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TR 399 - Government Seeks to Block Out Sun

TR 399 - Government Seeks to Block Out Sun

Is the whole world on fire, or does it just feel that way?

French riots. Canadian wildfires. Climate lockdowns.

What the hell is going on in the world, right?

Could all of this somehow be connected?

I’m going to thread this all together, but first I want to bring attention to this:

So, the government is using YOUR money to figure out how to block the sun. FACT.

To any rational person, that should seem absolutely outrageous. Who the hell do these people think they are? But more importantly: who the hell is going to stop them before they do something terrifyingly stupid, like try to block out the sun?

This is all so utterly insane, it is difficult to comprehend. That’s by design. When things seem so strange and out-of-whack it elevates “free floating anxiety” which then heightens suggestibility. If they can keep the masses guessing, then the masses keep looking for answers. And who can the masses trust, if not their beloved government?

Damn fools anyway.

By the way, if you were to search for “blocking sunlight” on the White House website, you’re not going to find anything. Instead, you’d need to search for this little doozy: Congressionally-Mandated Report on Solar Radiation Modification. It is there you will learn that the Biden-Harris Administration is fully focused on “advancing environmental justice” in cooperation with “international partners.”

They claim there are no plans underway at this point, but stress any “potential” program must encompass the “societal as well as the scientific dimensions of solar radiation modification”—i.e. how people might react to the government blocking out the sun, because hey, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Interestingly enough, the press release of this “congressionally mandated” report linked above, states quite bluntly:

“…there are no plans underway to establish a comprehensive research program focused on solar radiation modification.”

That is a lie.

If a curious peasant were to drill down far enough to find the actual report, the truth would be revealed:

“This Research Plan focuses on improving understanding of the potential impacts of SRM. … This Plan draws from the published literature on SRM, research currently underway, and other reports identifying priorities for SRM research.”

What do we learn here? Two important facts:

  1. “This Research Plan” directly rebuts the press release “there are no plans”

  2. “This Plan” draws from literature and research that is “currently underway”

The executive summary of the 44-page report states that all of this research would “help to prepare the United States for possible deployment of SRM by other public or private actors.” The implication here is that the U.S. government is aware that other entities may jump on this crazy train too, so they better figure out how to deal with it—will they lead by example, or will they get left in the geoengineered solar blocking dust?

The 44 page report refers to climate change over 60 times. They emphasize “international cooperation”—which translates to global governance—outline the various ways of building consensus and “socializing best practices,” and then refer to the U.S. Global Change Research program that has been in place since the Global Change Research Act of 1990. Have you ever heard of that before? Me neither.

Here’s the link to their suspiciously named website:

The site is a treasure trove of globalist propaganda and cultish climate slogans. I’ll do a deep dive on this site at a later date. What stood out to me today was the fact that the Department of Homeland Security just became the newest member of the cult, the first agency to join the committee in almost two decades:

What, pray tell, does the Department of Homeland Security have to do with climate change? Well, according to the announcement:

“DHS brings unique expertise to USGCRP, such as its experience in preparing our Nation for and responding to more frequent natural disasters. The addition of DHS’s invaluable insights and perspectives will help USGCRP better connect critical climate information to the people across the country who are facing increasing risks of climate change.”

I smell a rat.

The language alone is gobbledygook—rife with words that have a “hidden, higher meaning and socialistic interpretation”—but here it’s who’s behind this merger that is most disturbing. It is the utterly dishonorable Alejandro Mayorkas, whom lied to congress about the Disinformation Governance Board, who has been instrumental in destroying our country by allowing human traffickers and hard drugs to flow across the southern border, and who rightly deserves to be impeached for high crimes against the nation—THAT is the guy behind this merger with the Global Change committee.

The climate cultists working for Global Change claim that DHS has “invaluable insights” that will help “better connect critical climate information” to people across the nation. What are they really saying here?

Did you know that the Department of Homeland Security has been monitoring social media as part of the Situational Awareness Initiative since at least 2015? As reported way back in TR 120, these initiatives are aimed at sniffing out “white supremacists” and “hate crimes” under the guise of the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act. In other words, DHS is functioning as a weaponized federal agency that is deliberately targeting political opposition to the current tyrannical regime.

Combined with the impetus behind the allegedly disbanded (but quickly rebranded) Disinformation Governance Board—who’s entire mission is to seek and destroy political dissent in the name of keeping people “safe” from misinformation—the reason for this latest leftist alliance begins to be clear.

DHS will provide Global Change with “valuable insights” via their national surveillance programs, and they will “better connect” government climate propaganda with people across the country by censoring any dissenting perspectives. It would be foolish to think that this isn’t already happening.

This is a mere formality—a public declaration of their ever expanding assumed authority that most of the public knows nothing about.

Let’s circle back.

France is on fire due to five nights of violent protests, prompting some to claim that “France has fallen,” even as the French President Emanuel Macron continues to blame video games and demand social media censor the protests. With over 700 injured cops, French Patriots have taken to the streets to help restore justice. Their bravery should be inspiring to the world, and their chants resonate with your soul:

“Blue, white, red, France belongs to the French!”

France belongs to the French, just as America belongs to Americans. The same could likely be said for the 400+ other agitated protests happening around the world today.

The globalists are orchestrating this chaos to justify government crackdowns and greater degrees of centralized control, which they enforce via an increasingly inescapable surveillance state and more heavily militarized police force.

Unless force is met with force, it’s checkmate.

The great irony is that we are told to believe that the “climate crisis” is driving this societal chaos, at least according to The Science, which brings it all full circle.

We are told to believe that climate change is causing the Canadian wildfires—not arsonists, like some Canadian officials claim. Meanwhile, Washington state officials have declared that we’re going to be in the epicenter of wildfires in the northwest this summer, because of “what we’ve done to the atmosphere.”

Naturally, the government’s solution is to try to block out the sun and ban hamburgers just in time for the 4th of July. We could probably laugh if they weren’t so serious.

But wait…

A thought crosses my mind: Extreme wildfires block the sun right?

Yes, that’s right, according to National Geographic, extreme wildfires cool the planet:

Officials are investigating claims of arson, but no arson is ever caught. Then there’s that whole drone-deliverable Flamebot 9000 thing. Now multiple states are reporting that this so-called wildfire smoke smells and tastes like chemicals.

They’ve already said we need climate lockdowns on par with the pandemic lockdowns EVERY TWO YEARS in order to save the planet. Now we’ve got air quality alerts over toxic smoke that has people masking up and staying locked in their homes.

The coincidences just keep stacking up.

Think about it: if these people are crazy enough to honestly entertain the idea of blocking out the sun, what are they not willing to do in order to save the planet?

Oh yeah, and all of this hype just so happens to coincide with the National Wildland Firefighter Week of Remembrance. The observation is held annually from June 30 to July 6—which is awesome in that it honors those who have fallen fighting fires to protect our communities—but it’s strange that it coincides with so much propaganda.

Biden says he’s met with firefighters who are working day and night as the fires “get larger, more intense, and more difficult to control because of climate change.”

The way that it’s being portrayed reminds me of how they elevated nurses to hero status during the pandemic, because they were risking their lives to keep people safe. The solution is more money and state surveillance, no surprise there, but the template and timing of it all… that’s got me scratching my head.

The global cabal claims that climate change is driving societal chaos.

Could the global cabal be the one who’s driving this climate change?

I’d love to know what you think. Stay curious friends!


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