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TR 455 - The Day that Donald Trump Almost Died

TR 455 - The Day that Donald Trump Almost Died

Extracting lesson from the very depths of depravity.

It wasn’t a joke.

By now I’m sure many, if not most, of you have heard about Don Jr.’s social media account getting hacked, and the erroneous post about Donald Trump being dead.

Here’s the post that stirred the pot:

And here’s an example of how this is being woven into the left-wing narrative:

I understand that image is hard to read, especially if you’re reading this report on your phone, so let me just quickly connect the dots. Here are the headlines and links:

In these six captivating, click-bait headlines, what’s really being portrayed? What stands out to you? To me, it’s mostly just juicy red meat for leftie political junkies. It’s making fun of Trump and his son. It’s making fun of Republican’s ineptitudes.

And yet woven in there, ever so subtly, are two other assertions:

  1. The “Biden team” is firmly in control, so take a chill pill, they’ve got this. In fact, the Axios article explicitly tells Democrats, in the very first sentence, to “Clam up and chill out.” In other words: “Sit down and shut up.”

    One may wonder: who exactly is this “team,” and where do they get off telling Democrat voters to sit down and shut up? How is that representative government? How is that democracy?

    It almost seems like there are some behind-the-scenes players with a bigger, badder agenda, doesn’t it? Like maybe this team of “handlers” has big plans for a second term, and they’re sure as hell not going to let a bunch of “doomscrolling Democrats”—aka uppity peasants—stand in their way!

“The Biden White House has a blunt message for doomscrolling Democrats fretting about the president's old age and bad poll numbers: Clam up and chill out.”

  1. Supposedly Biden’s “lead over The Don” has mysteriously evaporated. This is laughably absurd—to think that Joe Biden ever has had a lead over Trump, and that somehow he’s actually maintained this lead throughout three and a half years of historically high inflation, pain at the pump, waves of crime and political corruption, a spiralling drug crisis, and full on invasion on our southern border.

    Be careful not to overlook the premise: millions upon millions of Americans, mostly in the big blue cities, believe that Joe Biden is the most popular president ever elected. They believe that his economy is booming. They believe that he’s been beating Trump in the polls, because the only people who support Trump are the far right-wing extremists, racist white supremacists, Christian insurrectionists, and MAGA domestic terrorists—people really, truly, believe this.

    And the same people who have conditioned these unsuspecting liberal idiots to accept this bullshit, are now telling them to sit down and shut up. You will think only what you are told to think. Stop scrolling through all of that mis- and dis-information, and pay attention to what WE are telling you, which is, quite expressly, sit down and shut up—we’ve got this.

To me, this is a Deep State flex.

They are flexing their grip on the public psyche.

They are proving just how malleable the public mindset really is.

It all points to one disturbing truth:

People will believe anything.

As such, the wise should expect to encounter a greater than usual amount of mind-bending propaganda and psyops as we barrel toward the hung election and civil war of 2024—as well as a greater number of people who buy into all kinds of BS. There will inevitably be more and more people who become increasingly warped by this entire process. Americans are being messed with in a nearly incomprehensible fashion.

And the results speak for themselves: Democrats are winning big!

The question that should be on everyone’s mind is HOW.

How in the hell has it come to this? How can they lie so blatantly, cheat so boldly, and abuse so shamelessly? How can people actually believe this stuff? And perhaps most importantly: How are we supposed to fight back against this escalating insanity?

I want to get to the practical, tactical solutions, but first:

Who cut the cheese?

I’m only asking because something stinks.

It’s not the top-of-the-page misdirect about the F-35 “mishap mystery,” or the front and center “COVID Hospitalizations,” but the Cheese Recall that caught my eye. News of this, like The Don going down, is also everywhere:

This bizarre “gagging risk” and “choking hazards” of Kraft sliced cheese has led to the “voluntary recall” of 83,000 cases of sliced cheese. Just in time to put a major dent in the menu of lunch boxes everywhere, just as kids start to settle back in to school.

The timing to me is suspicious.

First of all, try to think about how much cheese that is. Think about the time, energy, and money that went into producing that cheese and getting it to market. Then think about a company “voluntarily” yanking 83,000 cases of cheese off the shelves, because six people complained about choking on a small portion of the wrapper—especially given the fact that “there were no reports of injuries or serious health issues.”

So why all the fuss and the headlines?

A few thoughts cross my mind:

  1. Could it be that moms are being targeted and primed for feelings of food scarcity? Like the baby food shortages, this recall on sliced cheese is likely to disproportionately affect moms making lunch for their school age kids. Also, who’s going to protect them from all these “risks” and “hazards” associated with the food supply? Who’s going to help them feed their hungry children?

