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TR 392 - Musk vs. Zuckerberg in a Vegas Cage Match?

TR 392 - Musk vs. Zuckerberg in a Vegas Cage Match?

Extracting lessons from the utter insanity of it all...

Everyday is a blank slate.

Each sunrise brings the opportunity to embrace something new, to embark on a new adventure, to explore a new trail, a new hobby, or a new book. I could wax on philosophically about the infinite potential perpetually unfolding in the magical, mystical, mysterious moment of now, but that’s not the rabbit I’m wanting to chase.

Today I’m going to approach the news from a new angle—but first, I want to explain why. There has been an emerging insight slowly forming in the crevices of my grey matter, and it may not matter to anyone but me, but as it stands I feel compelled to put words to it. I feel compelled to put words to it, because I doubt that I’m alone.

I believe many of you may feel something similar, even the same, and since I have the time and the proclivity to speak from the heart and communicate such things, I will.

There is much talk about needing to wake people up to what’s really going on. Good.

But what does that really mean? What does it really look like? And will it really work?

Meaning: will waking people up actually solve the problems that we are facing?

I believe the answer is no, and I’ll do my best to explain why I believe that.

Take the chatter about a Musk vs. Zuckerberg cage match in Vegas for example. Twitter is all a flitter. Facebook is bursting with anticipation. It’s gaining traction on various mainstream outlets. It’s entertainment, right?

And there’s nothing wrong with that. People want to be entertained.

Interestingly enough, entertainment is more or less the opposite of effort.

When something is broken and needs to be fixed, it requires effort. When we’re cold, hungry, desperate and lost, our chances of survival are rooted in effort. It should go without saying that everything requires effort, yet this simple understanding seems to get lost in the static swirling around our societal woes, and I don’t think that’s by accident. I believe the conditioning toward self-indulgence and entertainment—as opposed to self-discipline and effort—is intended to make us docile and distracted.

And obviously it’s been working. The more I look around and see what’s happening in the world today, the more the movie Idiocracy comes to mind. It’s all by design.

Consider the buzz headlines out today about the MAGA Slap Down, referring to Marjorie Taylor Greene calling Lauren Boebert a “little bitch” to her face on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives:

Is this not political entertainment at it’s finest? Again, it’s entertainment.

Did you know that the vast majority of people now get their “news” from their smart phones? The bulk of the news that’s being consumed comes directly from people’s social media feeds, courtesy of the algorithms that have been programmed to capture and hold these people’s attention for as long as humanly possible.

These are just interesting facts that are out there for anyone who is interested. But how many people are interested in these facts? How many people are interested in learning about these facts, or the fact that the Trusted News Initiative has stealthily been deployed to enforce massive government censorship at the global scale, for example? How many people are interested in learning any facts at all?

Apparently not many.

Math and reading scores across the nation continue to plummet to the lowest levels in decades, as young vulnerable children are taught that girls can be boys and boys can have babies. It’s fucking insane—pardon the French. The education system has been used for institutional indoctrination for generations, but this degree of disconnect, distortion, and depravity is beyond despicable—and it’s getting worse by the day.

And again, it’s all by design.

Will “educating” people help fix this problem with the education system? No.

Will people waking up to this problem fix the education system? No.

No, waking people up to this problem is not going to fix this problem—and that’s just one major, glaringly obvious, in everybody’s face sort of problem. There have been plenty of people who have dedicated their entire lives to trying to wake people up about the problems in our education system for longer than I’ve been alive.

The dismal results speak for themselves.

The same could be said for any number of things. There have been countless people who have tried to warn the world and help people wake up to the threat of communist subversion. There have been innumerable individuals who have sounded the alarm and tried to wake people up about the international banking cartels, weaponized government agencies, the poisoning of the food supply, etc.—and yet here we are.

Do you see the problem here?

There simply are not enough people waking enough people up fast enough, which brings me back to the emerging insight that waking people up is not a viable solution.

