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TR 471 - Full Spectrum Analysis of the Bigger Picture

TR 471 - Full Spectrum Analysis of the Bigger Picture

It's Friday the 13th. It's the Day of Rage. And here's what's really going on in the world.

(**NOTE: My editor is shopping with her sisters, please forgive the typos!)

Today, radical Islamic terrorists are calling for an international day of rage, in support of the radical Islamic terrorists who recently murdered more than a thousands Jews, raping their women, and beheading their babies. Brainwashed American college students are already protesting and standing in solidarity, the leftist media has their backs, and elected politicians are spouting off in defense of these radical Islamic terrorists—aka the Palestinians, run by Hamas.

And get this:

It all seems so unimaginably evil. It’s all so damn backward.

There are three things that have stood out to me this week, as all of this insanity has been unfolding, and as everyone’s attention has been drawn away from the fact that our own nation is under attack from enemies both foreign and domestic. First, the fact that the United Nations supports the Palestinians—they are referring to all of this terror as the “Gaza Emergency”—and the UN has actually been “educating” the Palestinian children to hate Jews, go to war with Jews, and stab Jews and run them over with their cars, repeatedly, when they get old enough to get one.

To understand just how depraved this brainwashing of the youth is, you have to watch the video and see it for yourself. If you’d rather read, here’s what the kids say:

"Right now, I am prepared to be a suicide bomber."

"With Allah's help, I will fight for ISIS, the Islamic State."

"I am ready to stab a Jew and drive a car over them."

"We have to constantly stab them, drive over them, and shoot them."

"Stabbing and running over Jews brings dignity to the Palestinians."

How’s that for sowing some twisted steeds of hate? Of course, the fact that Elon Musk is allowing these videos showing youth indoctrination to be shared on his platform has brought threats from the authoritarian EU regulators, but I for one am grateful it’s out there—I wasn’t able to find a similar video on any other platform.

More on indoctrinated children and internet censorship in a moment.

The second thing that caught my attention, is the fact that the Israel-Palestine conflict is dividing nations all around the world—especially in Africa. Of course, China is trying to capitalize on the conflict, as should be expected. But why are the lefty trade unions in Australia standing in solidarity with these Palestinian terrorists?

According to the statement of solidarity:

“As trade unionists in Australia we believe in peace. A central fissure in global conflict is in the division and occupation of Palestine. Until this issue is peacefully solved, indigenous peoples around the world, Arabs, Muslims and all those suffering under imperialism will identify with the Palestinians’ struggle. Israel and its USA backers thus provoke conflicts across the globe and within the Australian community.” (original emphasis)

So in these people’s twisted minds, the United States and Israel are provoking conflict “across the globe and within the Australian community,” essentially because Americans and Israelis are imperialistic capitalist pigs—i.e. we are not socialist commie hacks. That helps explain why the UN and China are on the side of the “indigenous” terrorists, doesn’t it?

There’s something else to point out here: that statement about “indigenous peoples around the world” is a staple in globalist dialect. It’s also increasingly infiltrating local policies, newspapers, and public opinions. The opposite of indigenous is illegal imperialistic occupation of these “communities”—and the only solution is to organize opposition (think unionize) for the purpose of political leverage.

This is text book Communism. This is how they infiltrate a community, infect the “indigenous” with the idea that they are the victims of evil capitalist pigs, and position stronger government regulation (i.e. centralized control) as the only viable solution. Of course, if the government doesn’t want to give them their land back, that is a great injustice, further victimizing the indigenous, and fully justifying a violent revolt.

That’s how they spark the revolution. Convince people they are victims. Justify violence. Then orchestrate the circumstances that provoke the revolt.

It works every time.

The third thing that stood out to me in all of this was how much reference there was to a prior Israeli-Palestinian conflict back in 2014, sometimes referred to as the 2014 Gaza War. Without getting into the details, this caught my attention because of the dates involved, which very neatly align with the dates of several U.S. Deep State shenanigans that were playing out in Ukraine at the exact same time.

(For reference, see the Ukraine Special Report.)

The 2014 events in Ukraine were kicked-off by certain “western observations” in 2012, which somehow connected in my mind with the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, which was chock-full of eerie symbolism that seemed to foreshadow the covid pandemic—so much so that the globalist media had to “fact check” the fact that this fact does in fact exist:

You only need to take a look at some of the footage to see why people were connecting the dots on this one. Let’s start out with a couple images of the virus itself:

Covid-19: The world's unprecedented experiment | GroundUp

Now let’s tune into the London Olympics:

I mean, you can see the similarities, right? And then there’s this:

Gosh, it’s kind of creepy isn’t it?

