The Torch Report
The Torch Report
Understanding the most important element of the globalists' strategy that aims to transform how you live your life.

Understanding the most important element of the globalists' strategy that aims to transform how you live your life.

There is a science to the way the public is being manipulated, and a strategy to how society at large is being condition to accept total global control.

*** Friends, thank you for your patience and grace this week, and please enjoy these Best of The Torch Report episodes. I’ll be back in action next week! ***

According to my end-of-the-year Spotify stats, the most popular podcast this year was TR 278 - The Globalist's Theory of Change. It was listened to 295% more than the average episode!

Looking back on the information we covered in that report, you will be amazed at just how persistent the patterns of propaganda are, and just how much this earlier research still directly relates to where we are at today.

As always, since I speak better than I write, it’s best to listen. However, if you prefer to read the report and explore the links provided, click below:


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Luke Throop

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The Torch Report
The Torch Report
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