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TR 488 - The Push Toward "Final Victory"

TR 488 - The Push Toward "Final Victory"

Putting the Middle Eastern conflict into the context of the global revolution.

Okay, okay, I’ll enter the fray,
I’ll pick up my sword and use it to slay,
The illusions and lies within what they say,
To slice and lay bear the truth of the day.

Grrr…. I hope you can sense my resistance to discussing the Middle East.

I suppose it’s understandable that most people want to talk about what most people are talking about—and why so few of us dare to talk about anything different. It’s human nature, and in the modern era of tech and media proliferation, the appeal and inertia of language silos and echo chambers is amplified exponentially.

Thus, with the flick of the switch the public consciousness can be trained in any given direction, much like spooked cattle running this way and that without any real sense of direction of their own, and without any awareness of the cliff that’s looming nearby.

So it was with the Israeli-Hamas narrative, which sprouted out of shocking headlines of heinous crimes, and instantly became the all consuming focus of major media outlets—much to the chagrin of Volodymyr ‘The Jackass’ Zelensky and the minions still numbly standing in solidarity with his failing efforts to defeat the Evil Russian Tyrant, Vladimir Putin (who just so happens to be running for re-election in 2024).

I’ve simply been ignoring this unfortunate conflict for the last couple of weeks, mostly out of protest, because it was so damn frustrating to watch the switch get flipped and all of a sudden all the other truly important issues of our time seemed to evaporate from the public psyche. People were instantly triggered, hopping up and down shrieking about prophecy, Armageddon, God’s people, and World War Three.

Nobody seemed to care about all the political corruption and moral rot right here at home, about the prolific use of state censorship to interfere with and manipulate the outcome of the 2020 election, about the use of weaponized government agencies to attack and silence political opposition, or about the use of weaponized AI to reprogram social consciousness at the global scale.

I mean, who wants to talk about that when they’re beheading babies in Israel, right?!

Thus, today I will reluctantly turn attention toward some headline analysis of the Trusted News Initiative, in order to tie what’s spilling out in the news back into the bigger picture issues that we need to be dealing with.

Starting out, let’s take a look at the world through the distorted lens of CNN, who stoically informs us that the world is turning against “Israel’s war in Gaza”:

Their prioritization of Trump over their palpable hatred of Israel is telling. It indicates that the wizards behind the curtain still see Trump as the greatest threat to their plans to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America into an unrecognizable global socialist state.

Indeed, in polls released today, Trump is utterly trouncing Republican runner up Ron DeSantis by nearly 40 points—in DeSantis’ home state of Florida no less.

On the other side of the Trusted News Initiative, over at Fox News, we see the same priorities, just slightly inverted. Instead of the world turning against Israel, we find universities turning against supporters of Hamas and a prominent Republican taking a swipe at Donald Trump:

On a side note, that bottom left article about the raging anti-semitic, anti-American, warped and moronic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib chanting a “genocidal chant” is an interesting down play of the fact that just yesterday she was accusing Joe Biden of “supporting genocide against Palestinians.”

According to the BBC, Tlaib’s claims of genocide in Gaza have drawn “bipartisan criticism”—despite the fact that her claims reflect the sentiment of the tens of thousands of Palestinian supporters who just marched through the Capitol chanting:

“Biden, Biden, you can’t hide; we charge you with genocide!”

What I want to emphasize here is that these are globally organized protests against this so-called “genocide” and the mainstream media is mostly mum about this. Those who get their marching orders from the Trusted News Initiative realize they are walking a tightrope of public opinion—hence the folding of the truth about rabid antisemitic elected officials into the reassuring “bipartisan” condemnation.

In reality, this “fight against the genocide in Gaza” is a narrative that is being driven by the global socialists. If you don’t believe me, read it with your own eyes:

It’s fascinating that the World Socialist Web Site is pushing this genocide narrative and calling out the “near-total blackout in the corporate and government media.” More fascinating still is how the leftist media outlets in America are parroting the narrative like faithful foot-soldiers of the global revolution:

It just goes on and on.

The point is, any sort of “bipartisan” criticism of Tlaib is only being conjured up to cover up the fact that she’s accidentally let the official narrative slip out to the wrong crowd, kind of like Kamala Harris did with her “we need to reduce the human population” remark, as noted in TR 421 - Donald Trump vs. the Depopulation Agenda.

Here’s the twist.

Socialists lie through their teeth. You may recall this is a commie tactic that’s explicitly spelled out in the Communist Manifesto, which emphasizes using language that has a “hidden, higher meaning” and socialistic interpretation that is the exact opposite of what they’re actually saying. In short, they lie, and it works, because a large percentage of the population will simply believe what they’re told.

But let’s not lose sight of these socialists’ ultimate aim, which is nothing less than the complete destruction and “forcible overthrow” of existing society. It would also be wise to keep in mind that the first step in winning their world wide revolution is to “win the battle of democracy,” as we’ve discussed at length.

With that in mind, let’s turn our attention back to the World Socialist Web Site and their bogus proclamations of genocide. Is it just a coincidence that liberal democrats are saying the same thing? Is it just a coincidence that globalists at the UN are saying the same thing? Or could it be that all of those parroting this narrative have been infected by the socialist mind virus and are mindlessly repeating the talking points that advance the global socialist revolution?

Instinct leads to the latter, and as a result, we can ask the relevant question:

Is it possible that the global socialist revolution will intentionally lead to genocide?

They use hidden language to conceal their real intent, right?

They use words that imply the exact opposite of what they mean, right?

The global socialists praise the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution as proof that the goals of Communism are not just a “utopian dream, but rather a real possibility that could be achieved.” They believe that this communist revolution verified Marx’s theory on the “dictatorship of the proletariat”—which they dub a “democratic revolution in Russia.”

Pay particular attention to their words:

“The Russian Revolution marked the beginning of the end of the old system of colonial rule established by imperialism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It radicalized the international working class and set into motion a worldwide revolutionary movement of the oppressed masses. The major social gains won by the international working class, including the formation of industrial unions in the United States in the 1930s, the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, the implementation of the social welfare policies of the post-World War II era, and the process of decolonization, were by-products of the Russian Revolution.”

Did you catch it?

According to the World Socialist Web Site, the communist revolution in Russia “radicalized” a global movement of “the oppressed masses,” which culminated in socialist policies being implemented in the United States.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? Of course, they forgo the historical fact that tens of millions of people starved to death and were executed under the tyrannical commie regime, but hey, at least they radicalized a global movement, right?


“The socialist revolution begins on the national arena, it unfolds on the international arena, and is completed on the world arena. Thus, the socialist revolution becomes a permanent revolution in a newer and broader sense of the word: it attains completion only in the final victory of the new society on our entire planet.”

Beneath the battle playing out in the Middle East, is the relentless march toward the New World Order. The globalists, who are socialists at their core, who have formed an unholy alliance between communists and fascists via their rebranded public-private partnerships, who have co-opted environmentalists and progressive activists to advance their goal of total control over a reduced human population, are in fact, in their own words, seeking to establish a “new society on our entire planet.”

This is their final victory, and their day is getting close.

Among the final obstacles to overcome in this global socialist revolution are the millions of liberty loving Americans who will fight to defend the U.S. Constitution that is standing in their way. They understand that a house divided against itself cannot stand. They understand we’re in no position to fight multiple wars on different fronts.

They understand that if they can keep on fleecing We The People, then the days of our Constitutional Republic are ultimately numbered—and the majority of Americans will simply be too distracted and pacified to care, let alone stand up and fight back.

Try to keep that in mind when you’re cruising the headlines!

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