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TR 495 - Building Trust & Digital Enslavement
TR 495 - Building Trust & Digital Enslavement
While the algorithms are working their magic, more and more people are turning to the government for answers -- and that is REALLY a big problem.

Let’s start the day with a little headline analysis.

First up, note the fawning adoration for the Chinese Communist Party over at Drudge, where we see global leader Xi telling his “old friend” Biden that the world is big enough for the both of them:

Contrast that with the fact that Biden told the press that Xi was a “dictator” shortly after the meeting—which Drudge conveniently left out—and you can understand why the Chinese people are getting whiplash from the abrupt change in tone. One commenter said, “the atmosphere between China and the U.S. is as if a couple in an arranged marriage fell in love.”

The CCP promptly struck down the post.

Meanwhile, though most of the American lapdog media remains mum about the bold, abrasive, accurate “dictator” remark, ZeroHedge offers up this little treat:

China Decries Biden's Off-Script 'Dictator Xi' Comment As "Extremely Wrong" Political Maneuvering

If you want to see Secretary of State Anthony Blinken looking like we wants to crawl in a whole and die after Biden tosses all the carefully scripted and choreographed diplomacy directly under the bus, check out that article. It’s a doozy.

By the way, chances are you missed Xi’s grand entrance as his motorcade rolled through the streets of San Francisco to the wild fanfare of thousands of Americans cheering and waving their communist flags, because that’s something “they” don’t want you to see, so I wanted to offer you a visual:

Is this America or China? In many ways the distinction has become indiscernible. Though there are thousands of independent videos documenting this shocking display of communist solidarity on American streets, they have quickly been “disappeared” because as Newsweek notes, “Video of Chinese Flags Filling San Francisco Street Sparks Backlash.” What a surprise.

It irks me to no end that YouTube et al have buried and removed this footage, because that prevents me from sharing it in this report. The videos are still up on Musk’s “X” platform, but for competitive reasons, Musk doesn’t allow X videos to be embedded on Substack.

All in all, it’s getting harder and harder to share the truth.


But, having hat-tipped to San Francisco showing it’s true commie colors for the much-hyped Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit (APEC), I want to pivot back to discussing the globalists’ use of weaponized AI to enslave the whole of humanity in the mental illusions of a deviously designed and cleverly fabricated non-reality.

Lest we forget, while the whole world was watching the communist dictator Xi Jinping get treated like a king in the U.S. of A., the real movers and shakers were gathered in San Francisco for the WEF’s AI Governance Summit. This is where the big brains (as opposed to the figure heads) were working out their strategies for the formation of a new Global Digital Governmentaka the New World Order.

Interestingly enough, the first time I reported on the UN’s Division for Digital Government was in June 2022, and since then the page has been taken down. Using the WayBack Machine to fetch the original page, I wanted to highlight a few pertinent passages and explain their importance:

  1. The UN is focusing on building “strong institutions and governance” to advance the 2030 Agenda — which is, in fact, the ultimate anti-human agenda.

  2. They are nurturing “multi-stakeholder dialogue” to transform existing institutions, like government agencies, and “building people’s trust in them.”

  3. They are organizing and mobilizing “all parts” of national and local government, and public servants, to implement the SDGs via policy integration.

Without getting into the nitty-gritty details of the 2030 Agenda today, suffice it to say this is the overarching and underlying impetus for total global control over a reduced and pacified human population. What needs to be emphasized is that the global digital government is being implemented via the craft of governance.

This was perhaps most succinctly summed up in TR 353 - Introducing Earth Systems Governance, which explains the process perfectly:

They pour billions of dollars into creating The Science, then set about building global consensus among The Experts, who then feed The Data to the marketing department, who’s ultimately in charge of transforming this well-funded fiction into The Narrative that miraculously ascends to the position of absolute truth. Who in their right mind would question The Narrative, when it is so clearly based on The Data, which has been thoroughly analyzed by The Experts, who alone are qualified to decipher The Science. We mere peasants are simply too ignorant to know what’s good for us.

That’s how global governance works. The global elites have perfected this process. This is how a small group of powerful people has taken control of public policy all around the globe. There is no need to replace our government when they can simply control the policies of our government via this system of international influence. All they need is to have a few sympathizers on the inside, of which there are plenty, and voila, America’s political system becomes a functional apparatus of the global cabal.

