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TR 438 - Looking Beyond the Political Circus

TR 438 - Looking Beyond the Political Circus

Extending our gaze to the not so distant horizon reveals things getting overlooked.

Happy Friday!

Here’s what we’re not going to talk about today:

Election interference, that’s what this is really all about, let’s never lose sight of that. Arresting the former president and top presidential contender on completely bogus charges just days after the first primary debate just smack of kabuki theater. Isn’t it interesting how Fox has more or less been silent on Trump, but now “HE’S ba-aaaack!and he’s returned to Twitter and he made a “bombshell posting” after getting booked? It’s just so astonishing! How amazing!! OMG!!! …puke.

Personally I find that gaslighting the most fascinating aspect of the entire charade.

Of course, if you’re excited about all of this, you can get your Trump Mugshot T-shirt and a slew of other swag from vendors big and small. There’s no doubt pretty much everyone is going to be capitalizing on this in one way or another. I’m just going to try to ignore it as much as possible, because honestly, we’ve got bigger fish to fry.

How about those Neo-Con war-hawk RHINOs talking about “unilateral military action” in Mexico? How about the accusations that the Kremlin took out the Wagner boss turning out to be an absolute lie? How about those radical environmentalists sparking wildfires all around globe?

Evidently, investigators in Maui believe that the utility company has been removing and tampering with evidence that could indicate how the historic blaze ignited. Meanwhile, as Hawaiians are still digging up charred remains, FEMA workers are enjoying five-star accommodations in luxury resorts—even as government officials attempt to enforce a media blackout to block footage of the devastation.

Is all of this just a coincidence?

Oh well, nothing to see here.

Did you hear about Carlos Santana getting scorched for telling his fans that a “woman is a woman,” as if that was some sort of violent hate speech? How about Elon Musk getting sued by the DOJ because his hiring practices “harmed asylees and refugees” by prioritizing American citizens? Oh, I know — did you know some hikers spotted a “naked wolf man” up in the mountains?

It happened in Germany, but such thrilling news travels fast, and I’m sure that’s why the mainstream media has picked up on the story. I’m just sure of it. There’s so much going on in the world, but there’s no way they could leave that one out!

Elsewhere in the news, liberals are lamenting the fact that conservative pop culture is “having a moment”—which is their way of processing the meteoric rise of Oliver Anthony’s new smash hit, “Rich Men North of Richmond”—as the anthem continues to shatter records and topple charts, making it the most popular song in the nation.

How about China facing “no pain-free solutions” for propping up it’s own slowing economy? How about the Pentagon flying Ukrainian pilots to Texas and Arizona so they can learn to fly F-16s? How about Americans panic search for “living off grid” as millions of people flee the crime riddled self-destructing liberal cities?

Tell me my friends, what is it that really stands out in all of this?

Is it the idiocy of it all? Is it the shear volume of distraction? Is it the casual inclusion of serious issues sandwiched in between madness? Is it the sense that’s it’s all coming apart at the seams? Any one of these stories could be interesting to talk about, and several of them are worth drilling down on, but I want to blow past all of this in order to get to the bigger picture—and there’s always a bigger picture.

Here’s the bigger picture.

Centralized government control and state ownership of the means of “production and consumption” is a central component of Communism. Collaboration between corporations, banks, and corrupt government bureaucrats is the hallmark of fascism.

Both systems aim to consolidate power in the hands of the ruling class and forcefully impose the will of the few against the will of the many. In both Communism and Fascism, the ruling class elites impose their will and exploit the working class peasants. The elites live above the law and subjugate the commoners to serfdom, and for the most part, the majority of people simply just go along with it.

History indicates this is a predictable pattern of human behavior.

There have always been a few crazy sociopaths who want to rule the world.

There have always been enough useful idiots for them to exploit and give it a try.

There have always been a remnant strain of rebels who insist on living free.

And, there have always been warriors who were willing to fight the odds to protect this right to be free, as opposed to living like slaves to the state.

These warriors fight, not just for themselves, but to protect the vulnerable and exploited, rouse the human spirit, and inspire others to stand against the tyrants.

