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TR 376 - Americans Need an Attitude Adjustment

TR 376 - Americans Need an Attitude Adjustment

Connecting the dots between Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and the Chinese Communist Party.

Attitudes matter.

Everyone understands that attitudes are important. Whether it’s dealing with kids, coworkers, or random people in the community, we’ve all had to deal with a bad attitude at some point in our lives—often multiple times per day, if we’re just being honest. But have you ever stopped to wonder where “attitude” comes from?

I was curious, so I did a little digging. You’ll never guess what I learned.

“The commies are taking over the world!”

I say that to make light of a serious point: just as the Chinese Communist Party continues to be upheld as a “role model” for the modern world, so too was Communism central in the forming of the European Union—and ultimately this Communist consolidation of power and control is the ideological framework for the New World Order. This matters for reasons that will be made clear shortly.

Think of communism as an attitude.

Understand that attitudes have been studied by psychologists and sociologists for decades. There have been thousands of studies that have explored how attitudes can be changed—and proven that they can be conditioned. Add to this mix the reality of “algorithmic social interventions” and Fifth Generation Warfare, and the possibility that the cabal is conditioning humanity with a communist attitude becomes very real.

Why would the global cabal want to systematically condition humanity to adopt a communist attitude? Because it facilitates the consolidation of power and control.

Why is it bad for humanity if the masses are conditioned to accept a communist mindset? Because it facilitates the consolidation of power and control.

Why is the consolidation of power and control so bad for humanity? Because power corrupts and centralized control means the destruction of individual liberties. This consolidated power and control inevitably leads to totalitarianism, suffering, and death. Every communist revolution throughout history attests to this fact. The consolidation of power and control is the exact opposite of everything good in life.

This is what I call “the evil impulse,” and it helps explain why communism crushes the human spirit. Remember when the CCP was flying drones through the streets telling the peasants to control their souls’ urge for freedom? This is a perfect example of how public attitudes can be shaped by heavy handed government interventions.

Psychologists define an attitude as a “learned tendency to evaluate things in a certain way.” That means your attitudes about people, political issues, geopolitical events, or global objectives like Agenda 2030, can be intentionally cultivated. The result of learning to evaluate things in a “certain way”—i.e. like a commie— can lead directly to irrational behavior like sacrificing freedom for the illusion of safety, or demanding conformity with delusional concepts like Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

Interestingly enough, billionaire genius and silicon valley legend Peter Thiel (founder of PayPal) recently eviscerated the Diversity Myth and called out the communist ideology “that deranges and polarizes our society.” He then declared:

“Whenever someone mentions DEI, you just think CCP.”

Given this man’s documented brilliance and phenomenal success, I’d say he is an intelligent and informed individual who is unlikely to succumb to quack conspiracies. Thus, when he calls out communist China for warping Americans’ minds with half-baked social theories like Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, I feel like I’m in good company. Obviously he understands ideological subversion—but so do the global elites, which is exactly why they are using communist tactics to take over the world.

All of this boils down to intentionally cultivating communist attitudes and manipulating perspectives to drive behavioral change at the global scale.

Thiel warns us all:

Anyone who prizes liberty—conservatives, libertarians, classical liberals, and the rest—must never lose sight of the cosmic battle against atheist communism.

Does it still sound crazy when it’s coming from a billionaire philanthropist with a Stanford law degree? Regardless, it’s true whether is sounds crazy or not. The commies really are trying to take over the world, and what’s more, Peter Thiel has pointed out that China is actually using AI to pull all of this off. Sound familiar?

Zoom out.

The World Health Organization just finished up with their 76th annual World Health Assembly. The week long assembly culminated with a revised Roadmap for the Global Health for Peace Initiative. It is this revised “roadmap” for total global control that turned me onto the study of attitudes, and how easily they can be manipulated.

According to their conceptual overview:

“The Global Health and Peace Initiative mainly refers to, and seeks to contribute to ‘positive peace’, which relates to the attitudes, institutions and structures that create and sustain peaceful societies (rather than simply the absence of conflict or violence, known as ‘negative peace’).”

