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TR 511 - They're Pulling Out All the Stops

TR 511 - They're Pulling Out All the Stops

When someone important says something like this, it's best to pay attention.

Twenty-three year Army veteran and current West Virginia Secretary of State, Mac Warner, is holding no punches in his gubernatorial campaign. As a West Point graduate, career attorney, and a “battle-tested leader,” you can be sure he meant every word when he boldly declared that the 2020 election was stolen:

“The election was stolen, and it was stolen by the CIA.”
—Mac Warner

How’s that for some courageous leadership? He goes on:

“When [former Deputy Director of the CIA] Mike Morell testified under oath to Jim Jordan that, yes, he colluded with [current Secretary of State] Antony Blinken to sell a lie to the American people two weeks before the election for the very purpose of throwing the presidential election — how does it not get stolen if the FBI covers it up and Mark Zuckerberg pays $400 million to put his thumb on the scale?”

Now, here’s the twist: this article was out today over at The Gateway Pundit. However, the Gateway Pundit is currently being blacklisted on Capitol Hill and other DoD locations, at the server level, so someone is attempting to prevent our elected representatives from accessing this information.

Details here:

Geez, I wonder who’s trying to keep our elected leaders from hearing from the American people? It kind of seems just a wee bit weird that even our elected leaders are being kept in the dark by this mysterious someone, doesn’t it?

How are our elected leaders supposed to sort out what is and isn’t true, in order to inform their constituents of the truth, if they are not even allowed to access information that flies in the face of government propaganda?

And by the way, could all of this have anything to do with the “unprecedented” cyberattack on the Rumble website when they started releasing the J6 videos?

Don’t you get the feeling that something’s up?

Doesn’t all of this seem like a coordinated attack on free speech? Doesn’t it seem like this sort of heavy-handed censorship and direct election interference is increasing, and isn’t that a major problem? Shouldn’t everyone be concerned about what this means?

What do you call it when the government gets caught rigging elections in favor of the government? The government calls it democracy.

I’ll let you find your own word.

Now let’s add a little more spice to the conversation:

“2016 election denier Hillary Clinton, who was fined by the FEC for lying about funding the Russian "dossier" which underpinned the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, and who destroyed evidence with bleachbit and hammers, and ran an illegal server out of her house which contained highly classified documents, has reportedly been enlisted by Democrats to help President Biden with his 2024 campaign.”

Aren’t you tired of it?

Prominent influencers are getting banned left and right, without warning, for doing nothing more than questioning the government narrative and speaking the truth. Meanwhile, the Biden family crime syndicate has raked in over $24 million from China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Romania, using an elaborate network of some 20 different shell companies—and somehow it’s Donald Trump who’s on trial in a trumped-up political witch hunt.

Want some more?

How about former FBI agents spilling the beans on the politicization of the agency under the Biden administration? How about the IRS targeting conservatives? How about the innumerable scandals associated with virtually every single Biden-appointed cabinet position? How about the well-documented weaponization of the federal government against the American public?

How much more do we have to throw on the table before it really starts to sink in?

These people are criminals.

And criminals are gonna do more crime… so what ya gonna do about it?

Friends, as you contemplate the options, I feel inclined to remind you to reflect on the five fronts of freedom and the fact that we are dealing with unconventional warfare. Pick any of the issues above and ask yourself: how would you fix it?

It goes without saying that nobody can do it alone, right?

Therefore, build relationships and a network of local support.

It also should go without saying that it’s not going to get fixed overnight. Therefore, prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and materially for the long haul. Stock up. Have a plan. It’s time to dig in, before all hell breaks loose. You don’t want to be digging a foxhole if things get kinetic and lead starts to fly. Just saying.


Regardless of how this all plays out, we can comfortably assume the criminals are going to commit more crimes and the tyrants aren’t going to give up their power. Similarly, we can also assume the whole world is watching, especially our enemies abroad, and they can smell blood in the water.

America is weak. She’s on her heels. Now might be the time to strike. Who knows. That’s just all the more reason to plan ahead and prepare accordingly.

But no matter what — NO MATTER WHAT — we also know for absolute certain that good old-fashioned red-blooded Americans sure as hell aren’t going to go down without a fight. We are looking for a fight. We’re not going to start a fight. But if a fight does break out, we sure as hell are going to finish it.

Right now, we need to channel this fighting spirit into local level politics: school boards, city councils, county commissioners, state representatives, letters to the editor, town hall meetings, this is where the battle must be fought.

Furthermore, making connections and expanding your circle of influence, sharing facts and perspective, helping the people who’ve been getting fleeced wake up, this is perhaps the most strategic maneuver you can make at this point. Think about it. This is how you convert potential enemies into allies, how you identify the people who will stubbornly stand with the tyrants and happily snitch you out, and most importantly, how you build a sense of community with those who see what’s going on. If history does repeat itself, it’s all about who you know.

Get to know them now, and share, share, share!

You’d be blown away by what most people don’t know. Let’s fix that.

How do you get people to care about saving our country? Share your concerns. Talk about it openly and sincerely. Have a heart-to-heart. That’s how we have an impact.

And you know what, it doesn’t require blood, sweat, and tears, so it’s a pretty practical, tactical place to start. It’s efficient. It’s the low-hanging fruit, and it’s a helluva lot easier than digging a foxhole under fire—again, just saying.

Strategically speaking, warriors who stand against tyrants must win the support of their communities, otherwise they’ll be perceived as enemies and invaders, does that make sense? The battle is ultimately for the hearts and minds of the masses.

And let’s face it: we can’t compete with the algorithms and censorship in the online world. We need to go offline and get old-school if we want to get any traction. We need to seek and facilitate direct interaction. It is only through the physiological fireworks that come from being face-to-face that we can hope to pierce the veil of illusions, touch someone’s heart, and change someone’s mind.

It’s the only way we can wake people up.

(If you can think of a better way, please let me know—then, go do it!)

Friends, as several pundits have been pointing out, Joe Biden is in “deep, deep trouble,” and that has the progressive establishment in a panic. Trump is now beating Biden in a recent Wall Street Journal poll, and for whatever reason, the Deep State is desperately trotting out ‘Cankles’ Clinton to try and save the day.

“You know you are in deep, deep trouble if you are picking up the bat phone and calling Hillary Clinton to come help you out.” — Charlie Hurt, Fox News

Do you know what’s more dangerous than criminals and tyrants running amok? Desperate criminals and tyrants who are backed into a corner and about to face a public reckoning—like a wounded animal, they’ll do anything to survive, including pulling out all the stops and burning the whole damn house down.

And who do you think they’ll blame it on if they do?

It would be wise to secure our status as good guys in local eyes before that day comes.

Other than that:

Resist We Must!

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