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TR 319 - The End Game is Engineered Hysteria

TR 319 - The End Game is Engineered Hysteria

Is it possible to stay above the fray when the herd is in a frenzy?

It’s not easy.

It’s not easy to stay calm when all hell is breaking loose all around you. It’s not easy to stay positive when there’s so much negative in the news. It’s not easy to stay balanced when the fate of humanity is hanging in the balance. It’s not easy to discern the truth amidst all the lies. It’s not easy to chart a course on dark and stormy seas.

It’s not easy to square off with the facts at hand. It’s disturbing. Nevertheless, we must play the hand we’ve been dealt and deal with the reality that besets us. There is no value in ignoring the very real problems that we are facing. Neither is there any benefit in fretting over things that we simply cannot control. It is within the tension of this dichotomy that I aim to expound today.

Let’s stay above the fray.

It’s not easy, but it’s necessary if we want to maintain an accurate perspective on what’s really going on. There are too many things in motion to track them all, and those are only the things that we know about. But there are themes. There are trajectories. There are ways of mapping out the momentum and making sense of the seemingly endless chaos, so let’s just get right to it.

Zoom out.

In the last few weeks there has been an absolute avalanche of information that has been dumped upon the public. Way too much for most people to process—especially the low-information voters who shore up the base of both establishment parties.

The political establishment is banking on exactly that fact—knowing full well that as this overwhelming mountain of incriminating evidence comes to light, they need not worry about accountability or ramifications for their lawless behavior. Within a matter of days, the 24-hr news cycle will have buried the facts in political spin, and both parties will have their talking points for the 2024 campaign season.

It’s despicable, isn’t it? Yet this has been happening for decades, has it not? So what reason do we have to believe that this time it’s going to be any different?

Think about Benghazi. Think about Bleachbit. Think about the Fast and the Furious. Think about the many, many, many, MANY episodes of “caught in the act” political corruption. Think about all the hearings. Now think about the (lack of) results.

I believe the political status quo is meant to pacify the public, and there is a cycle to it. If I were to try and line it out logically, the process might look something like this:

  1. People get excited to support a candidate who promises change.

  2. Candidate gets elected and no change happens.

  3. Establishment instructs candidate to explain why no change happened.

  4. People are told the political class is working on the problem.

  5. The political class runs amok, breaking laws, and squandering public money.

  6. Some people notice and sound the alarm.

  7. Whistle blowers present incriminating evidence against the establishment.

  8. The establishment issues subpoenas, conducts hearings, and writes reports.

  9. The public is unimpressed but satiated until the next election cycle.

  10. People get excited about “hope and change” and the process starts all over.

Within this business-as-usual process, well-meaning politicians are sucked into the beltway current, razzle-dazzled by the big city lights, the proximity to power, and the wine-and-dine charm of the cunning shyster lobbyists. These elected representatives may be loosely aware of the fact there is blatant corruption, but they still believe in the institution, they trust in the process, and they hold out for justice to prevail.

Then, as justice continuously fails to uphold the rule of law, with repeated violations completely and conspicuously ignored, the politician begins to see the truth of the two-party system. It’s not Left versus Right, Dems versus Republicans. It’s the two-party system of Them versus Us, of the enlightened leaders of the political class versus the common citizens who remain woefully ignorant to how the game is played.

The peasants don’t have any power. The peasants don’t have any political sway. These peasants aren’t going to be the one’s who pick the winners and losers on the political stage. That’s the role of the media, of the business moguls, of the entrenched two-party establishment and the bosses who control the purse strings. Thus, the allegiance of the politician is gradually won over to the establishment, and these elected representatives become subservient to the hand that feeds them.

Everything else is just Kabuki Theater.

Keep that in mind.

All of this ties together with some of the major themes that have been coming out in the mainstream media this week, such as:

  • The whole covid sham was little more than engineered hysteria, wherein government officials secretly schemed to “frighten the pants off people” with the release of each new variant in order to maximize compliance with mandates.

  • Recent reports in the prestigious Lancet medical journal have shown that natural immunity is more effective and robust than any number of experimental mRNA injections—a fact dismissed as conspiracy for the last three years.

  • Similarly, another recent “gold-standard” scientific study has (once again) proven conclusively that surgical masks—even the coveted KN95—are utterly useless when it comes to stopping the spread of viral disease.

To those in the know, this is nothing new. These facts have been out there for years, and people like yours truly have been trying to share these facts far and wide, to help people realize they didn’t have to be scared, that what was happening wasn’t what it appeared to be, that the government was orchestrating the whole damn thing—only to be shutdown, deplatformed, and blacklisted by state censorship.

If this is all new to you, if you are only now beginning to understand the depths of the depravity of this whole shamdemic, I recommend watching the Shifting Perspective three-part video series (~15min), released over a year ago, which unravels the entire narrative step-by-step:

Like I was saying, all of this information has been known for years (decades actually), so why is this information making it’s way into the headlines now?

