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TR 230 - On What Matters Most

TR 230 - On What Matters Most

The spooky implications of global censorship.

Choices abound.

Deciding where to allot our precious time and energy can lead to difficult choices. From practical daily decisions about how to get stuff done, to broader considerations regarding what’s happening in the world at large, there is only so much we can take into consideration. So, what matters most?

Do we talk about the strange circumstances surrounding the attack on Paul Pelosi? Do we talk about the socialist shenanigans in the Brazilian elections? Do we talk about the “terrorist act” and drone attacks on the Russian fleet? Do we talk about the odd collapsing of a pedestrian bridge in India? Do we talk about Twitter?

How about we talk about the Big Red Wave? Maybe we should talk about Republican strategists expecting that Trump will be indicted, just shortly after the election?

Or maybe we don’t talk about any of it. Maybe none of it matters.

Maybe there are more important things.

I saw a rainbow this morning. Not the one flying at the library or proudly displayed in liberal yards all across America. This was an actual rainbow, created by nature, in a spectacular display of what is really real right now: The seasons are changing.

Happy Halloween!

Today is the 31st day of October, and it appears that all of the talk about an October surprise was just misplaced enthusiasm. As we slog toward the midterms, Republicans like Tiffany Smiley seem poised to upset entrenched Democrat candidates. With nearly 80% of Americans feeling like our country is “out of control,” it appears that Independents—those mysterious millions who tend to reject party platforms—are flocking to the Republican ticket.

That’s where it gets interesting to me. Are these independent minded voters actively being persuaded by Republican principles? Or are they just choosing the lesser of two evils? Are they openly rejecting all the liberal lunacy that has been plaguing our nation? Or are they simply voting for some semblance of sanity in the midst of chaos? I guess the underlying question is: Do these people know what we’re up against?

Do they understand that the entrenched political establishment is actively implementing the global socialist agenda? Do they understand what that means? Do they understand the implications of having an AI-driven global surveillance network that censors dissenting perspectives, manipulates public perception, and determines the outcome of elections? Is this level of global tyranny even on their radar?

It’s spooky.

What do the US sock-puppet-president Joe Biden, the fresh UK prime minister Rishi Sunak, the “Evil Russian Tyrant” Vladimir Putin, and China’s Communist party chief Xi Jinping, all have in common?

They all applaud the “stunning political comeback” of socialist Lula da Silva, even as half of Brazilian citizens express valid concerns over election integrity issues.

I guess their unanimous consensus on electing a socialist to power being a good thing could be seen as progress—at least they agree on something—but it strikes me about as odd as two men wrestling over a hammer in their underwear. It’s just strange.

But whatever, I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. Lula has set so many new records in this election, he is on par with the most popular president ever elected—the beloved firebrand Joe Biden, who is now the leader of all 54 states in the USA:

Does having a senile old man pretending to be president concern you?

How about the Chinese connections to the current administration?

Or how about this doozy: China wins Brazilian presidential election!

It’s an interesting pattern, isn’t it? But not many are talking about it.

Zoom out.

There are big patterns at play. While virtually no one is watching, the United Nations has been conducting a high-level forum on “Countering terrorist exploitation of information and communications technologies (ICT) and emerging technologies”.

Operating on the premise that the free exchange of ideas is a threat to the New World Order, this gathering of global progressives have cobbled together a plan that includes:

  • “initiatives to facilitate effective and rapid removal of terrorist content online”

  • “threat mapping tools and definitional frameworks for terrorism and violent extremism-related content”

  • “open-source intelligence (OSINT) practices, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms and counter-narratives”

  • “counter-narratives should be strategically designed with specific target audiences and objectives in mind and be able to adapt to changing sentiment and behaviour of the targets”

  • “preemptive action needed to mitigate risks, such as improving social media literacy” and “de-platforming and content blocking and removal

If the idea of the global cabal actively planning to implement this intentional suppression of dissenting expressions strikes you as a human rights violation, let not your heart be troubled, they’ve clearly taken that into account:

“In addition, they identified several important steps to address human rights concerns, such as mandating oversight of social media platforms, empowering youth and women and promoting alternative narratives that celebrate shared values, diversity and the dignity of all people.”

Shared values? Diversity? The dignity of all people? Sounds great! Let’s do it!

What could go wrong?

They get to define the “definitional frameworks” that inform the AI what exactly constitutes extremism-related content, they are currently deploying this AI to facilitate the “effective and rapid removal” of dissenting opinions, and all this machine learning can now “adapt to changing sentiment” of the various targets of State censorship. What could go wrong? Add to this the World Health Organization’s efforts to immunize humanity against misinformation, Biden’s own proclamations that disinformation is a threat to democracy, and Big Tech actively expanding its use of AI in manipulating the public mindset, and we end up with truly next-level indoctrination.

It feels like the walls are closing in on free speech, but this is really nothing new. Though the seasons are always changing, some things remain the same. I’d like to turn to Radio’s Greatest of All Time for a few encouraging words:

“We conservatives are the ones standing for diversity of thought and honest communication. You do not hear a conservative anywhere suggest that anybody be taken off any radio station, television station, movies, or what have you. We do not urge censorship because we are not afraid of the free flow of ideas. Liberals are…

They want to shut down anybody who doesn’t embrace their ideology, and they want to criminalize those who don’t embrace their ideology. Today it’s the race baiters. Tomorrow it’s going to be some other cause, but liberalism is what it is, and it exists to silence people who don’t agree. They can’t win the debate…

They don’t want debate. They can’t compete in the open marketplace of ideas because their ideas are flawed, and airing those ideas makes it clear that they are flawed.” —Rush Limbaugh, April 12, 2007

Spread this truth far and wide.

The world will be a better place if you do!

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