Taking a step further back in time, citing the United States National Intelligence Council’s taxpayer funded report titled “Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Junction”—as unearthed in TR 105 - Science, Soothsayers, & Something Fishy—it would be wise to realize:

“Global governance requires giving over significant sovereignty to others.”

What more proof do we need? Is it not abundantly clear that our very own government, most especially the Deep State intelligence apparatus who is so handily handling the current sock-puppet president, understands exactly what they are doing.

They are subjugating the American people to an unelected global cabal, subverting the United States Constitution, and quite intentionally forfeiting our rights, as Americans, to exercise sovereign control of the affairs of our own country—and they’ve been doing it for decades.

Did I miss anything?

Oh yeah, and they are openly committing this treason with a smile on their face!

I think it’s important to point out that both political parties have been presiding over and studiously guiding this “fundamental transformation” of America toward a “New World Order” for decades. As someone famously said:

“They’re in a club, and we’re not in it.”

Governance is subtle influence.

Government is raw power.

In a sense, these words represent the carrot and the stick that is being used to herd humanity into the great inescapable global socialist surveillance state they’ve dubbed Future Earth. Future Earth sounds much softer than the New World Order, but I assure you the aim is the same. The goal is nothing less than total control.

And just to be crystal clear, the goal is not for the U.S. to rule the world, or for China to rule the world, or for the NATO or the BRICS to rule the world—it’s for the global elites of all these countries to rule the world, keeping the peasants in line with the iron fist of weaponized AI, forever.

To drive this point home, take a look at the NIC’s report on Global Governance:

“The United States’ National Intelligence Council (NIC) and the European Union’s Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) have joined forces to produce this assessment of the long-term prospects for global governance frameworks. This exercise builds on the experience of the two institutions in identifying the key trends shaping the future international system.” (emphasis added)

What we see here is that both the European and American intelligence communities have “joined forces” to assess the long-term prospects of ruling the world via the “future international system.” Please note that they aren’t opposed to this, nor do they perceive it as a threat to national security. On the contrary, they are wholeheartedly embracing the idea and actively working to accelerate the transition.

Furthermore, they clearly do not perceive China, Russia, the BRICS, or the oil rich nations of the Middle East as a threat to their progress, given that:

Global Governance 2025 is the result of an inclusive process, enriched by wide-ranging consultations with government officials; as well as business, academic, NGO, and think tank leaders; and media representatives in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, and in the Gulf region (the UAE).”

Isn’t it wonderful that all of our “enlightened” global leaders are setting aside their petty differences and working together to enslave humanity in a digital surveillance state?

It’s all just so damn inclusive it makes me want to puke.

Having outlined the emerging global power structure, I want to wrap up today’s report by turning attention to how this will affect every American at the local community level. We know this will affect us at the local level because a) they have announced specific intentions to do just that, and b) it’s already happening.

Here we must pull in the insidiously deceptive environmental agenda, which is in fact a depopulation agenda that has been co-opted by the eugenics agenda, and has been baked directly into the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

The AI Global Governance Summit held a session on four ways AI can super-charge sustainable development, which as previously discussed, includes fancy new ways to fabricate “synthetic data” completely out of thin air. This AI generated data can then be fed into the statistical models that will inevitably be used to direct public policy. Hopefully you can see the writing on the wall here.

All of this is said to contribute to “global resilience” against an increasing frequency and intensity of “climate-related disasters.” Cue the sense of urgency.

What this really means is that the globalists will now be using AI to justify taking control of our energy use, food supply, access to water, ability to travel, and even our ability to call out the unscientific quackery of the climate cult itself.

As I’ve said many times, the environmental agenda is The One Agenda to Rule Them All, and now that they’ve got weaponized AI at their disposal, they are rapidly shifting focus to “ensuring accountability”—as in, they are shifting focus toward enforcing compliance with their madness.

Smart meters in the local community are a perfect example.

“Less carrot, more stick,” as they said at “Summer Davos” over in China.

In the end, it all boils down to trust. So long as we trust this digital enslavement is for our own good, we won’t get the stick. That’s why central command is so busy “leveraging digital innovations to further trust in the government.”

They don’t want to beat us into submission… but make no mistake, they will.

Resist We Must!

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