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TR 487 - Waking Up to The Great Disconnect

TR 487 - Waking Up to The Great Disconnect

Understanding the root of our problems, and better yet, what we can do about it.

Today feels like a Mindful Monday, so I’m not going to talk about the political circus. Instead, I’d like to wade back into the deeper issues we were discussing last week and tease out some thoughtful, thought provoking solutions. Please bear with me.

If it were possible to sum up the plights of humanity in a single sentence, I would suggest that a lack of connection is the central permeating issue. There is the lack of connection with reality, the lack of connection with the political process, the lack of connection within our communities, even the lack of connection within ourselves. In every area, this lack of connection gives rise to the illusions and misperceptions that are fueling the perpetual conflict and escalating chaos currently engulfing humanity.

Yet, even within these generalities, let’s not forget: life is still fundamentally good.

The glass is still half full. Humanity is burgeoning with potential solutions to every conceivable problem, because we are an inherently problem-solving species. While it’s true that we have a certain proclivity for creating our own problems, often conjuring them out of thin air, it is also true that many of our current real-world problems have been inherited due to poor decisions in the past, are simply manifestations of the messiness of humanity, or have sprung out of the alchemy of unfolding and unforeseen circumstance—and yet these problems all have a common theme.

There is a great disconnect.

Without dissecting the virtually infinite ways in which this plays out, practically speaking, if we can identify a lack of connection as the central issue, we find the cornerstone for effective problem solving. Again, the problem could be a lack of connection with reality, or a lack of connection within the community, or a lack of connection within ourselves, but each of these connections can in fact be rebuilt—and they must in fact be rebuilt if we intend to solve any of our myriad problems.

Let me give you a few practical examples:

  1. Last week I was discussing the need to stand together and fight alongside people we disagree with. Unless liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, Atheists and Christians, etc., are able to unite against the common enemies of our time—namely the corrupt two-party establishment and those who are actively working to divide and conquer us all—then we will fail to form a sufficient enough opposition and will inevitably succumb to their evil centralizing schemes.

    The central issue is the lack of connection between these diversely different groups, which is simultaneously to be expected, and equally being exploited.

  2. In a different vein, consider the skyrocketing mental health issues that are plaguing our nation. As covered in TR 344 - The Destruction of Happiness and TR 345 - Dissecting the Mental Health Crisis, there are many converging factors here, not the least of which is the “delicate task” of developing dissatisfaction, which is a tool of psychological warfare, as originally discussed in TR 333 - Frank Church & the Family Jewels (the “Family Jewels” are CIA documents associated with the Church Commission, just FYI). In other words, it’s not by accident.

    BUT, once again, the central issue can be distilled down to a lack of connection, specifically the lack of connection with reality that’s fueling the mental mayhem.

  3. The third example to consider would be the general malaise and “meh” mentality that seems to be steadily creeping into our communities. People seem to be more dispassionate, demoralized, and distant than ever before. This feeds into apathy and complacency, and is being driven by some of the same factors mentioned above, but there is a subtle distinction here that’s not to be missed. As spiritual creatures, we need a sense of purpose. We need wonder and magic and some sort of compelling reason to give a damn about our lives.

    Thus, underneath this issue we find a lack of connection, as more and more people seem to be losing touch with their wild and mysterious souls.

Driving the disconnect in each of these examples, is the overwhelming inundation of addictive, stimulating technologies, and the information overload that comes with it. Put bluntly, as powerful as modern technology has become, it’s breaking people’s brains—and as crazy as it sounds, I believe there is a small group of powerful people who fully understand this, and they are using it to their own advantage.

I’ve said many times the ultimate solution to political chaos is an elevation of spiritual awareness. If you think about it, politics is a game of labels. Psychological conditioning attaches emotions to these labels, and as a result, politicians can push certain buttons to evoke predictable patterns of behavior.

It’s like a puppeteer is pulling strings to yank our minds this way and that.

And here too, the root problem is a lack of connection. It is precisely the disconnect between mental and spiritual awareness that allows this manipulation to go on unnoticed. But once there is awareness of how this process works, one can defend the mind and martial mental awareness for the purpose of mental defense.

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you’ve heard me say: you either use the mind, or the mind uses you. Our minds are all at once a profoundly powerful tool, as well as being an utterly unruly beast—and the only way to use this tool and tame this beast, is through the elevation of spiritual awareness, or “inner” awareness for anyone spiritually averse.

Practically speaking, we are not our body and we are not our mind.

We can observe and control our body, and we can observes and control our mind.

HERE’S THE THING: Others can observe and control our bodies and minds as well.

What’s the solution?

The solution is to rebuild and strengthen the connection between mind, body, and soul. Not only is this possible, it is an ancient science that takes one on a fascinating and thrilling journey of self-discovery that ultimately exceeds the scope of this report.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s just say this is rebuilding our connection with ourselves.

Rebuilding this connection increases our mental resilience to psychological attacks and makes us less vulnerable to emotional (political) manipulation. Elevating inner awareness also expands the set of possible solutions for any particular problem, from the personal to the societal level. The benefits of this wisdom are inexhaustible.

Turning our attention to societal woes, particularly to the political circus and conundrum that besets us, rebuilding connections within our local communities and circles of influence is a strategic starting point for political impact. Bringing people together (say for a BBQ, a weekly walk, or a book club for example), helps to knit the social fabric, and it also provides the medium through which fresh ideas can be introduced and transmitted.

Put differently, direct human interaction facilitates political and societal change.

And the truth is, in order to initiate and engage in this process, we must reconnect with the reality that most people are good, let go of the labels, reject the conditioned reactions, and step out of our comfort zones to connect with people who we perceive as being different. It may feel excruciating at first, but it’s well worth the effort.

And for those who may scoff and mock me as a pacifist, for anyone who’s ready to grab their torch and pitchfork and storm the castle, consider this: you’re going to want some back up, right? If, hypothetically speaking, you envision some sort of conservative crusade that somehow intends to purge America of atheists, liberals, and commie progressive hacks, you must face the fact that you’re are heavily outnumbered.

It would be wiser to realize that many of the atheists and liberals still love and value the principles of liberty, and are therefore our allies in the fight against the commie progressive hacks who have been indoctrinated into the global collectivist cult. Furthermore, it would be wise to realize those who are operating under the delusions of the cult collective are still human, which means many of them can be saved.

Things have become so crazy, so quickly, there are more people waking up than ever before. That means we stand at the door of opportunity, facing an immense challenge, but we are better positioned than any prior generation to bring people together using many of the same tools, tactics, and strategies that are currently being used against us.

We must understand that we are in a war of ideas, and that the battles being fought are for influence. Those who would capture the minds of humanity to consolidate global power and control, to forcefully impose an inescapable surveillance state and convince the masses to sacrifice themselves (and others) for the sake of Future Earth, are the enemies of us all—regardless of our labels and personal differences.

The enemy is organized, powerful, and the momentum is in their favor.

But they are few and we are many, so long as we rebuild the connections that bind us together, not just as Americans, but as human beings who were born to live free. The issues we face today are rooted in the great disconnect between what is, what was, and the way we think it should be. When we connect these dots solutions abound, and that which is sought is found: the truth is we are already free.

We just need to remind humanity, and that begins by building connections.

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