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TR 130 - Will they try to disarm Americans before the midterm elections?

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TR 130 - Will they try to disarm Americans before the midterm elections?

Prime time hearings on the Jan. 6th insurrection will foreshadow lessons learned ahead of midterm elections.
Acting US Capitol Police Chief Says Department 'Failed' During Jan. 6 Riot - NBC Los Angeles

We are less than six months out from the November 8th midterm elections. Primary races are already underway, as candidates across the country are jockeying for public support and financial backing. Meanwhile, as Americans are being herded into holding pens for the two-party establishment, the media is eagerly gearing up for the greatest show on earth.

This year's midterm elections will not just define the future of our country, but they will likely redefine the very definition of Democracy itself. This is a necessary step in the fundamental transformation of our country, which is itself a prerequisite in the pedagogical implementation of the Great Reset.

Put simply, political theater is all part of the much larger plan.

Currently, the media is setting the stage for the upcoming show trials regarding the infamous January 6th insurrection—about which few people seem to care, given the context of astronomical inflation, bare shelves, endless mass shootings, and looming threat of nuclear war. But they intend to make Americans care, because the capital siege is a critical part of the story.

Why? Because the story imparts important political lessons, lessons about things that should never happen again. Never again should Americans question the declared outcome of national elections. Never again should they approach the political elite and demand accountability and answers. Never again shall the peasants challenge their masters.

To do so would be entirely undemocratic.

So, to stir up the controversy and lock in the trauma, the political class is pulling out the big guns, bringing in a seasoned, professional propagandist to orchestrate the Jan. 6 committee's prime time hearings for maximum effect. James Goldston, former president of ABC news, has been dubbed a "master documentary storyteller," and his mission is clear:

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