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TR 389 - It's an Exciting Time to Be Alive

TR 389 - It's an Exciting Time to Be Alive

There is a silver lining within all the accelerating changes and chaos.

Opportunity abounds.

Within every news cycle there is a delicate balance of BS propaganda and broader signals aimed at captivating and directing one’s attention, emotion, and energy.

Have you heard about the heavily armed “Soviet-Style intimidation raids” that the ATF and IRS have been jointly conducting against gun shop owners lately?

Did you hear about that “developmentally challenged” kid who was arrested after being groomed by the FBI to support radical Islamic terrorist groups online?

How about the recent court documents that conclusively prove Dominion voting machines can be—and have been—used to steal elections in broad daylight?

Did you catch the fact that Democrats have rebranded free speech as “tyranny” and are now openly trying to restrict free speech in the name of protecting democracy?

Have you noticed how the media is using Juneteenth as a perfect opportunity to stoke racial tensions by absurdly claiming black dads are better than any other race?

How about those stoic progressive hacks who are supposedly helping LGBTQ people escape the oppression of red states via a historic Rainbow Underground Railroad?

Is it any wonder that it feels like American society is collapsing and some statistical modeling is now predicting that the 2024 election might not even take place?

What do you make of all this?

Here’s what I think.

I think that weaponized federal agencies are going to grow increasingly aggressive and bold in their attacks on political dissent. I do believe they will continue trying to intimidate, bully, and con law abiding citizens into giving up their weapons, but I don’t believe they’ll ever actually try to confiscate our firearms. I think that would be a major miscalculation, and the repercussion would be another American revolution.

Instead, I suspect these weaponized government agencies will continue to stage false flag events to further justify targeting law abiding American citizens and systematically dismantling our constitutional rights. Free speech and the right to bear arms will be cast into the dust bin of history. Such notions will be programmed into the public psyche as being prudish, barbaric, and full of hate.

On the notion of hate, this concept will continue to be further developed and deployed to control all forms of speech, and in time more arrests will be made of the heinous “crimes” of hateful rhetoric and spreading misinformation. It will become formally illegal to question the outcome of elections, the national narrative, the science, or any aspect of the globalist agenda.

The leftists will continue driving their various stakes through the heart of the American people, whipping up discontent and stoking division along the lines of class, race, and the various forms of twisted identity politics. This division will be used to divide and conquer our country from within, specifically at the local community level.

Dividing our local communities further rips the social fabric and weakens the nation.

While all of this is happening—while the government attacks the people and subversive social elements aim to fundamentally transform our society—the global elites will continue to advance their agenda of consolidating power and control in the hands of a centralized global governing apparatus.

With the advent of digital currencies and digital IDs, both of which loom imminently on the horizon, their capture of the whole of humanity will be nearly complete.

Voting will be a token of participation and used to facilitate the illusion that public opinion is still organic, as opposed to the heavily manipulated and fully controlled response to sophisticated propaganda and psychological warfare campaigns. The voting data will be used to gauge public acceptance of their totalitarian edicts, not to respect the public, but to more accurately condition and control the public.

Once all the pieces are in place, which is not far off, the masses will be ushered into the utopian Future Earth, and the remnants of rebellion will be dealt with en masse.

That will take care of the problems of over population and political dissent.

History will record this as the era when democracy won. The future will be full of peace and stability. There will be no more wars. All the children will be fed. All of the homeless will be sheltered. The whole of society will be civilized and inclusive. The planet will be preserved in its pristine state and humanity will live in sustainable cities that provide everyone will free education, free health care, free housing, and even free food. No one will want for anything. Risks will be eliminated.

Everyone will finally be safe.

What an exciting time to be alive!!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

First we have to deal with the elephant in the room: Donald Trump.

He alone stands in the way of progress. Former Trump-appointed Attorney General Bill Barr says that Trump is a “consummate narcissist” and that he “constantly engages in reckless conduct” that puts the conservative and Republican agenda at risk. Top Republican Senators are decrying Trump’s attacks on the DOJ and the FBI, claiming that Trump’s “violent rhetoric” might lead to violence, and stating emphatically that “there’s no violent solution to this problem.”

Meanwhile, the self-ascribed “Team Reality” is desperately trying to remind people that Trump is still bragging about the so-called vaccines that have now been responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, pointing out that his ego doesn’t allow him to admit that he’s done anything wrong—even though House Republicans are now claiming that “it’s obvious” that what he did was wrong, as it relates to his recent indictment and the ongoing documents scandal.

The truth is, a growing number of Republican leaders are criticizing Trump and many of them are now claiming that “he’s toast”—despite widespread conservative support.

Take a deep breath.

I am intentionally presenting this issue in an antagonizing fashion—precisely because I believe that Trump is being used to antagonize Americans in an effort to push MAGA conservatives to the breaking point. At every turn, it’s just another smack in the face. They are pushing for a hung election and a civil war, and that’s if we actually make it that far. We all need to be keen to these tactics.

Think about the fact that all these Republican leaders are aligning against Trump. Even former Vice President Mike Pence is now flogging Trump as being “incredibly divisive for the country.” Doesn’t that mean that all these Republican leaders are aligning against the majority of liberty loving Americans?

Let that sink in.

I do believe that many conservative voters are keen to all this, with some DeSantis voters actually vowing to support Trump due to the obvious political corruption. And there are some Republican politicians who are pushing back and trying to make a stand—like congressman Andy Biggs (R.-AZ) who has boldly declared:

“We have now reached a war phase. Eye for an eye.”

Now, regardless of how you interpret that, here’s the thing: there are too few people doing too little too late in the political arena. Dominion voting machines are being used in 28 different states. The Deep State is interfering with elections on the daily. The entire political establishment is aligned against the American people.

That leaves us with a very limited set of solutions indeed.

Thus, the opportunity for creative problem solving abounds.

Let your imagination run wild.

It’s an exciting time to be alive!


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