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TR 486 - Uniting to Forge a Path Forward

TR 486 - Uniting to Forge a Path Forward

Continuing the conversation about overcoming differences to overcome evil.

There is a very fascinating aspect to spilling out words from the heart, day after day, month after month, year after year. Imagine, if you will, that the very first time you ever read my thoughts or listened to my voice, I was defending liberals, expressing a willingness to work alongside atheists, and challenging the moral supremacy of any given religion. For many of my fellow liberty loving Americans, “all across the fruited plains,” that would be repulsive—as in, what the hell is THIS guy talking about?!

And yet, if you knew me, if you’d followed along my unfolding train of thought over the last 485 reports, if you had some sense of my heart and moral grounding, such words might sound strange to you… yet the voice would be familiar, and you’d listen. You’d hear me out, consider my points, and grasp the positive intent. I’m not writing to ruffle feathers, but to stimulate curiosity and contemplation. I am willing to say what most are too scared to say, because I do not fear the disapproval of others.

For the audience at large, I’m just another pundit. Just another commentator on the political circus. Just another personality on the air. One of the greatest complements I’ve received to date was that I was someone’s favorite “unknown” writer on Substack. I took those words to heart, as a huge compliment from a perfect stranger—it meant that somehow I’d stood out and been heard above the roar of the crowd.

But I’m just one voice of many. That anyone would take the time to listen, I consider a significant honor. That many would tune in and listen often, makes my heart soar like a hawk—it makes me feel as if I’m doing what I was born to do and walking the path that’s set before me. I am honoring my heart, and personally, I believe that I am honoring God by doing so.

While it’s true that astute political analysis is imperative and important, and that a proper understanding of our many pertinent problems is absolutely critical, there is always something more… something different… something deeper that compels me to rock the boat, to speak my mind and call it like I see it, regardless of the cost.

I will fight to the death to defend the people I love.

I will fight to the death to defend the country I love.

And I will fight to the death to defend even those with whom I disagree.

I will fight to defend the people who are picked on and made fun of — unless of course they deserve to be picked on and made fun of. I will mock the arrogant fools just as quickly as I will defend the simple minded. The first time I ever punched someone in the face was in grade school, defending my friend from a bully.

I am a fierce and fearless protector. I am a warrior at heart. This is my nature.

All of this comes to bear on my defense of my liberal friends:

Yesterday I chose to defend them, not because I agree, but because they have the right to be different and I respect their humanity. Furthermore, once we move past labels and remove our heads from the orifice of the political establishment, I believe we can find the rich and fertile soil of common ground—and I don’t really give a damn if people disagree, I know for a fact I am right. I know this to be true as part of my “lived experience”—to use some modern lingo.

You would be amazed at the responses I received. Each response was sincere, heartfelt, and appreciative, which means there was a meaningful connection.

Authentic connection and meaningful interaction is something that we all crave. We crave this connection regardless of our labels. We crave this connection as human beings, and we need this connection in order to thrive in life. FACT.

However, thanks to the decades of institutional conditioning and psychological warfare that are warping the minds of humanity, the majority of people feel less connected now than ever before—despite being “connected” all the time.

Hence the mental health issue, depression, and skyrocketing suicides.

This is not by accident.

The intentional divisions being sowed into society—namely politics and religion—are being used as wedges to drive people away from each other. By doing so, the social fabric is weakened and communities begin to deteriorate. Once isolated and divided against each other, the public lacks the impetus to pull together against a common foe.

To illustrate where my head is at with this, try to imagine a presidential election 200 years ago. The year would be 1824, a year that the election was hotly contested and the results proved to be inconclusive. A year when there were only 24 states in the union, there were less than 10 million people in the nation, and the electrification of America was still over 100 years away. Can you imagine elections way back then?

No 24/7 news coverage. No television or radio. No national polling.

There was only one political party back then. It was called the Democrat-Republican Party, as founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, and their stance was against consolidating power into a centralized federal government, as was the preference of their loosely affiliated opposition, the Federalists.

The correlation between then and now is simply astounding, notwithstanding the radical changes in society in the two-hundred years hence. The point however, is that 200 years ago Democrats were not fighting against Republicans. Instead, Democrats and Republicans were united in their fight against centralized control. That’s key.

The 1820s were also known as the “Era of Good Feelings” following the war of 1812. It is said of that time:

“The era saw the collapse of the Federalist Party and an end to the bitter partisan disputes between it and the dominant Democratic-Republican Party during the First Party System. President James Monroe strove to downplay partisan affiliation in making his nominations, with the ultimate goal of national unity and eliminating political parties altogether from national politics.

Oh the wisdom! Oh the dream!

Republicans and Democrats were united in fighting for state’s rights and local representative government, against a political force that sought to centralize power and control into the hands of the federal government. Whooda thunk.

The ultimate goal was to “downplay partisan affiliation” in favor of national unity and to eliminate political parties from national politics. I’m not a history buff, but this is good stuff—in fact, it’s genius, and it aligns perfectly with what I’ve attempted to articulate in recent reports. The only way in which we can defeat the sinister global cabal, prevent authoritarian global governance, and thwart the elitists’ efforts to dehumanize, domesticate, and ultimately depopulate humanity, is to stand together—Democrats and Republicans—against the concerted efforts to centralize global government.

I want to mention in passing, that this desire to consolidate power and control in the hands of a centralized government is a mental virus that is as old as society itself.

It never works.

But of course, that doesn’t stop each generation from sprouting its own crop of tyrants, and here we are some 200 years later. The interesting twist here, is that currently society is being divided as Republicans versus Democrats, the Religious Right against the Liberal Left, when in fact the real battle is between local communities and centralized control. Clearly this is not by accident.

People all across the political spectrum dwell together and interact at the local level. Sure, maybe there is a tendency to congregate near like-minded people, but there still remains the infinite diversity and individuality of each unique community. Everyone who goes to the same church doesn’t believe or behave the same way, for example. People in the same family have wildly different perspectives, opinions, and beliefs.

Our lives are a beautiful collage of interactions with a fascinating variety of people.

It’s okay to think and believe differently. It’s your God given right, or your innate human right, or your natural born right, depending on how you frame it. Regardless, the fact exists that you can choose to think and believe however you will, and so can every other person you have ever known or will ever meet. This empowering truth has profound consequences at both the personal and political levels.

More importantly, we can use this truth to re-stitch the social fabric, unite our communities, and compel the largest possible swath of Americans to stand together against centralized tyranny at the state, federal, and global level. Republicans and Democrats. Atheists and Christians. Liberals, conservatives, cowboys, and car salesmen. Pick your label. Then peel it off.

There’s a person inside who yearns to be free. Tell them they don’t have to obey.

Tell them they were born free and that centralized government is their enemy.

Tell them anyone seeking to consolidate power and control is their enemy.

And tell them one more thing… since it’s Friday… drum roll please… for all my rowdy rebel rousing red-blooded American friends out there:

“The commies are taking over the world!”

Think I’m joking? Read this!

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