Sep 16, 2022 • 22M

Ep. 199 - Crushing Public Dissent

How recent revelations about hate-fueled regulations are hastening the death of free speech.

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The end of free speech?

Rush Limbaugh was the pillar of conservative commentary. I was introduced to Rush in the mid-90’s while working as a commercial fisherman for an ex-NASA engineer in Alaska where I grew up. His take on the news always struck me as logical commonsense and I never quite understood why the Left hated him so much.

When people ripped on Rush I’d always ask, “Have you ever listened to him?” The answer was mostly “No.” People’s opinions on his perspectives were shaped by the MSM and the liberal echo-chamber, and since he so masterfully obliterated their narratives and unraveled their lies, he was the primary threat to their flimsy beliefs.

Nobody likes to be wrong—and Rush was the king of pointing out their idiocy.

Many of Rush’s catch phrases amused me (and the tens-of-millions of other regular listeners). Among them were his claim to flexing “Talent on loan from God,” keeping half his brain tied behind his back just keep it fair, and the bold assertion that he was “Documented as being almost always right.” The truth was, it was accurate statement.

When Rush Limbaugh died, there was hole left in the heart of many Americans. In that moment, I felt like it would take a million rookies like me to try and fill his shoes. Sure, there are many top notch political commentators out there—but none of them are Rush, and no one will ever truly match his wit, wisdom, and charm.

As many agree, Rush Limbaugh was indeed Radio’s Greatest of All Time.

That said, it is in his image I strive to engage, entertain, and educate the audience with my daily podcasts. These articles are offered as sources to document my research and substantiate my claims. I don’t want to be wrong any more than anyone else—and when I am wrong, I tell you I’m wrong—but I go through great lengths to make sure that what I share through the Torch Report is accurate information.

As always, I strive to locate the signal amidst noise and largely ignore the trivial distractions being blasted out across the media landscape. In my mind, it seems more prudent to stay focused on the big picture factors that are orchestrating the chaos and driving the narrative. This is where we get the best glimpse as to what lies ahead.

Where are we headed?

Off a cliff.

As the masses are prodded into the global socialist pen, the cabal continues its relentless assault on our senses. The psyops and sophisticate propaganda are predictably shaping public perception and steering public discourse. Lies compound with lies, but because they’re repeated often enough, many people continue to believe that Biden is the most popular president ever elected and everything is just fine.

The wise know better.

Today, the CEO of FedEx announced that we are headed into a global recession because of the “macro situation that we’re facing.” In other words, the leader of the largest logistics company in the world is offering us a MUCH bigger picture perspective, and that much bigger picture isn’t pretty.

I would point out that this is not by accident, as the global cabal need to interrupt the global economy in order to usher in a global digital currency as part of the Great Reset. But, it will take time for this to all play out—so stay tuned.

Did you notice how there was virtually nothing in the news today about the railroad strikes? That’s because Biden saved the day with his signature leadership. Skeptical minds might speculate all the drama was just political theater being used to bolster the Biden administration (and democrats in general) ahead of the midterms.

All of the sudden, the big talk is all about Putin facing his toughest challenges yet in Ukraine, how shipping illegal immigrants into liberal enclaves is a humanitarian crisis, and how an exponentially expanded and heavily armed IRS is “critical to the economic success of this country.”

Oh yeah: And yesterday President Biden to another step toward uniting the country with a powerful and eloquent speech at the United We Stand Summit, where he outlined taking action to “Prevent and Address Hate-Motivated Violence and Foster Unity.” Among other revelations from the speech, we learn this:

“You know … our very own intelligence agencies — our own intelligence agencies in the United States of America have determined that domestic terrorism rooted in white supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat to our Homeland today.”

Launching fresh initiatives across the spectrum of government agencies, the Biden administration aims to unite the country by:

  • Assisting banks and law enforcement in detecting and combating the financing of “domestic violent extremism.”

  • Supporting “information literacy” to improve Americans ability to locate and evaluate sources of state sanctioned truth on the internet.

  • Improving “educational authorities” ability to “prevent hate-based threats and bullying” by giving educational institutions a billion dollars to indoctrinate kids in “safer” learning environments.

All of this is just so excellent and uplifting—we must be on the right track!

But wait, there’s more!

