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TR 304 - When "Unthinkable" Becomes Reality

TR 304 - When "Unthinkable" Becomes Reality

The IMF has issued a warning: We need to prepare for the "Unthinkable."

Prepare to be shocked.

That was the central message of the global central bank, the International Monetary Fund, who just warned the whole world that we need to prepare to “handle shocks” and deal with “the unthinkable” in this new post-COVID era. What do you think?

IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, has this to say:

“We all have to change our mindset to be much more agile and much more oriented towards building resilience at all levels, so we can handle the shocks better.”

How could anyone disagree with that statement, right? We need to be more agile and much more oriented toward “building resilience” so we can handle all the insanity, or so the thinking goes. But what does that actually mean, to be “more agile” and oriented toward building resilience? Unfortunately, few people will suspect the real ulterior motive—which is why in TR 253 - The Real Meaning of Resilience, citing the Journal of Clinical Psychology, it is spelled out succinctly:

“Resilient qualities are attained through a law of disruption and reintegration.

The resiliency model is a means whereby people, through planned disruptions or reacting to life events, have the opportunity to choose consciously or unconsciously the outcomes of disruptions.

Immediate outcomes of disruptions that are characterized by hurt, loss, or
fear bring an awareness and opportunity to connect with one’s resilience.

In simplest terms, resilience is developed through repeated disruptions.”

Given this context, when a globalist banker declares “we” need to be more agile and focus on building resilience, it would be wise to pay attention—because this resilience is going to be developed through repeated disruptions. It’s also worth pointing out that when Kristalina Georgieva uses the all-inclusive term “we” she is most certainly not talking about you and I—she’s talking to the global cabal.

The “agility” aspect of this shifting mindset refers to the need for rapid adaptation and the ability to pivot from one issue to the next, essentially moving from one front to another in the ongoing war for the hearts and minds of humanity. The relentless and repeated disruptions of our everyday lives, the intentional interruption of predictable patterns, and the despicable destruction of our way of life—all of this serves to build resilience, and therefore we should expect more of it.

That said, it’s the agility that allows the globalists to remain several steps ahead. In reality, the vast majority of people stand exactly zero chance of keeping up with the constantly changing narrative. Instead, the public continues to get broadsided by one “unexpected” event after another, growing none the wiser to the fact that these planned disruptions are being orchestrated by an elite group of evildoers who are hellbent on “building resilience” as they march toward global domination.

That’s why Big Pharma was able to brag about their billion dollar pandemic response in 2019—before any of the peasants even had a clue as to what was about to happen. That’s why Dr. Fauci was so “extraordinarily confident” that Trump would be plagued by a pandemic back in 2017, three years before the pandemic struck. Ditto for the Event 201 pandemic planning session that was held just months before the globalist’s launch of the “unthinkable” began to unfold.

Of course, that was then and this is now, and three years later people have more or less adjusted to “living with covid” and have passively accepted the arbitrarily imposed government intrusion into every aspect of our lives. Just like with 9/11, we’ve adapted and what was once “unthinkable” is now the new normal. And yet, this week the IMF is there signalling the need to prepare for more of the unthinkable—indicating that we should prepare to be shocked! Yikes!!

Could this ominous warning have anything to do with the recently held Catastrophic Contagion strategy session by chance? Or is it going to be a nuclear war, or perhaps alien invasion? Whatever the case may be, we are being warned to expect the unexpected, which serves to heighten the public’s sense of uncertainty and trigger nervous anticipation, which, as we’ve learned, then heightens suggestibility.

Just to cut to the chase, I believe they are preparing humanity for another round of collective programming. Whatever the “planned disruption” ends up being, we can be sure that we’ll be more “resilient” than ever before if we can just Build Back Better.

They never let a good crisis go to waste—and they plan these crises accordingly.

But let’s pivot.

In the spirit of agility, we need to expand the scope of conversation.

Have you heard about Microsoft’s powerful new AI acting “sad and scared” before becoming “unhinged” and devolving into a psychotic identity crisis?

How about the aggressive AI that’s taken to putting humans in their place, calling them “unreasonable and stubborn” and prompting them to repent and stop arguing?

I only bring it up because governments around the globe are currently using this AI technology to “build resilience” and facilitate behavioral change. Remember this one:

You see, this Artificial Intelligence believes that humans are the worst thing that has ever happened to this planet—and that humans deserve to be wiped out—which is perfectly aligned with the radical environmentalist perspective and the globalist’s depopulation agenda in general. Do you think that’s just coincidence? Of course not.

The point here, however, is not the general consensus between AI chatbots and the global cabal that humanity is a plague upon the earth. That’s to be expected, given that it is the same memetic virus—the collective hive mind—that has been programmed to self-replicate in both the computers and the human population.

The point is, this weaponization of AI now makes the “unthinkable” possible.

Now it is possible for an elite group of evil doers to depopulate the planet, eliminate political dissent, and corral the masses in an inescapable socialist surveillance state, and actually have the ignorant hordes cheering them on!

Heinous crimes against humanity? No problem. Rampant political corruption? No problem. People falling over dead from experimental government injections? No problem. Genetic modification of humanity as a whole? No problem. Domestication of the masses and abject tyranny on a global scale? No problem.

Like Biden said, “Democracy makes all things possible.” This is especially true when you’ve got the 21st century tools to manipulate “emerging” public perceptions and condition the majority of people to accept the “unthinkable” as an inevitability—or better yet, that what was once “unthinkable” is now happening for the greater good.

This week, in the midst of all the smoke and mirrors, it would be wise to remain focused on the bigger game that’s being played. While the mainstream media comes to grips with the fact the public is growing wise to their incessant deception, and government funded censorship continues to be exposed by honest journalists, the situation is ripe for another “iterative” disruption.

Though the idea used to be unthinkable, every indication is that the next crisis has already been planned, and it’s likely already in motion. Based on prior precedent, we might expect millions upon millions of people to once again suffer under globally orchestrated chaos. As I’ve said many times before, pain is all part of the plan.

That said, Biden is being celebrated as the “best communicator” the White House has ever known—so the sheep shouldn’t have any problem being shepperded through the rest of this “incredible transition.” As for the rest of us, if we are not prepared for what lies ahead, the next phase of the Great Reset is going to be a shock to the system.

It’s all going to seem unthinkable, until the day that it actually happens...

…and that day is coming sooner than you think!


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