Jun 22, 2022 • 16M

Ep. 142 - The Summer of Digital Governance

This summer the elites are using AI to prompt behavioral change and put the finishing touches on the global surveillance state.

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It's summer time!

Now that summer has officially arrived, the 24/7 cycle of news propaganda seems to have hit cruise control. People aren't in the house as much, which means they are not spending as much time in front of their televisions, and by extension, that means that the endless barrage of propaganda will have a lesser degree of impact.

No doubt this feels like a missed opportunity to the global cabal.

When I hear of effort to pump high-speed internet into every hut and home on the planet, I think of psychological warfare. It sounds nice, there are certainly benefits, but who really benefits the most? What has happened to the world, particularly in the departments of mental health and political stability, since the advent of the information age? Doesn't it feel like a downward spiral? More people are depressed, more countries are at war, there is greater inequality, greater civil strife, and now, the endless threat of pandemics and attacks for the invisible enemy.

The headlines today lack any punch. Biden promises gas tax relief for three months, while continuing to aggressively regulate and insult the oil industry. The J6 show trials continue to explore ways to convince America that Trump is evil incarnate by trotting out turncoat Republicans seeking their moment of fame. Ukrainian President Zelinsky meets with comedian Ben Stiller while his troops get destroyed on the front lines.

What else? Oh yeah, the Supreme Court is going to overturn Roe v. Wade, liberals are openly calling for riots, police with riot gear and assault rifles stood in the hall for almost an hour while a lunatic murdered innocent children in Texas, so Republicans are going to compromise on gun control, the economy is in the tank, the housing market is about to collapse, flights are getting cancelled due to a lack of pilots, the CDC recommends jabbing young children with experimental vaccinations, monkeypox continues to spread inexplicably, and now Polio is making a comeback.

I'm sure there's more, but this is all smoke and mirrors. I want to turn attention back to the global cabal and the international effort to install socialism via a global surveillance state. Never forget we are in the midst of the Great Reset, and while people are glued to the news, the invisible hand is hard at work setting the stage for the next great event.

When scanning the news for clues as to what that next step might be, I look for clues in the outliers. Thus, the headline Is Benzene still a problem in sunscreen? caught my eye. Hmmm...

Would you be surprised to learn that on the front page of the World Health Organization's website, there is also a news article about sunscreen? Do you still believe in coincidences?

After waxing on about how innocent people are dying from "highly preventable disease," Director of the WHO Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health announced the exciting new SunSmart Global UV app, available now for smartphones everywhere:

”We encourage everyone to use the application to protect themselves and their children, and to make this a daily habit.”

If radical environmentalists at the WHO are suggesting all of humanity create new daily habit to "protect themselves and their children" doesn't raise any red flags for you, consider this passage:

“This app combines meteorological, environmental and health expertise to help protect people from the sun both at work and in their leisure. It is unique because it uses data from country-level weather and UV measuring stations to provide accurate and location-specific UV Index readings,” said WMO Secretary-General Professor Petteri Taalas. “It is a great example of science serving society.”

Or more directly to the point:

"What makes this App unique is that it provides behavioral prompts to reduce the risks associated with UV exposure based on current UV levels in any location,” says WMO Secretary-General Prof. Petteri Taalas." (emphasis added)

To protect people from the sun, and protect the planet from sunscreen, the WHO has devised the genius solution of tracking every person on the planet and prompting behavioral changes to "reduce the risks" in any location. Welcome to the global surveillance state.

It is not difficult to imagine such geo-tracking being used to reduce other potential risks. This is the same technology deployed during the pandemic to assist contact tracing. We're already being tracked and traced, but the frank acknowledgment of behavioral prompts points to the darker side of this technology. Under the auspice of reducing risk and keeping people safe, these global forces are actively re-engineering human behavior. 

This desire to control and reshape human behavior is nothing new, per se, but since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic (aka, the Great Reset) there has been a consistent theme that I find quite disturbing. The alleged threat of an invisible enemy--meaning something that the average human has no way of seeing, tracking, or even understanding--has been used as justification for public policies that are driving, even demanding, entirely unnatural behavior.

More than that, these policies require compliance that grossly violates basic human rights. You cannot breathe freely. You cannot gather with family and friends. You cannot travel and explore the world around you. You cannot participate in society. In essence, you cannot engage in normal human behavior, unless you comply with the demands of the state.

Make no mistake, these demands are being dictated by the global cabal. They intend to control humanity in order to save the planet. The theory is that unless they take total control over every aspect of our life, the human population will continue to grow exponentially, and our collective ignorance and consumption will accelerate the depletion of natural resources, the disruption of biodiversity, and destruction of our habitable home.

So alarming is this threat, we must take action now--or so the story goes. In reality, the elites have been eyeing this problem for decades. They've been developing strategies to reduce population growth and control human behavior. With the advent of modern media and artificial intelligence, they now have the tools, the power, and the influence to pull off their plans for a Great Reset.

Protecting humanity from the sun by further conditioning them to accept complete surveillance, prompting them to stay inside where they can stay safe and get the latest social programming, is just the latest ploy in the overarching plot to destroy life as we know it. Never mind the fact that humans have been soaking up the sun for as long as we've roamed the planet. Never mind that we need exposure to the sun to create vitamin D3, boost immunity, and live vital healthy lives.

The elites have a plan to keep us safe from natural human behavior. All they need to do is finish building the Global Digital Government—which will prompt behavioral change—and you can be a good human and do your part by downloading the app today!