Remember yesterday, when I said liberals believe misinformation is a threat to democracy and public health and safety? Here’s the line:

The rationale is that “misinformation” is interfering with our elections and the global pandemic response. In liberal speak, this is a threat to democracy and public health and safety. To rational people, this is called free speech.

We’ve talked a lot about patterns in language, but I feel like this quote from the United We Stand website really drives the point home:

“President Biden will host the United We Stand Summit … to counter the destructive effects of hate-fueled violence on our democracy and public safety.”

You see, it’s not just misinformation, free speech, and dissenting perspectives that threaten democracy and public safety—it’s the destructive effects of “hate-fueled” violence that’s really the problem.

In fact, the landing page of the uses this “hate-fueled” phrase exactly 28 times, and President Biden is rallying a “whole-of-society” effort to prevent anything “hate-fueled” from happening ever again!

More specifically, Biden announced a fundamental reform of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act—which allows Big Tech to simultaneously enjoy legal immunity from the consequences associated with online content, and censor public discourse with impunity. This is truly a sticky and tricky issue.

For years, conservatives have railed against the liberal bias and censorship enabled by Section 230, proposing legislative reform that would force greater transparency and liberate free speech from Big Tech censorship. Lindsay Graham put it this way:

“Social media companies are routinely censoring content that to many, should be considered valid political speech. This reform proposal addresses the concerns of those who feel like their political views are being unfairly suppressed.”

Okay, so reforming Section 230 should be a good thing then, right?

Call me a skeptic, but when Joe Biden is calling for the reform of Section 230, I’m pretty damn sure he’s not talking about liberating conservative voices online. In my gut this issue certainly feels huge, so what’s really going on here?

Let’s go back to the Summit:

“Tech platforms currently have special legal protections under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act that broadly shield them from liability. This immunity extends beyond what the First Amendment requires and what newspapers and other media receive. It also effectively permits hate-fueled content mobilizing users to violence to be amplified on large tech platforms.”

So, from this angle—the angle of the Biden administration—Section 230 permits Big Tech platforms to amplify “hate-fueled content.” Since we know that the administration is targeting all things hate-fueled, we can be sure the intent here is to remove any content that they claim fits into this category.

Put differently, Biden’s call to reform Section 230 means Big Gov now intends to flex more control over Big Tech, specifically by threatening them with legal accountability for anything deemed to be “hate-fueled” content.

How might that play out? Let’s keep reading:

“…technology plays a critical and necessary role in Americans’ lives, but advancements in digital technologies … have also led to unintended consequences—including the spread of violent extremist ideologies and mobilization to violence—for which the technology sector must bear responsibility.

Just to point out the obvious, the primary unintended consequence of free speech online is that the government is losing control of the narrative—and now they are blaming the tech sector and claiming it’s their responsibility to police public discourse. Moving on:

“Americans know how the internet can fuel hate, misogyny, and abuse with spillover effects that threaten the safety of our communities offline.”

Does the internet really fuel hate, misogyny, and abuse? It’s an honest question. Didn’t hate, misogyny, and abuse exist long before the internet? What was it that fueled hate, misogyny, and abuse before the internet ever existed? That’s right, human nature.

But surely if we give the government more control over the information we can and cannot share, over the language we can and cannot use, and over the course of public discourse at large, then they will be able to change human nature once and for all!

There is a thread of truth in this statement. Some percentage of humanity truly are hackable animals. Behavioral psychology and AI combined creates a formidable foe, which makes the outcome of this Summit all the more disturbing. Of course Big Tech will bend to the will of the state—they’re already in bed together!

Thus we find these exciting announcements:

  • YouTube is expanding its policies to combat violent extremism by removing more content and teaching young users how to identify misinformation.

  • Twitch will accelerate its ongoing commitment to deterring hate releasing a new tool that empowers its streamers to “individualize the safety experience.”

  • Microsoft is expanding its application of violence detection and prevention artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools and using gaming to build empathy in young people. Need I say more.

Obviously these companies are not alone. And, as you know, Biden didn’t actually come up with any of these ideas. This initiative is being driven from the top down by the global cabal, under the guise of immunizing humanity against misinformation. Their real intent is to crush dissent by removing it from the public sphere.

They hate that we disagree. They hate that we resist. They hate us for who we are, for what we think, and for how we live—which makes the global socialist agenda the most hate-fueled ideology of them all!

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