  2. Sliced cheese » dairy products » cows » climate change. Thinking about it from this angle, could this be another multi-national corporation “falling on their sword” in the name of the greater good?

  3. Does this somehow play into the “food systems transformation” that the globalists have been discussing at the UN’s Sustainable Development Summit? Again, the timing of it is striking, as we were just talking about this last week in TR 449 - They're Coming for Your Food, and also this week in TR 453 - Social Justice has a New Global Daddy. I’ll circle back in just a minute.

I don’t think for a second that recalling 83,000 cases of cheese is going to hurt Kraft’s $26.5 billion profit margin, and one quick look at their investor’s page indicates they are all on board with the global cabal’s radical ESG agenda (Environmental Social Governance), so maybe this stunt is really all about driving behavioral change?

Friends, I’ve gotta tell you, the more I’ve dug into Heinz, the stranger things have seemed to get. I wasn’t expecting to find so many commie connections while drilling down on sliced cheese. You’ll see what I mean in a moment, but first, get a load of this:

There are so many things about that image that leap off the screen at me, from associating Oscar Meyer with “natural” products to the plant-based “proteinz,” but what I want to emphasize is the fact that Kraft is proudly engaging their “stakeholders” to meet “global sustainability goals.”

Let’s quickly connect the dots.

How did we get here? The flow of thought went like so:

The Don is not dead » it’s political propaganda » it’s pointed at liberals » sit down and shut up » Biden’s handlers have it all under control » Democrats are winning big.

From the ABC News article on how Democracts have been winning big in special elections, we connected with the “Cheese Recall” that has led us to a globalist corporation pushing the radical fanatical Sustainable Development Goals through their corporate governance—and this happens to have come to light right when the SDG Summit 2023 is discussing how to capture the world’s food supply in order to save the planet.

Have I missed anything? Are we on the same page?

The food shortages are going to be realthat’s what the President said:

“With regard to food shortage, yes, we did talk about food shortages—and it’s going to be real.”

Joe Biden, March 24, 2022

I’ve documented all of this at length, but there is something else that surfaced in my research this morning… a few things actually. First, there’s the fact that Kraft already pretty much has a monopoloy on much of the U.S. grocery market. Second, in 2021 the company was smacked with a $62 million settlement for some sketchy bookkeeping.

Taken together, I see Big Gov extracting their concessions from a monopolizing corporation, while simultaneously working with corporations to advance the globalist scheme to capture the food supply. Who controls who? I’m sure there’s enough money flowing back and forth, the thought doesn’t even cross their minds.

In reality, they share the same impulse and crave the same goal, which is nothing less than total control.

The corporation wants market dominance and maximum profit.

They achieve this by “playing nice” with the government.

The government wants political dominance and maximum control.

They achieve this by “playing nice” with the powerful corporations.

The third thing that came to light this morning is Kraft’s deep connections to Genetically Modified Organisms. There’s a rabbit trail there that I don’t have time to follow here, but suffice it to say the corporation has deep enough pockets to keep their dirty little GMO secrets off the labels—to the tune of dumping over $4 million into political lobbying between 2013-2015 alone.

Here’s the strange twist

GMOs have been linked with cancer.

People will try to deny it, officials may attempt to convince you otherwise (thanks to the lobbying), but the science of GMOs causing cancer is pretty much rock solid. At the level of common sense, just think about how cancer rates have risen in tandem with the pumping of GMOs into the food supply. It’s not rocket science.

Cancer kills people. That reduces the population. Globalists want to reduce the human population. What better way for them to do so than to partner with multi-national corporations in order to capture and literally poison the food supply, all while keeping warnings about this ugly truth off the labels? It’s just sick.

This kind of casts “food systems transformation” in a whole new light, doesn’t it?

But that’s not the strangest part of all!

I was curious about this product on the cover of the ESG Report:

What’s that? That’s “Plasmon”—one of the company’s many “Beloved Global Brands.

A quick search for “Plasmon” opened the door to a fascinating world of science I never knew existed—such as plasmonic-based biosensors used in viral diagnostics and genetic variants in blood plasmas—which is where I stumbled onto none other than Dr. Peter Kraft, who is both Director and Senior Investigator at none other than the Cancer.GOV website.

Dr. Kraft is also a professor and epidemiologist at Harvard’s School of Public Health, which just so happens to have an Event 201 “call to action” to enhance public-private cooperation for pandemic preparedness… partnering with the World Economic Forum, the Gates Foundation, and other eugenicist organizations who are desperately trying to reduce the human population in order to save the planet.

The coincidences are too numerous, and none of this is a joke.

This is what I learned on the day Donald Trump almost died.

Please pass it along.


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