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TR 409 - The Endless Quest for Truth

TR 409 - The Endless Quest for Truth

Slicing through the headlines and parsing the propaganda in an effort to tease out some semblance of truth.

Here we go.

Let’s start the week with a little front page analysis.

I want to show you how I skim and scour the news by sharing screenshots of the front page of various outlets. Just quickly glance at the headlines, notice the words, the direction those words lead your thoughts, any emotions that may come with those thoughts, and look for any sort of patterns that may stand out to you.

Obviously each of these outlets have a lot more to offer—according to their own flavor—but I believe the top-page stories are intended to impart a specific impression. You’ll note how I’m looking at sources from the right and left, and I do so to have a better grasp of what different people are getting and being able to contrast perspectives. Starting out with one of my personal favorites, ZeroHedge:

ZeroHedge compiles links from many different sources, so it provides a good platform to launch into deeper investigations. You’ll tend to find things at ZH that are not going to show up in the mainstream media, like Kamala Harris dropping the population reduction bomb and accidentally revealing the globalist’s real agenda.

Of course, right on cue, the liberals were quick to spin it as a gaffe:

The truth is, as we’ve discussed at length, the global elites believe they just don’t need the majority of the human population, because in their twisted minds the population has become unsustainable and humanity is destroying the planet. This is the driving impetus behind the Great Reset and the intentional transformation of human consciousness (i.e. brainwashing) that is very effectively weakening opposition.

Now then, since ZeroHedge leans right, I like to balance it out by examining the excellent contrast provided over at the lefty link compiler DrudgeReport:

Can’t you just feel the climate carnage? While Drudge used to be somewhat centrist, over the last several years they’ve gone with hardcore state propaganda. If you want to see what the media wants you to believe, Drudge is a good gauge. That said, there are occasionally some interesting outliers, like the fact that lawmakers are looking to scrub their own data from the internet—why might that be?

Just in case you haven’t guessed it, the reported reason (via the liberal rag Politico) is because “federal officials and their families face an onslaught of threats to their personal safety from disgruntled constituents and others.

Hmmm… now why might that be? Could it be because the corrupt political class continues to lie, cheat, and steal their way to more and more power? Could it be because these elite criminals believe they are above the law, and that they have the right to force us into compliance with whatever crackpot theory comes along?

For the sake of sticking with top-of-page analysis, I’m not going to opine any further on that. The impression at DrudgeReport is clearly that climate change is destroying the world, and so it is no surprise that lawmakers are looking to save their own asses as the peasants rise up against the insanity. After all, according to “The Science,” climate change is threatening national security, increasing civil unrest, fueling civil war, and driving us toward the utter collapse of civilization:

Hence the need for a super sneaky and clandestine depopulation program, say for instance with engineered bioweapons that genetically target certain populations for thinning or extermination. You can dork out on the science of it if you’d like, but I think this “graphical abstract” paints a straightforward picture:

More and more truth about the great plandemic is coming to light, but I’m not going to deep dive on covid today. If you want to refresh on just how evil the whole COVID-19 scheme is, check out TR 273 - The Worst Case Scenario (part one).

On that note, regarding the fact that there are evil people in the world, who do do evil things just for the hell of it, we find a reminder of the “uncomfortable truth” over at CNN:

Demons walk among us.

It’s a disturbing fact, but we need to face it. Evil people do evil things, and they conspire for evil purposes, such as depopulating the planet to fulfill their climate fantasies about saving Mother Earth. One thought that crosses my mind, seeing this allegedly evil man, is that he doesn’t appear all that evil. That too should serve as a lesson to the liberals who frequent the Communist News Network.

As I have said before, Communism is evil, though it presents a friendly demeanor. And, since it’s Monday, it’s probably high time for a friendly reminder:

“The commies are taking over the world!”

At any rate, CNN does it’s part to denounce the anti-establishment candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., falsely accusing him of a claim that covid was “ethnically targeted” to spare the Jews. What RFK was actually saying, is that this ability to bio-engineer weapons that target populations based on ethnicity does in fact exist—and the U.S. isn’t the only one developing these weapons (think China)—and then he points to studies that indicate covid did hit different populations differently.

It’s all quite fascinating, but let’s go ahead and change the channel to get a finger on the pulse of all the real quick thinkers over at Fox News:

Wow! Donald Trump doubts the outcome of the White House probe into a bag of coke that was probably left by Hunter “The Crack Pipe” Biden, after the investigation was shutdown due to a lack of evidence and, even more laughably, no suspects.

