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TR 483 - The Strange Drift in Consciousness

TR 483 - The Strange Drift in Consciousness

When something feels spooky and things don't add up, it's time to look for clues.

There’s something that’s been bugging me about the media’s unrelenting attention and fixation on the Middle East. You may recall, since the outset of this latest and greatest Israeli-Hamas wars—and there have been many, many such wars mind you—this one seemed to be different. Not because of the shock-and-awe baby-beheading headlines, or the first-person shooter style footage of the horror—all of which left an indelible mark on the public consciousness—but because of the timing, because of the synchronized flip of the switch, because everything else just disappeared.

The Biden family crime syndicate? Bank statements funneling money to the Big Guy? Quid quo pro, fire the prosecutor or you ain’t getting the money? Government records stashed behind the corvette in a private garage? Some 82,000 emails where the sock-puppet president was using three different fake names? Never mind all of that.

Did you hear about those political prisoners rotting away in the DC Gulag for exercising their perfectly natural right to protest a rigged election? How about that funky, clunky, staged “show trial” where numerous testimonies were known to be patently false, evidence was altered, and deliberate lies were told with a straight face? How about the endless barrage of propaganda haranguing anyone who mentions such things, making the truth tellers out to be some sort of domestic extremists?

How many people are talking about the weaponization of the federal government colluding with Big Tech to silence political dissent and censor free speech? How many people are talking about the 87,000 armed IRS agents who were hired to track down and crack-down on “super rich” tax evaders—or the fact that this army of government agents just lowered their sights to target average everyday peasants:

“…as many as 90 percent of new IRS audits using Inflation Reduction Act resources would come from individuals making less than $400,000 annually.”

Hey, they lied, so what? Everyone pretty much knew that was going to happen right? I mean, even Kevin ‘The Schmuck’ McCarthy came right out and told everyone that the IRS was going to be targeting people making less that $75k a year—citing the CBO—but he was fact-checked into oblivion and has since been deposed anyway.

But did you catch the sleight of hand there?

Did you catch the choose-your-own-adventure option to believe whatever the hell you want? Did you notice how everything I said is entirely controversial, and how no one really knows for sure what is even true anymore? Who do you trust?

Half the country probably thinks I’m a lunatic just for bringing this stuff up!

NEWS FLASH: “Oh my gosh, they might arrest Donald Trump! Aaaarrrggggh!”

Have you heard how Volodymyr ‘The Jack Ass’ Zelensky is now “angry at the West” and how he feels betrayed by his Western handlers—despite them sending him $150 million in the last week, and voting on another $61 billion more today—all because he’s no longer the center of attention?

Did you forget that according to Mitch ‘The Glitch’ McConnell, funding an endless war in Ukraine is the “number one priority of the United States,” at least according to most Republicans right now? Listen to the turtle talk:

And then, all of a sudden, everything just disappeared…

Now there’s only this:

Muslim Americans tell Biden he won’t get their votes without a ceasefire in Gaza.

Palestinian Americans are breaking fundraising records even as they break the law, interrupt congressional hearings, take over the Brooklyn Bridge, storm Capitol Hill, and spew hate-filled genocidal rhetoric all across the fruited plains.

Meanwhile, other media outlets are painting the picture this way:

We are being told that Jews are now standing in solidarity with the utterly repulsive rabidly anti-semitic Rashid Tlaib, demanding ceasefire in Gaza; that Jewish protester and their “allies”—like radical domestic terrorist Judith Clark, who was convicted and imprisoned for hijacking an armored truck and killing two police officers and a security guard in 1981—shut down Grand Central Station to demand an end to “Israel’s war on Gaza”; and the most impressive thing about all of these Jews who are now standing in solidarity with the Palestinian terrorists, is they got matching t-shirts made up to demonstrate their unified front from LA to Brooklyn.

It all just smacks of psyops, of orchestrated cognitive dissonance.

