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TR 393 - When Liberty Beckons Us All

TR 393 - When Liberty Beckons Us All

From the Durham Report to the southern invasion, these are issues we all need to face.

It feels as if yesterday’s report — TR 392 - Musk vs. Zuckerberg in a Vegas Cage Match? — could use some closure. The slowly emerging insight, which as I said may be meaningful to me and nobody else, was that “waking people up” isn’t really a viable solution, and I say that having spent the last two years trying to wake people up.

Just to clarify, I believe it is still very important for us to try to wake people up, and the very best way to do that is by building relationships, having heart to heart conversations, attending local meetings, and sharing our perspectives, information, and personal convictions far and wide.

You’d be amazed at what people simply don’t know.

You might be the one to enlighten them, and that would be great, but that still doesn’t solve the problem. There are not enough people waking enough people up to correct course and save the country. As grim as that sounds, I do not believe that we are facing a lost cause, I do believe that we can win, but it’s certainly not going to be easy. To the point, any effective strategy must account for the myriad vectors that are in motion, nearly all of which are nowhere near top of mind for the vast majority of people.

Most people haven’t heard of the global cabal, central bank digital currencies, sentinel surveillance, algorithmic social interventions, etc. Most people don’t seem to mind the rampant political corruption that keeps turning up in one investigation after another. The evidence of malfeasance, fraud, dereliction of duty, and flat out treason abounds. Our government is running amok, having a heyday recklessly spending our hard earned dollars and lawlessly destroying the country that we love.

It’s all by design. It’s all been planned far in advance and we are now nearing the end stages of this cultural revolution. As I’ve said before, the transformation of consciousness it nearly complete. America has tipped beyond the tipping point and the cancerous collective mental disease has metastasized in the minds of the masses.

I state this emphatically, as a matter of fact, based on countless hours of research that has been meticulously documented in hundreds of reports. It is no longer possible for me to recap everything that comes to bear on any given conversation, this one included, because it is way too much information and it would take way too much time. But all of this information is there, in my mind, and available to you on this website or your favorite podcast platform.

For a fuller synopsis and prioritization of issues, you might also enjoy reading my new book Hackable Animals: Your Guide to The Great Reset & The New World Order.



Hackable Animals was written with the intent of distilling the complexities into consumable concepts and putting things in the simplest terms possible. It is written for those who are curious but unsure, those who may have heard of but are unfamiliar with the Great Reset and the New World Order. It quickly dispels the myth that they are some sort of fringe conspiracy, and explains how both of these agendas are going to significantly disrupt life as we know it. No one is immune to what’s coming.

People can still choose to ignore these topics for now, but they won’t be able to ignore the reality of what’s happening for much longer. The madness is accelerating daily.

And I suppose, to be honest, that’s part of the reason I’ve been feeling more philosophical the last couple weeks. I see what’s happening in the news and it’s disheartening—not because of the actual content (which is mostly just propaganda), but because it has become painfully obvious that most people remain completely unaware of the “much bigger issues” that are being intentionally buried under a steamy heap of BS. As a problem solver, this seems nearly insurmountable.

Yet my mind grasps for solutions, plugging different factors into the equation, calculating different vectors, evaluating different probabilities, and entertaining different strategies. Where there is no vision the people die, right? So what’s the vision? How do we chart a course to get through this mess? These are the questions that have been heavy on my heart.

While it is true that we need to be talking to as many people as possible and trying to wake people up—which is what I’ve wholeheartedly committed myself to for the last two plus years—I’ve had to begrudgingly accept that this is an insufficient solution. If it were that easy, we wouldn’t be where we’re at today.

There’s too much head wind. We’re too far behind. We simply cannot compete with the influence of mainstream media, social media, and massive psychological warfare campaigns. I don’t like it, I hate to have to admit it, but that’s just the facts Jack.

With all the predictions of a hung election and a civil war, and the recent declaration from an exceptionally bold congressman that “we have now reached a war phase,” I’ve had to go there in my mind. I’ve had to envision what that might actually look like, and more importantly, try to surmise how we might possibly win. Most important of all, I’ve had to assess my readiness and my plans to protect my family if all hell breaks loose. I would strongly suggest that we all take the time to prepare for the possibility.

