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TR 349 - Broken Beyond Repair

TR 349 - Broken Beyond Repair

Why news about the Dominion lawsuit is more horrible than you might imagine.

Big news.

The corrupt media establishment just whitewashed the greatest election fraud in American history. This screenshot from Drudge Report captures their alleged victory:

There are articles all over the net today trying to spin this as a win for election integrity. The case is being made that Fox News defamed Dominion voting machines by pointing out how they violated election laws (by being connected to the internet and allowing unauthorized access), which ultimately swayed the 2020 election in favor of the senile sock-puppet Joe Biden. Dominion machines were vulnerable to hacking in at least 16 states, according to government CISA reports, including in the key swing states like Georgia, that determined the outcome of the election.

After detecting “severe anomalies” in the system and being unable to reconcile “voter data with votes actually cast and counted,” Pennsylvania investigators determined that foreign databases were in fact connected with the Dominion voting software, which prompted the Secretary of State to decertify the machines—but hey, that was after the election, so what’s the big deal, right? These shysters have no shame.

Then came the J6 show trials. Then came the complete reversal of reality:

Just to be perfectly clear, the election was stolen by shady voting machines provided by Dominion, Fox News correctly called them out for the corruption and documented violations of the law, and then BOOM… Fox is getting sued by the perpetrators of a rigged and stolen election, and now they’ve settled for apologizing and coughing up over three-quarters of a billion dollars to the company who helped the establishment steal the election. Honesty, I can think of no greater perversion of justice.

Whatever hope one may have had for legitimate future elections just got obliterated.

The significance of this lawsuit really cannot be overstated. It’s a bold statement by the global cabal that they have staked their claim on American elections. Much like they’ve done in other countries, electronic voting machines are being actively used to usurp the will of the people in Banana Republics all around the world. And, not surprisingly this is all being done in broad daylight, under the guise of protecting election integrity and “advancing democracy worldwide.”

Keep in mind, taxpayers are forking over millions to pay for these fraudulent elections.

All of this leaves the words “taxation without representation” ringing in my ears.

But are our elections broken beyond repair?

Possibly. It’s hard to imagine having any faith in future elections when those who are perpetrating the fraud are winning lawsuits against the news outlets who expose them.

It’s all so backward, it’s maddening, as I suspect it is intended to be. This is just another smack in the face, a taunting, a flaunting, like a bully teasing the poor peasants who just got knocked down and spit on. Says the bully: “C’mon, what are you going to do about it? Yeah, that’s right, nothing. You’re just going to lay there squirming in the dirt and crying about it!”—and then they spit on you again, kick dust in your face, steal your wallet, and warn that if you tell, they’ll beat you even harder.

That sums up the relationship between the government and American citizens today.

I’ve often wondered if Mitch McConnell’s multiple “falling” episodes—which have repeatedly left his face battered and bruised—might actually be a sign he’s being “bullied” in a similar way. Harry Reid had similar experiences, also repeatedly.

Mitch McConnell denies he's suffering from health problems after ...

Of course, talking about such “bare-knuckle politics” is all just wild speculation.

But wait, there’s more.

All of this talk about rigged elections and battered politicians brings to mind another story out in the news this week: Pennsylvania Senator John “The Slob” Fetterman is back to bumbling his way through official duties after getting released from the psych ward. You may recall Fetterman had a stroke during his campaign, went on to win, and then ended up spending two months at Walter Read Medical Center for clinical depression—but now he’s back and performing better than ever. That’s a joke.

It’s interesting to me that Fetterman and McConnell both returned to the Capitol on the same day. Senator Fetterman was out since mid-February, while McConnell has his “fall” in a DC hotel just weeks later. Also out of commission right now is the despicable Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, who still has no firm date of return. With Feinstein and Fetterman both out, the Democrats had temporarily lost their majority in the Senate—but when McConnell went down, they were able to maintain the precipitous balance of power and continue advancing their agenda.

But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Kind of like the coincidence that the Senate was all locked up at 50-50, that is, until John “The Slob” Fetterman miraculously defeated the all-star Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz in the last rigged election cycle. Dr. Oz is a wealthy celebrity heart surgeon with a major media presence—but he lost to a mentally unstable, stammering slob who ran on little more than his questionable good looks:

Mayor of Rust, John Fetterman - The New York Times

Just to quickly compare the candidates, here’s Dr. Oz with Oprah:

Your Questions Answered!
Is Dr. Oz a Real Doctor? His Biography, Education And Career

Dr. Oz is a brilliant and successful businessman who would utterly destroy Fetterman in any category of comparison—and yet Fetterman, the half-witted mayor of Braddock, PA (population 1,721) supposedly defied all odds, had a stroke, and yet still defeated Oz and flipped a Republican senate seat.

Fetterman won on the promise to “count every vote” and became a media darling the day he declared he would be the reliable 51st vote for Democrats. Unfortunately, his meteoric rise landed him in a mental hospital. Even more unfortunately, now that he’s back on the job, his clear cognitive decline and dramatically different look is raising quite a few eyebrows:

I would mock him, but honestly, that would be mean spirited. This man is not well. The fact that he is still holding a position in Congress is an insult to the institution. How the Democrats who voted for him still think that he’s fit for duty is beyond me. Even his nose-pierced, fem-boy, arrogant punk-ass aide seemed spooked by his inability to thread together a coherent sentence while “presiding” over a senate committee meeting—prompting some to remark: “Good lord. This dude is not even remotely well or able to do this job. Embarrassing for Pennsylvania.”

But, rather that seeing that the man has no business anywhere near public policy, liberal schmucks are out their laughing at him “debunking” stories about a “body double” conspiracy. It’s political theater at it’s finest, on par with foisting a cognitively dysfunctional sock-puppet into the oval office. Elections have consequences.

Rigged elections even more so.

That’s why the story about Fox News paying a million dollar apology (for telling the truth) to a corrupt voting software firm is such big news. Like I’ve been saying all along: they are re-writing history in real-time. And they’re mocking us in the process.

REAL QUICK: Before I move on, I want to point out that Dr. Oz is also a WEF hack and he has deep connections to the pharmaceutical industry—so I don’t exactly trust the guy—but still, there is no logical way he lost to John “The Slob” Fetterman, save gross election fraud.

Zoom out.

Is the American political system broken beyond repair? I suppose that would depend on who you ask. If you ask the current administration, they’d probably remind you they have the most “sophisticated and inclusive” voter fraud operation in American history—so everything’s working just fine. If you ask the two-party establishment, you might get some murmuring about discrimination and voting rights, but ultimately the story would be that our elections are “safe and secure.”

If you ask the American people, polls suggest that only about 20% of people have much faith in the integrity of our elections. While on the other hand, nearly 60% of Americans now say they are absolutely not confident that our elections are honest or secure. These numbers should be startling, but I have to say, I think it’s all part of the plan. Remember the plan? They’re calling for a hung election and a civil war.

How better to get that ball rolling than to shred any faith in the political process and make sure our elections are broken beyond repair?

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