at every level of society. If we are indeed hackable animals, leaders can be hacked just as easily as the peasants—or perhaps even more easily, given their insatiable appetite for power.

At every level, what we find are the memetic forces, the infectious ideas, the memes that keep replicating from one person to the next, with complete disregard for reality.

Six months ago—in TR 373 - CISA Admits to ‘Infected Perception’—I reported that the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency was actively working to develop a “cognitive infrastructure,” which Director Jen Easterly defined as such:

Think of it as the collective brains of the American polity—our collective consciousness, the fundamentals that we think and believe, the shared understandings of the world that drive our ability to make decisions.”

Thus, the government is actively working to develop a “collective consciousness” that will eliminate much of our individuality in order to homogenize what we think and believe. As noted, all of this is happening under the studious supervision of the stalwart socialist Jen Easterly (Bilderberg darling, former Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, former Special Assistant to Barrack Hussein Obama, and former Senior Director for Counterterrorism at the White House).

Easterly openly admits that “infected perceptions” are a major threat, and that as a result, American have a distorted perception of “what’s true and even of truth itself.”

The solution, of course, is for the government to use weaponized AI to infect the public’s perception with delusional collectivist fantasies that facilitate the sort of behavioral change that leads people to sacrifice their freedoms for the greater good.

And just to drive home the fact that this is a globally orchestrated effort that has been well underway for several years at this point, observe this “indicative timeline” of AI game-changers presented by the WEF in their 8 ways AI can help save the planet:

Without getting lost in the details, simply consider the fact that this timeline clearly indicates their strategies pre-date the pandemic and the official start of the Great Reset. In other words, they’ve been using AI against us for much longer than most people realize.

Add to all of this the fact that gene warfare and clandestine genetic manipulations are rapidly becoming a mainstream threat, and all at once we find ourselves under attack from every angle. Our emotions are being pummeled by government propaganda, our minds are being reprogrammed by machines, and our bodies are being targeted for “uptake” of experimental gene therapies and genetic modifications.

Friends, the only solution to this all out assault on our humanity is spiritual in nature.

Not religious. Spiritual.

It is the spirit within you that yearns to be free, and it is only through the strength and inspiration of your soul that you can stave off these attacks and remain whole as a human being. Without spiritual awareness you will be assimilated by the machines.

Resistance is not futile. Resistance is the spice of life.

Where does the will to resist come from? It comes from within, as will the much needed solutions to this unfathomable challenge. We must help people awaken and grow wise to the threats of AI, and we must do so quickly, before it’s too late.

Resist We Must!

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