Bringing this up, I feel inclined to remind everyone that in 2011—one year before the eerie Olympic ceremony—the National Institutes of Health was conducting laboratory experiments “that resulted in viruses with enhanced transmissibility in mammals ... including humans.” When news of this got out, it was the first time on record the government overtly attempted to suppress the research, which caused a small uproar in the scientific community.

By the time 2012 rolled around, these scientists had figured out how to weaponize monkey pox, so that it could “retain infectivity in aerosols for more than 90 hours.” They were also filing patents on “replication-competent live virus” vaccines for smallpox, which had officially been eradicated in the ‘80s.

Odd isn’t it?

All this was coming out about ten years after scientists discovered how to create “self-disseminating virally vectored vaccines” by using modified viruses that could spread genetic modifications throughout an entire population. Much of the funding for this research can be connected to Event 201 and Agenda 2030, as well as the hypothetical “Fun Vax” that was pitched as a way to immunize humanity against religious fundamentalism—in other words, to put an end to jihad and holy wars.

***For the record, all of this is verifiable through publicly available information on government websites, as compiled in the prior reports linked above.

The patterns in all of this fascinate me, as does the overlapping times lines in Israel and Ukraine in 2014, and now again in 2023, leading into 2024.

I want to share one more image from the 2012 Olympics that might play into all of this: what does this look like to you?

Opening the Olympics: Danny Boyle's debt to William Blake | The Shakespeare blog

It kind of looks like a spaceship landing, doesn’t it?

Think about the recent whistle-blower revelations and congressional testimony about how the government has recovered non-human “biologics” from UFO crash sites.

Think about Project Blue Beam.

Now think back to Hamas and Israel, the unfolding holy war, and all the talk about Armageddon and prophecy being fulfilled.

If you would like to hear how all of this connects together—from the aliens to Armageddon—particularly from a Christian perspective, I’d recommend checking out The Daze of Deception by Pastor Jack Hibbs. This is a two part series that a friend shared with me, and though I don’t agree with some of the conclusions, I do think that he does a good job of connecting the dots on these issues.

At least he’s bold enough to talk about it.

As for today’s report, I’d like to circle back to the indoctrinated children and the government censorship. The two go hand in hand. Public education, which is a cornerstone of communism, is really censorship at it’s finest. It’s telling children what to focus on, what to think is important, and how to feel about things. School kids are a captive audience, and as the video of the Palestinian kids so horrifically demonstrates, innocent children can literally be taught anything—even to hate and to kill.

Children can be indoctrinated into any religion.

The current generation has largely been programmed to believe humanity is destroying the planet and we need to give the government complete control over our lives so it can reduce the human population in order to have a sustainable future. They’ve also been taught to trust “The Science” and “The Experts” and “The State” with a blind and unwavering faith.

The Science, The Experts, and The State know what’s best for the rest of us, and anyone who disagrees is a threat to peace and stability and a sustainable future. Worse yet, those who disagree are a threat to global democracy and the planet.

As I’ve said repeatedly, these threats must be eliminated—at least in the twisted minds of these indoctrinated youth and their globalist puppeteers.


Adults can be programmed in the very same way as children—say via Neuro Linguistic Programming, propaganda, state censorship, and psychological warfare—and the advent of AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions has rapidly accelerated the rate at which the masses can be induced into a collective coma, only to emerge reprogrammed once again. It’s like hypnotism on global scale.

Hypnotism begins with an acute focus on a singular thing—say like with covid, or what’s happening in Israel right now. When everything else disappears, the mind is ripe for programming, which is why I’ve been railing against this singular narrative all week. Don’t get sucked into the tunnel vision. This is all part of a bigger plan.

America has been slated for economic and cultural destruction. The framework for “American Democracy” will remain in place, but only to the extent it aligns with the dictates of global democracy being disseminated by the UN, WHO, WEF, etc.

What’s happening in the Middle East serves two purposes to advance this end: 1) it causes Americans to fight amongst themselves, stirring up bitter divisions that can only be resolved through violence; and 2) it quite coyly pulls the American military into a war that it can’t possibly win, thereby stretching our defenses to the degree they become inadequate and the homeland becomes vulnerable.

While all of that theater plays out, as our enemies lick their chops, as seeds are sown that a massive solar flare might knock out the grid (or a CCP space based weapons system), as the millions of “free tests” make their way into the population and begin to fuel the next pandemic, and as the American political establishment continues to self-immolate in order to pave the way for a hung election and a civil war, what we can know for sure is there ain’t no easy way out of this mess.

In the end, it’s our local communities against total global control. Talk to people about what’s going on. Share this report. Help people see the bigger picture. Tell them about the agenda and educate them on the intentional chaos. That way when the aliens land, the bomb drops, the commies invade, the jihadis strike, or the grid goes dark, they can’t say they didn’t see it coming. I’m sure they’ll thank you later.

And don’t forget: Life is still good!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

For Freedom,



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