Those who control the media have been mesmerizing and programming the masses for much longer than most people can even imagine. The degree of social programming, if held up to the light and properly understood, would utterly shock the world and send a shudder down your spine. The degree of manipulation would rightly disturb every soul on the planet, and yet all that said, we must acknowledge that the majority of people will live out their lives and die completely blind to all of this.

Perhaps ignorance is bliss… though I instinctively reject that notion!

Resist we must!

We must resist the urge to be mesmerized, distracted, and entertained—the hard wiring of human nature makes us susceptible to such pitfalls. It’s not that distraction or entertainment are inherently bad, it’s just that we can very easily get sucked in, just like any other addiction. The scientifically documented, intentionally engineered addicting qualities of social media is the perfect example.

It’s all about the dopamine.

But do we wake people up to that fact? Are people going to start self-regulating their social media consumption? Maybe. But certainly not at a scale that would have any major societal impact. Thus, people will stay glued to their screens and feeds and continue to be lulled into the endless sea of distraction and entertainment.

The scientific outcome is skyrocketing mental health issues, depression, and suicides.

Oh, and it also leads to a global consolidation of power and control in the hands of some very sick sociopaths who are hellbent on depopulating the earth—but hey, who has time to talk about that kind of stuff, when we could be talking about Durham’s “bombshell report” and the latest scathing rebuke of government corruption, stolen elections, and continual Deep State fleecing of the American people, right?

I mean, somebody should probably point out that having another CIA operative running for president probably isn’t in the best interest of the republic—but what the hell, it makes for great political theater, right?

On the note of waking people up, the realization is that we simply cannot wake people up to all of this. It is mathematically impossible. There are too many vectors. Things are moving too fast. The convergence of capacity and intent has already overtaken us.

This is the sobering reality we awoke to today… and yet is still a blank page.

There is still something magical and meaningful in life, something special unfolding right this very moment, something positive that we can choose to participate and engage in. Life is good and getting better — that is a personal mantra of mine — and I still believe it with everything in me, despite and in light of all the current craziness.

The story that I’m writing is one that is full of love and laughter, warm hugs, sun on my skin, gratitude and blessings, and everything that makes me feel glad to be alive. When I reflect on this inherent goodness, and then contrast it with the insanity, the addiction, the distractions, etc, something subtle refracts off the edge of my thought.

There is a connection… and there is a solution within this connection.

Just like we cannot solve the burgeoning drug crisis by giving drugs addicts free counseling and more drugs (the colloquial “interventions”), we also cannot solve the problem of political corruption by voting and supporting more slick politicians. Their addictions are equivalent, one group gets high on drugs while the other gets high on the attention and power that come from being elected. It’s all dopamine.

Both are being rewarded for their behavior at the biological level, and morality never factors into this equation. This is why the progressives claim “the ends justify the means,” because in their atheistic minds, there is no morality. Morality is malleable. Morality is subjective. Morality is meaningless except as a tool for control.

Self control. Social control. Total control.

The global elites understand this. That’s why there’s all the talk about being a “good human” and supplanting human nature with a psychologically conditioned “social consciousness.” It’s all happening at the subconscious level, and at this point the programming is being conducted every second of every day by weaponized AI—and I still believe that we desperately need to wake people up to this fact, though I no longer believe that waking people is the ultimate solution.

You know why people get so excited when they see a cage fight?

It’s not just because it’s entertaining. It’s because there is a vicarious connection to a visceral experience. When you’re fighting for your life, things are less complex. It’s kill or be killed and there’s really no time to think about it. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. For all these reasons and more, it would be awesome to see Musk and Zuck square off in the octagon… but that’s not the lesson here.

We need to make life less complex. It really is do or die. The time is nigh.

How are you going to write the next chapter? On your knees, living in subjugation to an inescapable surveillance state? Or as a hero who’s fighting to the death for the chance to live free and secure the blessings of liberty for future generations?

The choice is yours. The choice is ours.

Rage is stronger than fear. Emotion is stronger than mind. Patriotic passion is stronger than political power. We’re not going to win by waking people up. We’re going to win by making people feel what is real. We need to connect with people at the visceral level, whether that’s a smack in the face or a friendly embrace.

It’s time to take off the gloves.


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