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TR 325 - The Power of Narrative

TR 325 - The Power of Narrative

When it comes to The Story, you've got to read between the lies to see the writing on the wall.

It could happen anywhere.

That’s what I tell myself when I see something crazy happening: It could happen anywhere. Drones flying around with health spray telling people to control their soul’s urge for freedom? It could happen anywhere. Rounding up tens-of-thousands of people and locking them up in domestic terrorist camps? It could happen anywhere.

For many people, the pandemic opened their eyes to the fact the government assumes it has unlimited authority over our lives. There is nothing that the government can’t do, and won’t do, to keep people safe. There are no limits to what the government can do in the name of public health and safety. The government has no restraints when it comes to protecting democracy from the threat of dissenting perspectives.

That’s the story. That’s the narrative. That’s what they want you to believe.

Of course, none of this is true. Not only does the government not have all the authority they claim to have, the truth is, the government has none of the authority they have been using to abuse the public. Just because they claim the right, just because they act on this authoritarian impulse, doesn’t mean they have the right.

Think about criminals, for example. They may lie, cheat, and steal from you, and they might even claim they have the “right” to take your stuff (you don’t deserve it, it’s not really yours), but do they actually have the right to violate you and steal your personal property? No, of course not. The whole notion is absurd.

But that’s exactly what the government is doing—just like the criminals.

And yet people accept this government abuse, simply because they’ve been conditioned to accept the abuse as part of being a “good human” or citizen in good standing. More precisely, people accept the government’s abuse—taking your money and telling you what to do, threatening and punishing you if you do not comply—because they believe the story that such abuses are necessary.

That’s the narrative: The abuse is necessary.

But is it really? Perhaps a better question would be: Who gets to decide what is and is not necessary? Who gets to decide what the government can and cannot do?

In a free society, in theory, the citizens agree in advance what the rules of government should be. These rules need to be vetted, debated, and codified in formal documentation, such as in a Constitution. The Constitution, which outlines the various rules and authorities the citizens agree to delegate to the state, then becomes the means by which government is constrained.

If the government then violates the Constitution, that is an abuse of power. Citizens could then rightly reject any authoritarian edict that the government tries to decree.

In a perfect word, it’s just that simple. The people say no and the government is held in check. The politicians who comprise the government, those who are breaking the rules and violating the constitution, are then removed from office. Perhaps they get shamed in the public square, and under no circumstance should they ever be allowed back into the halls of power. Having revealed their true nature, having acted on the evil impulse to control the public by force, they are now known as the tyrants they are.

But unfortunately, that’s not the story that gets told and sold to the public.

The power of narrative allows these tyrants to continue their pursuit of power unchecked and unencumbered by the pesky will of the peasants. The people, the public, the good citizens of the world are then held captive by the illusion that the tyrants are trying to protect them, that the tyrants are trying to help, that the tyrants have all the answers, and that the only solution is naturally more tyranny.

Put differently, the public becomes conditioned to accept the lie that the government is trying to protect them, that the government is trying to help, that the government has all the answers, and that the only solution to all our problems is naturally more and more government. As ridiculous as is seems, this is exactly what the majority of the public believes—not just in America, but all around the world.

Governments running amok, tyrants parading as public servants, and gross abuses of the public are not isolated incidences. Historically speaking, this has pretty much been a global pastime since the dawn of time. With rare exception has the evil impulse been constrained, have constitutions been upheld, and have authoritarian governments been held in check. To maintain such a balance of power between the citizens and the state requires a great deal of vigilance and effort from the peasants.

And let’s face it, most people are too busy and too distracted to care. Most people are too caught up in their own stories to care about what the government is up to. That’s the thing about ego—that shadow of oneself that’s constantly spinning up our own self-rationalizing stories—that I was digging at yesterday. Most of the time our minds are running a mindless script, and much of that script was written by the government.

“It’s almost April, better prepare my taxes—because the government said so.

“Oh yeah, today I have to change my clock—because the government said so.

“Darn, I guess I can’t buy that gun—because the government said so.”

“I guess we have to cancel the family gathering—because the government said so.

“It’s time we all get our boosters—because the government said so.”

“We’re not allow to use those words—because the government said so.

“That story isn’t true—because the government said so.

I’m sure you get the point.

Zoom out.

