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TR 405 - The Collage of Perfect Imperfection

TR 405 - The Collage of Perfect Imperfection

Understanding the myth of equality and why communists always eat their own.

Something struck me this morning, as I was reading an article about how communists always end up killing communists, purging the un-pure as it were. It has happened every time there’s been a communist revolution. Once the communists are in charge, they turn on each other out of suspicion of corruption or not being true to the party. The result is party officials getting lined up against the wall and shot.

Time and time again, history repeats itself.

While today’s Democratic Socialists want to pretend that they’re not communists, and they’d argue until they were blue in the face against using that label, they are in fact communists. Socialists, communists, Marxists, and modern day liberals are all part of the collective hive-mind. They all consider themselves “progressive” because they aspire to push humanity toward “progress”—which is invariably flawed in nature.

All such “progress” is moving toward pie-in-the-sky ideals like equality, justice, and inclusion. You see these words everywhere in their propaganda, ad nauseam. There’s a reason for that: repetition works. They are literally branding these ideas into the public psyche and changing the way people see the world in the process. Now, with the advent of modern methods such as Algorithmic Social Interventions, these collectivists have powerful new means to manipulate the masses at scale.

The science of memetics explains how concepts spread like a viral contagion, which is the root of “the woke mind virus” that’s become such a hot topic in modern parlance. Given these facts, many people have observed how liberalism and leftism (being “woke”) are actually indicators of an infectious mental disease. None of this is speculation, and it’s not meant to be a partisan attack.

It’s meant to be a warning to my fellow human beings.

If there is a deadly, self-destructive mental disease going around that’s driving everyone crazy, shouldn’t we be talking about it? Doesn’t that help explain why everything is so insane right now? Doesn’t it help explain why as many as 40% of students in college now identify as LGBTQ? Some are calling this out as social contagion, but I believe it’s the work of the woke mind virus—i.e. memetics.

And just to be clear, I’m not out on a limb here. Even the academics think that we should be taking memetics seriously:

I also want to point out that the science of “memetic engineering” has such powerful implications, the U.S. military has been studying and deploying memetics as a weapon of war. I won’t dive deep now, but for further study, see the following:

**It would be wise to keep in mind that weaponized AI is now deploying these tactics.

The point is, we are all susceptible to the various mental worms that bore their way into our brains if given a chance. It’s an apt mental image: as a thought enters the mind, it lights up the various neural pathways, triggering the associated release of hormones and chemicals that kickoff a cascade of physiological sensations. Thoughts lead to feelings, and in doing so they build a network of connections in our brain.

Over time, through repetition, a thought becomes a mental habit—meaning we’re no longer “thinking” the thought, but it’s still there, operating as an assumption or belief. This typically happens beneath the threshold of conscious awareness, though intentional observation of our own inner workings can bring these patterns to light. Regardless, whether we are aware of them or not, mental memes create thicker neural pathways by continually reinforcing synaptic connections.

But alas, I digress, we don’t have to understand the science to understand that it works—or that this science is being used to transform human consciousness.

Often the mental worm enters the mind as a single thought; a simple, unassuming, and seemingly harmless thought; a thought that bypasses critical thinking by stimulating emotions that immediately capture the biological brain. Sympathy and compassion are among the most common targets. When you “feel” for someone, you are motivated to “do something” in order to help them out. It’s human nature.

This is predictable, is it not?

Therein lies the problem.

Let’s take the concept of equality for example.

Consider how this word evokes different emotions in different people. Liberals would claim that all people want to be (and have a right to be) treated equal, right?

The correct answer is: wrong. That’s a nice idea, the idea that everyone wants to be treated equal, but it has no basis in reality. In fact, if one were to simply evaluate the nature of human beings, it’s demonstrably false. The truth is, different people want to be treated differently, and for different reasons. Think about it:

Some people want to be revered. Some people want to be feared. Some people want to be loved. Some people want to be submissive. Some people want to be in charge.

