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TR 500 - The Scary Power of Propaganda

TR 500 - The Scary Power of Propaganda

Surveying the dicey situation and staking out some stable ground.

As we awaken to another week of political circus, there is one issue that seems to tower above them all—but before we get to that, we need to address the madness.

The headline hype today is chock full of Elon Musk’s trip to Israel—ostensibly a PR stunt to combat claims of antisemitism on the recently unleashed Twitter-X platform—even as rabid Palestinian protesters shutdown the Manhattan Bridge, on the heels of gluing themselves to the road to block the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

If you believe this is the most important thing happening today, please read on.

Also big in certain circles is the upcoming head-to-head debate between Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis, which will be moderated by Sean Hannity. Fox’s headline really says it all: “Fox News' groundbreaking DeSantis-Newsom debate quickly approaches as 2024 political drama looms”. Wow! How exciting! How cutting edge! How groundbreaking! This year’s political drama is going to be the best political drama EVER!

Don’t you think it’s strange that this “audience free debate” is getting rolled out for a prime-time national audience even though a) Gavin Newsom is supposedly NOT running for president, and b) Ron DeSantis is getting trounced by Trump by nearly 40 points in his home state of Florida?

None of it passes the sniff test to me, and I’d hold this out as another example of the Trusted News Initiative running controlled opposition trying to peel another sliver of Trump supporters away in favor of literally anyone else—more on that in a moment.

Other news out today indicates that U.S. Bank is set to shutdown a whopping 64 branches in a single week, as other banks also continue to close their doors and the unspoken financial crisis “continues to bubble under the surface” according to analysts. Indeed, the Federal Reserve’s bank bailout program forked out an additional $5 billion in bailouts during the last month, which is just a taste of the $620 billion in “unrealized losses” that are set to crash the stage, just in time for the next election.

Given the streamlined trajectory toward Central Bank Digital Currency, I do think it’s wise to keep an eye on these developments, especially when we see language like “Americans being left without access to essential financial services.” When we keep in mind that CBDCs are said to provide “access to essential financial services,” we can see how all of these bank closures seem to miraculously align with the globalists’ broader goal of Global Digital Currency, a la the WorldCoin and WorldID prototypes.

What are the chances that’s just a coincidence?

But alas, this too is not the most pressing story of the day. That said, before we tackle the beast that besets us, I do think it would be wise to briefly line out some touchstones of the ongoing insanity, so we can remember how we got here and perhaps better understand where we are headed.

It would be helpful to recall the 2016 election and Hillary Clinton’s erroneous accusations of Trump-Russian collusion, the Mueller Investigation, the Steele Dossier, the private emails, the Bleach Bit and smashing phones with hammers, the illegal entrapment, and all the rest of the crap that undermined the first three years of Trump’s presidency. (More details in TR 85 - Is the Joke on Us?)

Then it would be helpful to recall the ironic timing of the pandemic, predicted far in advance by Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, and others privy to the plan. Recall the utterly shocking loss of civil liberties, the destruction of the economy, the relentless fear inducing propaganda, and how this was all used to justify all manner of authoritarian impulse, not the least of which was tossing election laws straight out the window.

And of course, we would be remiss to ignore the most popular sock-puppet ever elected managing the “most sophisticated and inclusive voter fraud operation” in American history, allowing him to defeat Donald Trump’s historic re-election campaign without having to leave his basement, regardless of the FBI having ample evidence of shady pay-to-play foreign business dealings (thanks to his crack-head son’s “laptop from hell”) well ahead of the election, in an utterly astounding smack in the face to the American people that was only made possible by full backing of the incestuous Big Tech-Deep State election interference and mainstream media’s massive propaganda campaign—every bit of all of this, and more, must be taken into account as we look ahead toward 2024.

It’s hard to look back and wrap the head around all of this, and honestly, those few paragraphs are just the tip of the iceberg of what would rightly be called treason. I’ve said nothing of the show trials, the political prisoners, or the weaponization of federal agencies against enemies of the current administration.

It’s all so wrong, it’s hard to find the words.

And YET, with all of that said, this is still not our greatest problem.

Victor Davis Hansen is out with a recent video warning that because of all of these unresolved issues, and due to the desperate attempts of the political establishment to keep all of this stuff under wraps, we need to brace ourselves for what lies ahead.

Tyrants don’t just give up. Those who have been so brazenly persecuting their political opposition and abusing the American people are not going to simply stop.

They cannot stop. They must push on, because the ends justify the means. They must pull out all the stops. They must do whatever it takes to keep Trump out of office.

Whatever it takes.

Think about the recently released J6 footage that shows security guards opening doors and fist-bumping Trump supporters as they usher them into the building. Contrast that with the way the media has portrayed the “violent insurrection” by so-called MAGA extremists. Does it matter that the American people have been lied to so consistently for so long?

Does it matter that the whole damn thing may have been a fed-led setup?

Does it matter that peaceful protestors are still being tracked down and rounded up by military-style swat teams to this day? Does it matter that there are political prisoners rotting away in prison for minor “crimes” that pale in comparison to the BLM riots and other leftist destruction?

Have you watched the recent documentary on the rise of the American Police State?

If not, you should, and you should share it, because the lies exposed in that documentary—like the lies exposed in 2000 Mules—matter in a major sort of way.

Our elections are not “safe and secure”—our elections are a joke, rife with corruption, fraud, and interference from a whole host of bad actors, both foreign and domestic.

Our government is not “here to help”—our government has turned against us, they no longer intend to represent the American people, but instead to rule over the American people with a digital iron fist.

But even though there is ample evidence to crush the dominant narrative, and even though the truth cannot be denied by anyone willing to face these realities, the hard truth is that the majority of Americans are still unaware of just how wrong things are. Most people do not realize we are not living in the same country we grew up in. Most people don’t see what is happening right before our very eyes, because they are either too distracted, pacified, or too stupid to even take a look.

Nobody in their right mind thinks that what’s happening right now is good for our country. We are witnessing the systematic and intentional destruction of America, it’s being presided over by our very own political establishment, and too few people even seem to care—and thus, our runaway government continues to run amok.


They are going to keep getting away with it, because they control the narrative. By controlling the flow of information, they control the way people see the world.

There is a fresh mantra in liberal circles these days: “People don’t want the truth, they only want their truth.” This phrase is used to casually dismiss any information that is incongruent with their predictable government-programmed perspectives.

The great irony, of course, is that these arrogant fools refuse to look at “all the evidence” so as to liberate themselves from their crippling self-deception. Instead, they retreat into parroting the same tired narratives, completely void of any critical thinking, and then smugly revel in their own ignorance. It’s a sad sort of degeneracy.

The useful idiots will continue to cheer the collective march toward the New World Order, falsely believing that it’s just a right-wing conspiracy. They will continue to support draconian regulations that are said to save the planet, despite scientists admitting their predictions are wrong and that there really is no climate crisis.

They will continue to forfeit their freedoms for the illusion of safety, and fail to grasp how they were made to be slaves. In fact, most of them won’t even notice.

That’s the power of propaganda.

In the midst of everything said, the one issue that stands head-and-shoulders above them all is the media’s virtually limitless ability to manipulate public perception. Add to this the twenty-first-century twist of global elites using weaponized AI for the purpose of subconscious taming, and the peasants of the world barely stand a chance.

If we intend for the truth to prevail, we need to be sharing it far and wide!

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