This week I’ve been combing through a couple new books, seeking to better understand the overarching narrative being driven by the global cabal. If you think the last three years were just a wild anomaly, “because the government said so,” you’d be missing the bigger picture. Not only have the globalists assumed the authority to control virtually every aspect of our lives, they believe they have a moral imperative to do so. Now they are deploying The Great Narrative to convince the sheep of their good intentions, while fleecing the public with their lies.

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, published The Great Narrative in 2022, portending to establish a blueprint for a better future. Of course, his idea of a “better future” means you will eat bugs, own nothing, and be happy, but that’s really not the point of The Story. According to his telling, “A new world (not a ‘new normal’) is now emerging, the contours of which will largely be defined by the narratives that evolve to inform and construct the way forward.”

It should come as no surprise that Schwab is crafting his narrative around an emerging New World Order—this New World Order is precisely what they have been working towards for decades. This is not conspiracy, this is fact, and though the NWO still gets treated like taboo in some circles, they have spoken openly about it for years.

This quote from TR 287 - The Rise of Global Democracy spells it out clearly:

While many people are still very wary of a New World Order, as they should be, last week the Davos crowd said the quiet part out loud:

“Here at WEF…there’s a lot of discussion about what the new world order will be…how do we work towards that new normative international order that allows us to address our differences and disputes as the civilized world?”

Liberal outlets are desperately trying to spin any negative talk of the New World Order as an unhinged conspiracy theory—while simultaneously admitting that the NWO does in fact exist, and that it’s ultimately necessary to advance global democracy. The mental gymnastics are impressive.

Setting aside the fact that so many people still refuse to face this impending threat to humanity, anyone with their eyes wide open can see that the global consolidation of power and control—consolidated into the hands of sociopathic tyrants—is destined to usher us into hell on earth. The end result is the great inescapable socialist surveillance state that I’ve talked so much about. What I want to make clear today, is that it is The Great Narrative that is going to get us there.

People will be fed the narrative and they will believe the story. This is predictable, and we would be wise to accept that a great many people will succumb to their seductive lies. BUT, that does not mean that all hope is lost or we are helpless to resist. Instead of tossing in the towel, we must read their words, dissect their lies, and communicate the truth to anyone who will listen. In short, we need to tell our own story, and we need to make sure that we tell it so well that it inspires courage and the will to resist.

In The Great Narrative, Schwab talks a lot about how global pandemics, as shocking as they can be, “can also prove to be a force for lasting and often radical change.” He muses on about how pandemics are a shock to the global system that “divides and traumatizes” the public (which softens up the public psyche), forcing us to “rethink the social contract,” and paving the way for “institutional, policy, and societal ruptures”—and make no mistake, these changes are already under way.

According to the Great Narrative, “Momentous shocks can create momentous change.” This, for those unfamiliar, is the thrust of the Adaptation Agenda. Through repeated, iterative disruptions, the global cabal is “building resilience” amongst the populace. Put bluntly, by keeping people in a perpetual cycle of panic, they maintain heightened suggestibility and hijack the emotional mind to brainwash the masses.

When the world gets turned upside-down, we need to make sense of it. Those who are orchestrating the Great Reset understand this very, very well.

According to The Great Narrative:

“The rich scholarly literature about narratives makes it clear that we think, act, and communicate in terms of narratives, and each interpretation, understanding, or model of how the world operates begins with a story.

Narratives provide the context in which the facts we observe can be interpreted, understood, and acted upon. They end up being the truths, or the ideas we accept as truths, that underpin the perceptions that shape our “realities” and in the process form our cultures and societies.

To sum up: narratives shape our perceptions, which in turn form our realities and end up influencing our choices and actions. They are how we find meaning in life.”

Thus, as the global cabal so clearly understands, those who control the narrative control our perceptions and form the realities that influence our choices and actions. To me, that is the equivalent of saying those who control the narrative are capable of enslaving the masses in their own minds, directing their perceptions and behavior at will. Keep in mind, not only are the global elites exploiting this fact, they are actively selling this narrative as the ultimate solution to all the world’s problems.

They’re going to tell us all a story with the hope that the human spirit simply falls asleep and people passively accept their tyrannical control. The good news is, we still get to determine how this story plays out, which is why I like to say:

Resist we must!


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