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TR 317 - Getting Back to Basics

TR 317 - Getting Back to Basics

Reducing the complexities of current chaos to the simplest practical terms.

Are you ready?

Are you ready for the power to go out? Are you ready for the shelves to be bare? Are you ready to defend yourself and whatever precious supplies you have stocked up? Are you ready for the fuel to run dry? Are you ready for the banks to tell you you can’t get your money? Are you ready for all hell to break loose?

Are you ready for the long haul?

To be fair, none of these bad things may happen. Maybe there won’t be an attack on the power grid or a nuclear war. Maybe the food shortages aren’t really going to be real—even though they said they would, and the bare spots on the shelves are real enough. Maybe the banks really do have enough money, as in cash, to give everyone their money back, and maybe they aren’t transitioning to digital currency.

Maybe the world isn’t as mixed up and crazy as it seems.

Maybe things are getting back to normal. Maybe this next election cycle will work out the kinks and we’ll get some good leaders who are willing to make the hard decisions necessary to get our country back on track. Maybe our country will have a kumbaya moment and the masses will learn to love one another as fellow Americans. Maybe the whole world will fall in love with democracy, public-private partnerships will be able to save the planet, and global governance will keep everyone safe. Maybe.

But I’m not buying it.

As you probably already know, the globalists are working to build a New World Order—that’s their words, not mine—and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. As we’ve discussed at length on this show, this is all being driven by the infectious mental disease of collective ideology (what Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calls the “woke mind virus”), in a step-by-step cultural revolution as outlined in the Communist Manifesto. Make no mistake, this is a communist revolution.

Of course, it’s still not cool to say that. Many people want to scoff and laugh it off. Those who do are not going to be prepared for what’s coming. We are living through predictable patterns of disaster. History has seen it all before, and if we are paying attention, we can clearly see where things are headed. We’re headed for disaster and it’s happening fast—because the overlords are fanning the flames.

Think about Antifa battling it out with the cops down in Georgia. Obviously this is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, that these black-clad punks have unleashed their wrath against law enforcement. But where do they get their explosives? How are they organizing their attacks? Don’t we have federal agencies that are on high alert for this sort of domestic terrorism? And yet it keeps happening.

Where is the equivalent level of violence and destruction on the right?

It doesn’t seem to exist. And yet we are told repeatedly that “violent right-wing extremists” are the greatest threat to “our democracy”—all words that make me want to gag by the way. Meanwhile, we have secretive DHS domestic intelligence programs, like the recently revealed “Overt Human Intelligence Collection Program,” which has been conducting shady operations for years, despite “widespread internal concerns about legally questionable tactics and political pressure.” Get this:

“One unnamed employee — quoted in an April 2021 document — said leadership of I&A’s Office of Regional Intelligence “is ‘shady’ and ‘runs like a corrupt government.’” Another document said some employees worried so much about the legality of their activities that they wanted their employer to cover legal liability insurance.” - POLITICO

If it looks like a corrupt government, and it runs like a corrupt government, then golly, maybe just maybe it actually IS a corrupt government—what do you think? That’s probably why the House Judiciary Committee is holding hearings on the weaponization of the federal government, right? You can watch the hearings here:

Maybe you watch it, maybe you don’t, but let me ask you:

What do you think is actually going to happen? Will there be any accountability? Will there be any arrests? Will any federal bureaucrats spend any time in prison? Will any politicians lose their positions or pensions? Is the problem just going to go away?

No, of course not. So let’s get back to basics.

Zoom out.

As human beings, we are all fallible, illogical, irrational creatures. We are all subject to making mistakes, often repeatedly, to screwing things up, to having off days, etc. We are also notoriously corruptable, as in, when someone starts waving money around, the vast majority of people are fairly easily bought off. All that said, I still believe that as human beings we are inherently good natured—as in, most people simply want to go along and get along, at least for the most part.

BUT, it’s not most people that we need to be concerned about.

We need to be concerned about jack-asses like Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who is pushing state legislation to crackdown on dissidents by censoring “disinformation” and taking “preemptive measures” to snuff out “the general spread of extreme white supremacism and anti-government ideologies.

Ferguson, who along with his cronies is in lockstep with the radical Left, is now promoting state censorship as a “preventative and public health approach” to eliminate counter narrative information for the public square. He uses a 31-page study to justify this authoritarian violation of free speech, which, unsurprisingly, was drafted by a bunch of radical progressives. But so what, right?

I mean, these radical Leftists want you to sit down and shut up while they destroy the country, but so what right? Since they know you probably won’t sit down and shut up, they are making it illegal to challenge their narrative—that way they can arrest you if you dare to question the authority of the state—but so what, right?

“Free speech isn’t absolute,” they say. Free speech leads to “hate speech,” which then leads to violence, which is a threat to democracy. You see how that works?

Free speech is a threat to democracy.

Disinformation is a threat to democracy.”"

As you can see, thinking differently is a threat to democracy.

Hence the need for state funded censorship.

To get a proper taste for just how backward things have become, get this:

America is a threat to democracy.

Friends, those are all headlines from American news outlets, and that notion that America is a threat to global democracy is being trumpeted by taxpayer subsidized National Public Radio—who, as you may recall from TR 314 - Elections, Gun Control, & Communism, was recently citing the Communist Manifesto as a “refuge, inspiration, and argument” that was “music for the dreams of the oppressed.”

Just in case you have any doubt about the veracity of such claims, read up:

With those headlines fresh in your mind, don’t forget that the “battle for democracy” is the first step of a Communist Revolution:

“The first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the proletariat to the position of the ruling class; to win the battle of democracy.” —Karl Marx

That’s what’s happening.

The people in power, those who are steering this “fundamental transformation” of America, those who are pushing us through this “incredible transition,” are not at all interested in preserving American culture, upholding the American constitution, or respecting the rights of the American people. They do not care about our laws, except to weaponize the law against law abiding citizens.

In simplest terms, all they care about is control over our lives.

Practically speaking, to achieve their fundamental transformation of America, they have to destroy life as we know it, and this demolition is well underway. This destruction of America, which will include the destruction of our currency, the reduction of our quality of life, and the restructuring of our institutions, aims to remake America in the image of the Chinese Communist Party—which the globalists have openly declared to be the role model for the world.

Those who are leading us down this destructive path believe that they have a moral imperative to do so. They have a moral imperative to save the planet. They have a moral imperative to keep people safe. They have a moral imperative to censor free speech. They have a moral imperative to transform society.

They have a moral imperative to destroy the country we love.

We have a moral imperative to defend it.

It really is just that simple.


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