Who the hell is stupid enough to believe there was a) no evidence, when they had the bag in hand; and b) that there were “no suspects” in what is probably one of the most surveilled facilities in the country? Thus, Fox mocks us, and as the right-wing edition of the Trusted News Initiative, we should all make a mental note to casually dismiss most of what they say. Want to know what the neocon warmongers and the corrupt Republican establishment want you to think? Then Fox news is your friend.

There are several other news sources that I scour on a regular basis, but I won’t have time to give them all justice here. Instead I want to compare the top-of-page analysis of two more contrasting sources, both of which offer insight into our societal divides.

First, I generally appreciate the refreshing variety of right-leaning articles over at TownHall. They do a good job of compiling commentary and news on a wide selection of issues, though they tend to tow the line of republican narrative on things like Ukraine and abortion. Regardless, they offer a wealth of information:

Just to tease out those three points a little bit more:

  1. Hunter was at the White House the day they found the drugs, and I appreciate that Town Hall is reporting on the fact he has had an ongoing drug problem and that he’s “relapsed” at least ten different times—but obviously that doesn’t make him a suspect, at least according to the Secret Service.

  2. Kamala’s comment on reducing the population to save the planet must have been getting enough traction for them to point out how the White House is running damage control—they actually altered the transcript—but Town Hall doesn’t typically go there, “into the fringe” so to speak.

  3. The third point is that they’re pushing the “nightmare scenario” of having a Green Party candidate pushing ‘ol Joe off his pedestal. This is a bunch of crap, but it does indicate the left may be tacking even further left toward the Climate Cult, and it also indicates that the Republican establishment doesn’t want the media drawing any unnecessary attention to the Democrat disputer RFK.

The Republican establishment doesn’t want RFK to get major media attention because they know he appeals to the center. Besides that, he has called out all the BS on covid and vaccines, both of which the majority of Republican leadership has been happy to play along with. In other words, RFK could potentially pull the rug out from the two-party establishment, much the way Trump did.

Then again, he could be a red herring.

Regardless, we would be remiss to overlook what the liberals are getting fed over at TheHill—note how there is no mention of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. here either:

What do we see? Trump! Trump! Trump!

Oh, and now that the Supreme Court has finally started standing up to the radical leftist agenda, they now pose a risk to the radical leftist agenda (aka “LGBTQ rights”).

The only other thing I want to point out here, is that this is one of the most read publications on Capitol Hill, hence the name: “”

Interestingly enough, in the time it’s taken to write this report, they’ve updated the front page, and now they note that Democrat “suspicions” are growing about RFK, Cornel West, and other potential “No Labels” disruptors. They’re also placing a major emphasis on the fact the GOP establishment is getting “rattled” by so-called “radical conservative populism.”

Ultimately, my take on The Hill is that it targets people inside the DC beltway, particularly the politicians, with the perspectives it wants people to have. They are “thought leaders” so to speak, deploying masterful propaganda to put words and ideas into the heads of our elected leaders, their staffs, and the rest of the DC sycophants.

That #2 point highlighted above, lamenting how millions of people losing internet access would be disastrous for the liberal agenda, ties directly into what’s on the globalists’ websites today too—most notably the WEF’s latest guidance on providing “safety” in the Metaverse, and of course the social implications of brainwashing humanity on such a massive scale:

The purpose should be clear: they want to pump propaganda into every home and hut on the planet via high speed internet, and eventually they plan on fully imprisoning humanity in their own minds via the magical new world of immersive virtual reality.

Virtual reality is not actual reality, mind you, but that’s a perk not a problem.

The Social Implications of the Metaverse report repeatedly refers to just how powerfully persuasive this new technology is, but this passage says it all:

“The persuasive power of the metaverse could further enforce the idea that AI systems are more reliable and accurate than human decision-making.

In the context of psychological health, the erosion of critical thinking skills could possibly lead to a decrease in problem-solving abilities and an increased sense of helplessness, powerlessness or depression.”

Humanity is being conditioned to accept servitude. In time, the masses will become slaves to the machines. They will have been taught to trust the machines, and the AI that runs them. The erosion of critical thinking, the decrease in problem-solving abilities, and the increased sense of helplessness all serve to advance their despicable agenda. How else would humanity ever accept selective genocide on a global scale?

Friends, that’s my top-of-page analysis for today.

May it inspire your own scrutiny and analysis in the endless quest for truth!


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