I believe it’s to inoculate the willfully ignorant liberals against these truths. With that information being circulated through conservative circles, the liberal media can simply do their “fact-checking” and put their spin on the story in order to keep their sheep pacified and doped up on lies and illusions. To the point, when searching for articles that cited the facts presented above I got this slew of headlines:

These were top-of-page in my search results, along with a plethora of liberal opinion pieces attempting to ridicule anyone who dares question the sanctity of The Science. The point is, anyone who has been conditioned to believe that masks keep them safe does not have to confront the reality that their masks are worthless. They just have to check the fact-checkers and make sure they’re reading “trusted” news sources.

That is a HUGE issue.

Why? Because it’s not just the science surrounding covid that is being buried by the algorithms. The very same thing is happening with every other facet of information that threatens the political establishment or the status quo. As has been revealed in congressional testimony over the last few weeks, there is hard evidence that this state sanctioned censorship has been affecting the outcome of our own elections for years.

And, just to refresh, in TR 232 - The Great Manipulation, I exposed the fact that the WHO’s fight against the international “Infodemic”—wherein they intend to immunize the whole of humanity against misinformation—was ultimately rooted in manipulating public perception in order to direct the outcome of elections:

What’s critical to realize is that the “new science of infodemics” launched by the WHO actually originated in political censorship. This graphic shows that MAFINDO has been specifically interfering in the outcome of elections by mobilizing “social agents of change” against hoaxes and hate speech.

According to the USAID backed CounteringDisinformation.Org, MAFINDO is a grassroots “civil society organization” that started back in 2015.

Also according to this state-funded “countering disinformation” initiative, there have been 282 worldwide “interventions” similar to the one in Indonesia. Digging deeper, I also find it fascinating that this Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening (CEPPS), which is funded with taxpayer money, works in cahoots with the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute, and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems—all of which have direct ties to political upheavals all around the globe.

Surely that’s just a coincidence.

Let that sink in.

State sponsored censorship has been directing the outcome of elections all around the globe since at least 2015. Not surprisingly, the National Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute have their fingerprints all over it—and it’s been pulled off under the guise of shoring up the International Foundation for Electoral Systems. Is there any doubt that all this election meddling is central to the globalists schemes?

Proper global governance requires adequate governing of global elections.

In order to govern the outcome of elections, they have to govern the flow of information. That’s how they control public perception, which controls what people think and how they believe, which ultimately directs how they will vote. With that in mind, let’s pull in some more juicy headlines from this week’s news cycle:

Scanning those headlines, what do you see? All the articles are worth a read, though some of them are hard to stomach—but there’s a theme that I want to tease out.

Anyone who has been paying attention has known for three years that J6 was not a violent insurrection. We’ve seen the ample footage. We’ve read the counter-narrative perspective that this was staged by Nacy Pelosi and agitated by FBI infiltrators like Ray Epps, and decided for ourselves who was and wasn’t telling the truth.

So, this week, as more and more footage comes out and people see the QAnon Shaman waltzing around with multiple security guards who are opening doors for him as he tours the halls of congress, etc.—what are we to make of this “revelation” of information that we already knew? Are we to believe this is going to change anything? Is there any hope that this is going to somehow lead to accountability?

Friends, do not be deceived.

The theme from the headlines above reveals exactly what’s going to happen. The party bosses will double down on the narrative, rogue commentators will be brought to heel, and the J6 political prisoners are going to continue to rot in jail for protesting against the certification of a rigged and stolen election. Meanwhile, the public will continue to get spoon-fed whatever propaganda is needed to prod them into their political holding pens for the next election. Nothing will change.

That is my prediction. Nothing will change.

How can we expect those who are overseeing and benefiting from these shenanigans to hold themselves accountable? How can a handful of firebrand patriotic politicians overcome the power of the political establishment? Did you miss the fact that both the most powerful REPUBLICAN leader, and the most powerful REPUBLICAN media mogul are working together to stuff this story?

GOP Senators are lining up to get a pet on the head for decrying the actual, factual, irrefutable footage of peaceful MAGA protesters, while upholding the disgusting lie that J6 was a violent insurrection and screeching about threats to democracy.

Meanwhile, liberal rags like The Atlantic keep pumping out hit pieces that claim Trump supporters are dangerous and evil, that the MAGA crowd checks the boxes on “All Four Threats” to Democracy, and that Donald J. Trump and Trumpism is the most serious threat to America today—and people actually believe it.


Someday, the public will be told, these radical racist right-wing extremists are going to spring out of the bushes in an effort to overturn certified elections and violate the hallowed halls of America’s greatest institution in a violent insurrection aimed at destroying Democracy once and for all—and people will believe.

They’ll believe all the hysteria—and approve of whatever happens next.

Patriots please take note: That’s the end game.

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