As White House correspondent Simon Ateba notes:

“…is it not strange? Conflict in the Middle East, suddenly protests in Washington, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and several places in California, with flags and shirts. They are also in Congress, Grand Central, Brooklyn Bridge, and virtually everywhere! Everything is just sudden and fast and organized...


Just to add a little more flavor to the absurdity of it all, consider the fact that Iran is set to chair the UN Human Rights Commission, Germany is preparing for all out war in Europe, and Democrats are running a last minute “write-in” campaign for Joe Biden, to help him “avoid embarrassment” in the New Hampshire primaries, because somehow poor Uncle Joe didn’t manage to get his name on the ballot.

But lest ye fret, according to Kamal Harris there should be no doubt, “We’re going to win.” In a moment of unusual clarity and eloquence, she says this:

“When the American people are able to take a close look at election time on their options, I think the choice is going to be clear. We're going to win. Let me just tell you that. We're going to win. And I’m not saying it's going to be easy, but we will win.”

Even the 60 Minutes interviewer noticed, “You say that with such confidence!”

I suppose that’s the perk of having the most sophisticated and inclusive voter fraud operation in American history, to quote Biden. The Democrat party can brazenly defy all the odds simply by pairing an inept diversity hire and decrepit criminal, and relying on the media and the algorithms to sufficiently warp reality to “get out the vote.”

Perhaps that explains this:

First, I feel inclined to point out that Biden is not capable of “moving fast” on anything—not physically or mentally. Second, I want to point out the sign that signals what this executive order is really all about: “SAFETY, SECURITY, AND TRUST”

The order itself is quite lengthy, and as you might expect, it is chock full of woke agenda items. Just to give you a taste of what this EO is intended to do, it’s meant to:

  • …take steps to expand partnerships with industry, academia, other agencies, and international allies to use AI tools to mitigate climate change risks;

  • …develop tools that facilitate building foundational models useful for basic and applied science, including improving environmental and social outcomes;

  • …coordinate development of AI and other critical and emerging technologies aimed at tackling major societal and global challenges;

  • …advance equity by strengthening AI in Civil Rights in the Criminal Justice System and improve external stakeholder engagement to promote public awareness of potential discriminatory uses and effects of AI;

  • …train State, local, Tribal, and territorial authorities on best practices for investigating and prosecuting civil rights violations and discrimination using AI.

  • …ensure rigorous regulations and engagement with affected communities so Americans trust AI to advance civil rights, civil liberties, equity, and justice for all.

Reading through the Executive Order on this hallowed Halloween is like reading a script right out of an Orwellian horror movie. Pay attention to the language:

“The Federal Government should lead the way to global societal, economic, and technological progress… engage with international allies and partners in developing a framework to manage AI’s risks, unlock AI’s potential for good… to ensure that AI benefits the whole world, rather than exacerbating inequities, threatening human rights, and causing other harms.”

It all sounds so damn kumbaya, it makes me want to puke!

Does AI have potential for good? Yes.

Can AI benefit the whole world? Yes.

Should we be striving to lead the way? Sure.

But having weaponized government agencies using AI to advance societal progress, to eradicate inequities, and to mitigate climate change—what could possibly go wrong?!

Biden’s order refers to AI “red teams”—and immediately my mind goes to the Red Army—wherein a dedicated army of indoctrinated individuals will identify “flaws and vulnerabilities” in AI systems, such as “harmful or discriminatory outputs” and other undesirable behaviors associated with the “misuse” of the system.

By golly, they’ll even be using these systems for “crime forecasting” to “predict future crimes” using all “commercially available information” floating around on the web.

Perhaps the most alarming issue in all of this, one NOT to be overlooked, is that the government will now be using AI to condition the public to trust the government.

No doubt that will benefit the whole world, most especially the New World Order.

The public’s passive acceptance of this is evidence of a strange drift in consciousness, as if people are being lulled to sleep while there are bombs exploding outside. The public is being conditioned to trust the very same people who exploit and abuse them.

This is the most pressing issue of our time.

Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

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