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TR 515 - Liberty, Responsibility, and an Endless Source of Optimism

TR 515 - Liberty, Responsibility, and an Endless Source of Optimism

Setting the stage for the year ahead, we need to account for competing factors.

It’s here.

Well, here we are. It’s 2024, and pundits of every stripe and color are offering their predictions for what lies ahead. For the most part, none of it looks good. Economic collapse, another pandemic, nuclear war, healthy people falling over dead, draconian environmental regulations threatening the food supply and destroying our quality of life, the woke mental worm driving more and more people toward utter insanity, and of course, the impending hung election and civil war are all on the table.

Political corruption abounds, accountability is obsolete, and society is in a steep decline.

One might wonder, in light of all of the above, what hope there is for anything good coming out of the year ahead. Many people seem resolved to just sit back and watch it all happen, feeling entirely helpless to stop the onslaught. Others seem fired up and motivated to step up, speak out, and fight back, trying desperately to make something happen—anything—that might stop, or at least slow down, this descent into madness.

It is within this context that I’ve been reflecting on the best path forward, at the personal level, at the community level, at the state level, and at the national level. Realizing that the voice of one deplorable peasant is not likely to change a damn thing, I’ve wondered what more I could do, if anything, to be part of the solution. I’ve wondered what could be done in the local area, and how that impact might be spread to regional and state level impact.

Collaborations and coalitions seem promising.

I’ve made a great effort over the last two years to emphasize how the chaos that has engulfed society is being intentionally orchestrated, and how the bitter political bickering has been intentionally sown. Much of the discussion has focused on the impact of sophisticated propaganda, psychological warfare, Fifth Generation Warfare, and military-grade memes, all of which are actively transforming human consciousness. Most of the public still remains ignorant to these factors.

We have discussed solutions to all this, and will continue to do so throughout the year.

However, today I want to set the stage to present an optimistic perspective for the year ahead. Without being pollyanish, I believe it is critical that we each, at the individual level, strive to maintain an accurate perspective on what is, and what might lie ahead. To do so, we must grapple with two competing truths:

  1. In all actuality, every indication is that powerful forces are in fact working to facilitate a hung election, civil war, and the total destruction of the United States as we know it. The harshness of this reality demands we assess these cumulative threats, mitigate them to the best of our ability through personal preparedness, and most importantly, help others in our communities do the same.

  2. Simultaneously, it is absolutely imperative we do NOT accept any of this as inevitable—such threats are merely future predictions that may or may not come true. This truth is the counterweight to doom and gloom, and in ways that are both simple and complex, this undeniable fact provides a bounty of benefits.

First, we must understand that orchestrated chaos and the never-ending threats against our future—the source of doom and gloom emotions—are being used specifically to elevate discouragement and hopelessness. That is, these are techniques of psychological warfare intended to suppress the will and desire to resist.

Also, doom and gloom emotions have a distinct way of impacting how we relate to the world, how we live our daily lives, and most critically, how we plan for the future. When relentless propaganda makes the end seem inevitable, what purpose is there in planning ahead? What will the world look like in one year from now? How about two or three years from now? Can you imagine the world in 2030?

Let me rephrase that: can you imagine your world in one year, three years, or at the end of the decade? My guess is that since the pandemic, and thanks to continuous political corruption and ongoing chaos that has plagued society since then, there is a much smaller number of people who are deploying long term strategies—and if my hunch is correct, it would be wise to realize this is all by design.

Fast-forward to election day 2024. Joe Biden confirms once and for all that he is the most popular president ever elected. He wins in a landslide. The booming Biden economy soars to new heights, and plebes are placated with more bread and circus.

MAGA grumbles about election interference and fraud, and they might even protest, but after what happened at the J6 protest, most Americans don’t want to risk time in the gulag. As a result, Biden’s second historic victory goes mostly uncontested.

DEI becomes national policy, the green agenda gets forcefully imposed, and United States sovereignty gets abdicated to new international treaties from the UN, the WHO, the World Bank, etc. An unexpected “black swan” event briefly drives society into darkness, and when the lights come back on, digital currency and digital IDs are said to be the only solution. Global digital governance is but one step away.

With Biden propped up in the Oval Office, the deep state continues to hammer away on the American psyche, to instill the belief that anyone who objects to any of the radical policies that are being rapidly implemented is a violent MAGA extremist. The time to disarm and round-up these domestic terrorists will come on the heels of more orchestrated chaos (such as another fed-led insurrection), but at that point, the vast majority of the public will be all for removing these threats to peace and stability.