When I read that the Global Health and Peace Initiative (GHPI) mainly refers to “the attitudes, institutions and structures that create and sustain peaceful societies,” it struck me that they were tuned into managing attitudes. This made me curious about the clinical understanding of attitudes, from a psychologist’s perspective, and how it might apply to the globalists’ effort to transform humanity via behavioral change.

I wanted to understand this because baked into the “conceptual foundation”of the GHPI are the very same DEI concepts that stem from CCP subversion.

It’s cloaked under flowery language like “implementing health programs” that are “peace responsive”—which means, in their own words, programs that “seek to improve the prospects for peace by, for example, strengthening social cohesion, equity, inclusivity, dialogue, or community resilience.” This is all achieved via global “health programming” which sounds eerily similar to computer programming.

Don’t forget, in their collective minds we’re all just Hackable Animals.

Digging into research on attitudes led to some fascinating connections, including the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) and government funded research related to public health and political science. It turns out the Theory of Planned Behavior is directly applicable to steering voting trends—they call it “exploring the antecedents of voting”—and this was recently documented in Europe’s Journal of Psychology.

The title of the research paper is: Understanding Support for European Integration Across Generations: A Study Guided by the Theory of Planned Behavior.

It’s another fascinating rabbit trail. Essentially the study was trying to figure out why some people (and nations) were supporting Brexit and resisting assimilation under the centralized control and authority of the European Union. Says the report:

“From a dynamic perspective, however, the European project is an ongoing process aimed at an ever-closer union, as explicitly stated, for example, in the 1957 Treaty of Rome. As mentioned, however, this process of progressive integration and centralization of power runs counter to much public opinion and is far from being accepted by all member states.”

Thus, from a dynamic perspective and in their own words, the European project is an ongoing process aimed at “progressive integration and centralization of power.” Sounds like communism to me, but is there a connection? Since the idea for this “ever-closer union” sprouted from the Treaty of Rome, I looked there.

It turns out the original vision for the EU was conceived by a Frenchman named Jean Monnet, who was a prominent member of the National Liberation Committee (which united communists, socialists, democrats, and liberals to fight for their common cause). Advocating for a more integrated European Union, Monnet declared:

“There will be no peace in Europe if the States are reconstituted on the basis of national sovereignty.”

There will be no peace on the basis of national sovereignty.

Let that sink in.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if you’re an Italian, German, French, or Swede, in the EU your national sovereignty is obsolete, your culture is irrelevant, and your own sense of individuality and personal well-being must be sacrificed to the collective, in the name of the greater good. However, based on what’s happening in the U.K. today (massive civil unrest because of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis), I’d say all of these pie-in-the-sky socialist fantasies are currently crashing into the immovable rock of reality. Americans would be wise to take note, we’re following in their footsteps.

Meanwhile, Chinese fighter jets are buzzing American planes, Chinese spies are trying to infiltrate our military bases, and millions of Americans’ sensitive personal data—including financial info and social security numbers—is being stored by the Chinese Communist Party. And despite this increasingly aggressive behavior, it is becoming increasingly clear that “we have no plan” to deal with this commie threat.

Instead, everything from Biden’s laughable Build Back Better agenda to his current budget deal are actually benefiting China. Lindsay Graham just announced that the “biggest winner” of Biden’s budget is none other than the Chinese Communist Party.

(For more info on CCP infiltration, check out TR 258 - The Chinese Connection.)

And yet apathy abounds. What’s the solution?

Americans need an attitude adjustment.


Remember how our attitudes are a “learned tendency” to evaluate things in a certain way? I suggest we start evaluating the situation through the lens of a communist take over, because that is precisely what’s happening—and even Peter Thiel agrees. The global cabal is using commie tactics to drive a cultural revolution in order to rip our country apart and destroy our national sovereignty.

I believe anyone who still refuses to talk about this issue needs a major attitude adjustment, preferably delivered the good old fashioned way.


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