Aug 25, 2022 • 19M

Ep 184 - Is the Next Pandemic Here?

Fall time means schools and cooler weather... and you know what that means.

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It’s nice to be right.

Sifting through the news searching for signals instead of noise, there are many stories I simply don’t have time for. I keep tabs on them, tracking the theme to see if these tidbits of information bloom into something worth talking about—and today provides an opportunity to do just that.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Dr. Anthony Fauci has decided to retire this December, just before the swearing in of the new congress. Critics point to the timing as an effort to “get out of Dodge” in case Republicans take control and begin to investigate his numerous lies, hold him accountable for his heinous wrongdoings, and join the effort to prosecute him for crimes against humanity.

Honestly, I suspect none of this will get very far. Fauci will most likely skip off into the sunset and enjoy the largest retirement package in American history. He will likely remain a celebrity in liberal circles, make mad cash for short speeches, and continue to steer the medical industrial complex from behind the scenes.

After all, he is a Democrat.

So, unfortunately, I don’t think we’re done with Dr. Fauci just yet. His words and the precedent of his policies will continue to haunt the American people for years to come. On that note, let’s not forget Fauci has been predicting a massive fall surge since this spring, and his “predictions” have an eerie way of coming true.

What do I mean? Here’s a quick refresher:

  • In Ep. 127 - Predictable Patterns of Disaster, we learned that Dr. Fauci was “extraordinarily confident” that Trump would face a pandemic “in the next few years.” This prediction was made in January 2017 and the pandemic hit in January 2020. This is quite a shocking coincidence.

  • In Ep. 85 - Is The Joke On Us?, we learned that Dr. Fauci was intent on reshaping public perception in a “disruptive and iterative way” — and how he and the global cabal used Event 201 to predict/plan/kickoff the COVID-19 pandemic. Have the successive waves of variants been successful? Time will tell.

  • In Ep. 143 - Preparing for More Crimes Against Humanity, we learned that Dr. Fauci was demanding more money from the Biden administration to plan for the “next pandemic” that was scheduled to hit this fall. (Friendly reminder: Patriot Club members can watch the uncut episode and get behind-the-scenes commentary by clicking here!)

I’ve talked and written at length about how this is all part of the Great Reset, but what I want to emphasize here is that when Dr. Fauci predicts the “next pandemic” will hit this fall, the wise will realize this is precisely the plan.

Why else would they have lifted travel restrictions, mask mandates, and social distancing measures in the midst of soaring cases, hospitalizations, and deaths?

It’s so devious, it seems almost demonic. In reality, over this summer, while too few were paying attention, Fauci and his cohorts have been fostering an environment that was guaranteed to create a fall-time surge. Add to that the obvious factors such as cooler weather and kids going back to school, and voila, you have the next pandemic—which, as noted, will hit just in time for midterms.

So what?

That seems to be a prevailing attitude in many circles—present company excluded.

The majority of people are so desperate to gain a sense of normalcy, they’ve tuned out and fully rationalized the tyranny that has taken place and is about to pounce once again. The government has already proven to itself and the public that it can trample your basic human rights with utter impunity, and they intend to do it again.

That’s where you and I come in. We have to talk about what’s happened. We have to push the conversation. We have to make the minions uncomfortable, calling out the unnatural insanity of it all. What the hell is wrong with people?

We’re allowing them to pretend like it’s normal.

Flip the script. People who are still wearing masks are science deniers. The science has shown, repeatedly and conclusively, that masks do not stop the spread of disease. Masks have measurably harmful effects. Call them names. Call the maskholes what they really are: Science deniers.

It may seem like I’m out on a limb here, but follow my line of thinking:

  1. Dr. Fauci has predicted the next pandemic will hit this fall.

  2. As summer winds down and schools start up, covid will strike again.

  3. The useful idiots will demand the government keep them safe.


Do you doubt me? Earlier this week, in an article titled If Fall brings COVID surge, when should schools mandate masks, require testing?, the president of the Massachusetts Nurses Association had this to say:

“We all want our society and our schools open. We all want this pandemic to be over, but wishing it won’t make it so, and pretending that we’re doing all that needs to be done for the fall and winter seasons and what they may portend isn’t acceptable on any level.”

Wishing it won’t make it so. The vast majority of Massachusetts is fully vaccinated, yet simply pretending they are doing all that can be done “isn’t acceptable on any level.” Letting kids smile, run around and breathe freely while they play is clearly unacceptable. The moral imperative is to do more—to mask the kids, test them daily, and make sure they don’t get too close to their friends, because that isn’t safe.

I’m sure you can see the psychosis here. Social conditioning since the start of the shamdemic has been sufficient to disconnect much of the public from rational thought. Did any of this work last time? No. Did it cause irreparable harm to an entire generation of children? Yes. Are they going to try it again? Yes.

The crazies can’t let go of their delusions. They are blind to reality and incapable of grasping logical conclusions—and in many places these people are the majority.

It’s still raw.

As I read and write about covid again, I can feel my blood pressure rising. When I think about the way this has hurt so many children and families, my blood begins to boil. Realizing we are getting ready to go through this all again is a wildly disturbing thought. It’s “disruptive and iterative” just as Fauci predicted.

It’s going to affect the kids.

It’s going to affect the economy.

It’s going to affect the elections.

It’s going to affect us all…

…and that’s the point.

The Great Reset is upon us.

They planned the chaos long in advance. They have every advantage. They are “extraordinarily confident” they’ll get their way. They believe that we’re little more than soulless hackable animals and will continue to treat us accordingly.

But will they win? Only if we let them. Only if we accept their tyranny. Only if we remain silent. Only if we lose the will to resist. Only if we forget what it means to be human, to live free or die, to fight for our own way of life.

Friends, we know not what challenges lie ahead. What we do know is that people are slowly waking up and this “next pandemic” will provide a great opportunity to gain allies in the fight for freedom… and it all starts with a conversation!

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