I could go on, but the point is clear: different people want and expect to be treated differently. As for the reasons for these differences, it can be as simple as genetic predisposition and personal preference, or as complex as emotional addiction to patterns of abuse. We are complex creatures, and our motivations are often messy.

But, the idea of equality is a powerful tool for memetic engineering—that is, it’s a highly contagious concept that stimulates people to take action, despite the fact that it is not rooted in reality or based upon rational thinking.

What the idea of equality does, is evoke empathy and conjure sympathy out of thin air.

Empathy is our ability to relate: as a human being we can imagine the experience of another human being, and thus we can feel what they might feel like.

Sympathy is slightly different: it’s feeling bad for someone, commiserating, sharing in their sorrow, feeling pity, etc. The difference may be subtle, but it is significant.

Empathy is initiated through the intellect.

Sympathy is initiated through emotion.

Understanding where someone else is at and how they are feeling is substantially different that simply feeling sorry for someone. Empathy requires a greater degree of EQ and intelligence than merely sympathizing and feeling pity for people. It is precisely this fact that predatory educators exploit when indoctrinating children.


As a parent I noticed how early in a child’s development they learn to elicit sympathy. In essence, if a kid acts sad or hurt, an adult is more likely to give them what they want—and they know this instinctively, long before they have the mental maturity to grasp the psychology of it all. We’ve all seen it a million times.

Interestingly enough, there are plenty of adults who seek to exploit this very same mechanism. They seek sympathy. They want people to feel bad for them. They like the attention, and they like the chance of getting something for nothing—all because they’ve played the part of a victim. These people are highly manipulative. They even have a certain pattern of expression, which once recognized, can be seen a mile away.

People like that disgust me—but let’s get back to the progressive ideals.

The Myth of Equality

The Myth of Equality is a concept that I developed while I was studying philosophy in college. I have long contended that there is no such thing as equality, that it does not exist in the natural word, and therefore, it amounts to little more than a flawed perspective based on irrational thinking. I’ll spare you the nuance, but suffice it to say that if equality does not exist except for in the mind, then it is utterly impossible to achieve as a social standard or societal norm.

This seems so clear to me, it has long baffled me that so many people fail to grasp the simplicity of it. Why do so many people hold equality in such high regard? The simple answer is because we’ve been culturally conditioned to do so.

Underlying each of the concepts promoted by socialist, communists, progressives, etc., is this same flawed idea. Equality itself is built on the notion of sameness—which is yet another concept that is at odds with reality. Yet the cultural conditioning of these concepts, methodically instilled through various institutions, creates an immersive experience where everyone can act as if we all value equality the same way.

I am living proof that this is not true, as this report attests, just saying.

Thus, we have come face to face with several layers of thinking that directly distort one’s perception of reality. This is all part of human nature, and it’s human nature that makes all the progressive fantasies fall apart. We are not the same. We are not equal. Justice is subjective. We are not inclusive by nature. We are tribal, and that’s not a bad thing. We are different, unique, and forever at odds with people who disagree.

And that’s not a bad thing either.

The idea that everyone should think the same, share the same values, and have the same beliefs is absolutely absurd. This too is a sign of the woke mind virus. Sameness, in all of it’s myriad manifestations, is a symptom of the collective mental disease.

Mental disease leads to delusions, and that’s why the commies always kill each other. Since they’ve “progressed” to their socialist utopia, and inevitably it’s never as perfect as they had imagined, they assume the reason things are falling apart is because someone’s not doing their part, or because the leaders are not devout enough to the cause, or whatever. However it plays out, the end result is always the same: after they’ve eradicated any dissent, they have to eat their own.

Otherwise progress stops and their reason for living is all for naught.

Humanity is messy, but from my perspective as a lowly peasant, why mess with perfection? To me it seems that reality itself is a collage of perfect imperfection.

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