NOW, that said, I would not recommend living your life as if it’s the end of the world. I don’t think it’s wise to suspend normal living on the mere possibility of civil war or societal collapse. The reason is simple: in reality it may never actually happen.

Yet the possibility exists, the odds are mounting, and the country is being prodded in that direction. And for those who have been paying attention and keeping track, this all fits perfectly within the broader globalist agenda. There must be some catalyst to drive the American people into accepting central bank digital currencies, globally tracked digital IDs, and the forthcoming inescapable surveillance state.

Remember that recent study that showed a whopping 53% of people would support “in-home government surveillance cameras” if they would keep people safe and protect women and children against domestic violence? It’s utterly absurd. It’s unimaginable. It’s entirely un-American, and yet this was an American survey.

Today I watched a short video showing a man trying to trade a 1 oz. gold coin for various items on the street. He’d ask those passing by if he could trade them an ounce of gold for their hats, or what was in their shopping bag, etc.—and he didn’t get a single taker, despite the fact we was standing outside a gold coin shop and offered to take the coin in to confirm the value. The people on the street, who by any metric would rank as middle of the road Americans, saw no value in that silly $1,800 gold coin.

Thus, as all roads converge on CBDCs and complete digital surveillance, we can rest assured the hordes of useful idiots will be quick to adapt to the latest convenience. While everyone in fly-over country may protest and cling to their guns, gold, and Bibles, the majority of Americans (by population) will simply go along with it. Even in Small Town USA our local communities and local leadership will go along with it.

They may not like it, but the banks run the show. If local businesses want to keep food on the shelves, they’re going to have to play along. If you plan on getting groceries at that store, you’re going to have to play along. The only other option is a radical departure from the way things are and a very dedicated effort to rapidly create a functional parallel economy. In many places this effort is underway, but the process is clunky and complex, especially as it still seems fringe and unnecessary to most.

And just in case it wasn’t obvious, that very same “majority of Americans” who support in-home surveillance cameras and have no comprehension of the value of gold, who believe that humanity is destroying the planet and that Joe Biden is the most popular president ever elected, these people are going to continue to be used to shred the Constitution and finalize the fundamental transformation of America. It will all be done in the name of democracy and for the sake of the greater good, and we are more or less helpless to stop it—unless we take drastic radical action now.

There is no way we can convince enough of them to change their minds fast enough.

They have been conditioned to believe that we are backwards ignorant homophobic hillbillies, racist bigots, white supremacists, Christian insurrectionists, and violent domestic terrorists who are an existential threat to both the planet and democracy.

Bud Light’s latest commercial mocking white men and average everyday Americans attests to this, as does the latest episode of parents being reported to the FBI for protesting all the sickening crap that passes as public education these days.

As taxpayers continue to foot the bill for Hunter Biden’s hookers and hate crime hoaxes abound, it is imperative not to lose sight of the fact that none of this is by accident. Republican leadership refuses to impeach Biden despite the well-documented evidence of treason and fraud. The Supreme Court is overriding state’s rights to defend themselves from the southern invasion, even as tens of millions of illegal immigrants continue to stream across the border and rapidly change American demographics—turning red states blue in the process.

Any one of these issues should be enough for people to be up in arms about, but don’t hold your breath. How many people do you think care? The answer is: not enough.

Even if we could get enough people to care about these issues, these aren’t even the most pressing issues. Hence the need to take off the gloves mentioned yesterday. We no longer live in a just society. Lawlessness abounds. John Durham just testified to the House Judiciary Committee that our country cannot stand in the face of such injustice.

So where does that leave us?

Let me try to put it poetically:

If your blood runs red, if your heart beats true,
The future of America now rests with you.
Not you alone, but with your family and friends,
Who must rise up and fight ‘til the bitterness ends.
It will be long and be hard, this war for the soul,
But each battle we win we’ll advance toward the whole.
In time we’ll unite these great states once again,
And defend what we love from the foes on the land.
We’ll drive out the darkness, the sickness and greed,
And once again honor our flag and our creed,
If we rise to the challenge in this hour of need,
And take that great risk to suffer and bleed,
As we water the roots and plant some new seed.

Liberty beckons… and she’s begging we heed.


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