As such, Agenda 2030 will continue to proceed unabated and the New World Order will quietly step out of the shadows and quickly take center stage. In six years from now, nothing will be the same. You will own nothing, eat bugs, and BE HAPPY.

That is the globalists’ plan.

What are the chances that will happen?

I contend the chances are at least 50-50, and I’ll tell you why.

Most Americans are soft and don’t have the appetite for the sort of suffering and hardship that would be required to rout out the tyrants. Furthermore, the small percentage of those who may think they’re ready for war, who may think they are ready to water the Tree of Liberty, are scattered, unorganized, and ultimately ill-equipped to battle against the superior forces of the State.

Here it is important to point out that the “superior forces of the State” does not only mean military equipment like tanks and fighter jets, but the whole-of-government ability to track, monitor, infiltrate, and interrupt rebel operations, using unparalleled state-of-the-art surveillance and predictive AI to thwart any meaningful uprising before it ever starts. Alternately, this same capacity could (and quite likely will) be used to create another false-flag event in order to justify the slaughter of dissent.

In essence, no matter what any of us might want to believe, the deep state has the tools, the resources, and the experience to decisively handle any serious uprising. They’be been toppling governments and installing dictators all around the world for decades, and it was only a matter of time before these roosters came home to roost.

So let’s zoom out.

That probably doesn’t seem like much of a stage to present an optimistic perspective—so please forgive me if that felt a little doomy and gloomy—but for optimism to be pragmatic, it must be firmly rooted in reality. Has anything I said been untrue?

Have I missed anything that would alter this assessment? If so, please let me know.

Now, if you’ve been with me for a while you may recall discussing the slow roll of insanity, wherein I made the point:

The human spirit is under assault. Our minds are being attacked. Our children are being abused. Our culture is being sacrificed on the altar of woke ideologies. Society is sick. The public has been infected with a memetic virus that is driving mass psychosis and self-destructive behavior that’s manifesting at every level of society. All of this is being driven by The Great Narrative of the global cabal.

In their story, they win. Cultural revolution is inherently messy, but by slow rolling the insanity of it all they won’t have to get too dirty in the process.

By slow rolling the insanity, the enemy advances with much less notice. By slow rolling the insanity, the enemy achieves strategic gains. By slow rolling insanity, the enemy aims to steamroll the whole of humanity with as little resistance as possible.

By slow rolling the insanity, they intend to divide and conquer us all.

And they will succeed in a spectacular fashion, unless we lift our heads up and start thinking in long-term strategies. The globalists have been planning the Great Reset for years. They’ve been meticulously and incrementally advancing their socialist agenda, now embedded in Agenda 2030, for over 50 years. They’ve been working to consolidate power and control and implement a New World Order for over 100 years.

What are the chances that a few uppity peasants are going to thwart this agenda?

TO THE POINT: even IF enough Americans are able to rally to keep the sock-puppet from getting re-elected, even IF Trump gets back in the White House and starts cleaning house, the deep state and the global cabal aren’t going to go anywhere. Furthermore, their multinational public-private partnerships and global network of NGOs are not going anywhere. The weaponized AI, sentinel surveillance, and algorithmic manipulations are not going anywhere. Reality insists we recognize these facts, and we deal with them, otherwise defeat does become inevitable.

What we are fighting against, in this long, protracted global war, is the cult of ideas.

We cannot escape this fact.

Nor should we try to, but instead, we should embrace it.

You can change someone’s mind: true or false?

Of course you can. Think long term.

It is true that many bad things might happen this year, so prepare accordingly.

But it is also true that many of these bad things might not happen, so it would be wise, once you are prepared, to go about living your life in the most fulfilling way possible.

And, even if the worst case scenario does come crashing into our lives, is it not equally as true that this too shall pass? Once the dust settles, the world will keep turning, the sun will keep burning, our children will keep growing, and older generations will pass.

At some point humanity will reflect back on the early 21st century and extract many lessons. Perhaps the most profound lessons will be that the spirit of liberty is irrepressable, that humans are born to be free, and that freedom is the most good for the most people. Out of these trying times, wisdom will be gained.

The truth is, for as long as we live, evil will be advancing.

But equally as true, we can know for as long as we live, goodness will abound.

Never lose sight of that, of the goodness, of the little things like hugs and laughter, good food and good friends, and the gift of living in peace and comfort. Do not let them steal your joy. Do not let them steal your dreams for the future. Do not let them steal your resolve to resist or your determination to live according to your own terms.

You were born free, and in the purest sense, they can never take that away.

With freedom comes liberty, responsibility, and an endless source of optimism. When properly embodied, this is how we can rebuild the American Dream, one day at a time.

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