Those who are willing to match force with force will change the course of history. They are the ones who will restore balance to power and bring justice back to the land.

Unfortunately, and perhaps for the first time in human history, the commies and fascists have teamed up with Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big Gov to form an unholy alliance that is dead-set on crushing these rebels for good. Their aim is to fully domesticate the masses, training them to accept enslavement, and forcing citizens everywhere to submit to the whims of the dystopian surveillance state.

It reminds me of an old song:

“Despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage…”

But that sounds outrageous, doesn’t it?

I mean, who in their right mind thinks there is a secret global cabal that’s working to enslave humanity in an inescapable surveillance state? What kind of person believes that communists and fascists have joined forces to advance their Common Agenda of consolidated power and control?

Can you see how to some people that sounds just a little bit crazy?

Well, I’m here to tell you, it is crazy, but it’s true.

Here’s the proof.

I first brought up the idea of the “unholy alliance” back in TR 368 - When Commies & Fascists Unite, when it first occurred to me that both were working to the same objective of consolidating power and control. In essence, communists and fascists are just two sides of the same coin—both believe they know what’s best for everyone else, both have an insatiable appetite to dominate others, and both have an authoritarian tendency to trample or execute anyone who gets in their way.

To provide concrete evidence that this is exactly what’s happening in the world today, I want to turn your attention to the following three announcements:

  1. New WHO Civil Society Commission to strengthen civil society organizations’ role in accelerating progress in global health

  2. Biden-⁠Harris Administration Launches Artificial Intelligence Cyber Challenge to Protect America’s Critical Software

  3. Glasgow is transforming itself into a digitally inclusive city: here’s how

On it’s face, the connections here might not leap off the page. However, upon careful inspection, the evidence will become clear. Let’s start at the top.

The World Health Organization just launched a new Civil Society Commission, ostensibly to strength the role of “civil society” in “accelerating progress” toward global goals. Civil society is code for socialist society, just in case you didn’t know, and this accelerated “progress” is referring to the Global Initiative on Digital Health—which itself is designed to “facilitate the deliberate use” of top-down “digital transformation tools” from the global to the national and local levels.

Top-down centralized control is textbook communism.

Thus, these public-private partnerships are working synergistically to install the top-down digital surveillance necessary to test, track, and treat the peasants like lab rats--which will inevitably be linked directly to social credit, carbon footprints, and other surveillance schemes—but for now let’s turn our attention to the White House:

Biden and Harris are about to fork out $20 million dollars in “prizes” to Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI (among others) to work with the DARPA deep state in order to make software “more secure.” Here’s how it works:

  1. The government extracts maximum taxes from the peasants.

  2. The government funnels this money to billion dollar corporations.

  3. The billion dollar corporations build whatever the government wants.

  4. In exchange, the corporations give the government back door access.

  5. Private corporations install the government’s surveillance technology.

If you toss in lobbying money funneling back into the government, we have a full circle of incestuous fascist partnerships that are raping and pillaging the American people. Of course, America isn’t exactly leading the way in all of this, and since the CCP is so far out in the lead (being the role model for the world and all), let’s just take a quick look at Glasgow to get a sense of what comes next.

That Glasgow link came from the WEF website, which is also where I first learned about the Biden administration’s AI challenge. You see, the WEF is like a hub for the global elites, it’s where they coordinate and get their marching orders. That’s why the glowing article about Glasgow “transforming itself” into a “digitally inclusive” city caught my eye.

It made me wonder: what do the people of Glasgow think about this transformation, and what does “digitally inclusive” even mean? So I did a little looking and just as I suspected, “digitally inclusive” is just a fancy way of saying digital surveillance state:

I threw that last one in there just to demonstrate where this all leads. Digital criminal justice is just a fancy way of saying, “We’re watching you,” and if you do, say, or express anything the state deems detrimental to peace and stability, you will be punished—digitally, of course, thanks to the new digital currency.

I expect that before we know it, we’ll be experiencing this right here at home. The commies and fascists are already here, and while everyone else is squawking about Trump, they continue tightening the noose are the necks of the American people.

Keep that in mind as you watch the political circus.

And have a great weekend!

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