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TR 530 - What Everyone Should Know About the Globalists' Enlightened Leaders

TR 530 - What Everyone Should Know About the Globalists' Enlightened Leaders

If these people were half as competent as they claim, we'd all be living in paradise.

You gotta laugh.

Smiling is good for us, thus when we run across an utterly ridiculous news story, we’ve just gotta smile, smirk, and laugh on the inside. Such was the case this morning, with this unbelievably nonsensical headline: Does Your Pet Identify as Trans?

What the hell is wrong with people? That’s the first thought that pops into my head, followed closely by the disturbing reality that “everyone gets to vote.”

Yes, people who spend their time fretting over whether or not their favorite furries identify as trans—or ‘nonbinary / gender-neutral’ or ‘prefer not to say’—people who entertain that sort of warped and delusional thinking, still get to vote. Is it necessary to point out that our pets don’t have the vocabulary to make such distinctions?

The entire premise is so preposterous, you just have to laugh.

But the fact remains, people who think this way still get to vote. Why?

Why should some insane idiot who thinks their pets prefer nonbinary pronouns have an equivalent say in the outcome of elections? Why should they have any say at all?

Elections have consequences, often times severe consequences. Is it not reasonable to restrict dysfunctional people from voting? It only makes sense that dysfunctional people are more likely to vote for dysfunctional outcomes. Caught up in worrying that their cat might be transgender, it seems highly unlikely that someone warped in this way has any grasp whatsoever on political complexities, let alone reality itself.

But here’s the catch: it is precisely this sort of voter that BOTH political parties cater to. Sure, they have their highbrow pitches for the more politically astute, however the ruling class understands that elections are won or lost by people who believe that men can have babies, that girls can be boys, and that pets can be trans.

There’s a sucker born every second.

Without being unnecessarily harsh or derogatory, it seems prudent to prune the concept of “voting rights” to lay bare the realities inherent in human disparities. We are not all the same, obviously, and we are not all equal. Only a fool believes otherwise. But we would be wise to realize that Democrats, Progressives, Marxists, Socialists, Globalists, and Commies are all playing to these fools—and the ugly truth is, the Republican party bosses are playing to the fools as well.

Put bluntly, the incessantly corrupt two-party establishment intentionally preys upon the lesser endowed, because this is how they stay in power and keep control over the masses. Both parties understand the game. This, combined with the brute force of media proliferation, is how they keep rival third-party candidates out of the race. Of course, there are those who are floating the idea a third-party victor is still possible, but honestly, at this point I believe entertaining that fantasy is a lost cause.

Let me ask you: Who do you think Nikki Haley is speaking to when she says:

“I think it’s not the party uniting around President Trump, it’s the political elite that are uniting around President Trump.”

ANSWER: She’s speaking to the political idiots, that’s who.

No thinking person with even half a brain would buy that sloshing bucket of BS. No one who has been paying attention to the Republican primaries even in the slightest would believe it. No one who’s been watching the polls would believe it. And certainly no one who sees Haley as “Dick Cheney in 3-inch heels” would believe it.

She’s lying through her damn teeth.

Republican voters—i.e. “the party”—have been largely united around Donald Trump since 2016, much to the chagrin of the “Never Trumpers” in the establishment. It is precisely the political elites who have been working against Donald Trump, and by extension, against the American people, since the day Trump first came down the escalator and declared he was running to Make America Great Again.

You see, the party bosses had no problem with the way things were going. They reveled in the pork and the power. They liked the status quo, and they liked the way things were headed—toward greater and greater degrees of power and control, as delegated by their globalists Bid Daddy backers.

For decades in American politics, any player from either team who signaled allegiance to the global cabal, anyone who stood in solidarity with defending and implementing global democracy, was certain to be heaped with praise, perks, and publicity. Such positive attention from “the big boys” was sure to stroke the ever-growing egos of our elected representatives, and swanky gatherings like Davos simply sealed the deal.

At some point, our elected representatives ceased representing the people who elected them, in favor of representing the values and policies being promoted by their powerful new friends. After all, who really knows what’s best and has the resources to really change the world? And isn’t that what every elected official really wants to do?

Can you see how subtle the transition might be? How natural the slide into a larger sphere of influence? Once invited into the upper echelon of civilized society, politicians seldom look back. As a result, they lose touch with their roots and become increasingly detached from the world everyday people live in.

They begin to see the “little guys” as lesser, naturally, because the little guys have less money, less power, even less information and perspective. This bolsters that irresistible sense that they and their globalist cohorts really do know what’s best.

In time, they grow fond of the thought that they really are special. Clearly they’ve been chosen, perhaps by God himself, to lead the miserable peasants to a bright new future. When suggested, it seems natural to think of themselves as an Enlightened Leader.

It’s worth pointing out that these Enlightened Leaders thrive on leading people who actually believe they are enlightened. They surround themselves with aides and interns who revere their elevated status as a global servant. As servants to humanity, these Enlightened Leaders call upon their staff to take care of petty tasks like talking to ordinary people, that way they can spend more time with their Enlightened friends, discussing enlightened things such as the greater good, global democracy, and the ever pressing need to save lives and keep people safe.

From the outside looking in, it must be a fantastic bubble to live in, BUT…

Let’s zoom out.

Talk of so-called “enlightened leaders” exercising authority over the entire planet under the guise of “global governance” has been around since at least the 1990s. In 1995, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, the UN’s Commission on Global Governance published Our Global Neighborhood.

This is the predecessor of Our Common Agenda, which is actively being pushed by the global cabal to this day. Woven throughout these collectivist screeds is a hefty dose of “sustainable” solutions, all of which find their roots in the 1992 Rio Summit. It was there, in Rio, that the globalists formally launched their formidable strategies to conquer the world and depopulate the planet using the environmental shtick.

This is where Agenda 21 was born, and the Decade of Vaccines was planned. Later iterations, including the Millennium Development Goals and the current Sustainable Development Goals wrapped up in Agenda 2030, all connect back to these preceding campaigns, whose original vision comes from the Commission on Global Governance.

Why does that matter?

It matters, because if you look at it, these globalists are sticking to their plans. They may have missed a target here or there, and no doubt they’ve made some adjustments, but overall they’ve done a remarkable job of implementing their strategies and creating the infrastructure for their vision.

Meanwhile, the peasants of the world have been busy doing what peasants do, working, raising families, and voting every four years for a future worth having. How many people have realized that for the last 30 years, their elected representatives have been steeped in a globalist vision where Enlightened Leaders rule the world and take total control over our lives in order to save the planet?

How many people do you think have realized that this vision has been advancing on all fronts, incrementally, systematically, and quite diplomatically, for decades? What percentage of the population do you think realizes this agenda is being driven by the “use of digital surveillance and manipulation to influence behavior and control populations”—that’s a direct quote from Our Common Agenda.

How do you feel about the globalists using digital surveillance, weaponized AI, and manipulation to “influence behavior and control populations”? How do you think your neighbors might feel about that?

And just to stretch out on a limb here:

How do you think the average useful idiot would feel if they found out that rich, elite, globalists are trying to manipulate and control them? Could this be an opening?

I choose to believe the best in humanity, even while acknowledging the worst. I believe most people would laugh at the idea that our global leaders are enlightened. Anyone intelligent enough to understand the word, is also smart enough to see it for what it is: it’s a lie. And I’ve never met anyone who liked to be lied to.

The truth is, most people still don’t realize that the ruling class believes themselves to be enlightened, that they intended to enslave and control the masses with digital surveillance, or that they are manipulating elections on a planetary scale.

Political hope for the future should rest squarely on communicating exactly that.



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