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TR 388 - The Only Way Out is Through

TR 388 - The Only Way Out is Through

There is a time for everything under the sun... is it time to do what must be done?

Alright friends, soon I will return to the stellar full-spectrum news analysis that so many of you have subscribed for. I do appreciate you sticking with me for a week of deeper contemplation. I’ve had a lot on my mind. There’s been a lot on my heart. How do we win? Is it even possible? What does that look like? Am I doing everything I can to impact the future, to contribute to solutions that will benefit my offspring?

I do believe that victory is possible. It won’t be easy. We will not win this culture war, or the forthcoming civil war (which does seem inevitable at this point), without a great deal of personal sacrifice and pain. That’s the long term reality. For those who have already prepared for the manufactured food shortages and energy crisis, we now sit and wait with that heavy knowing that someday we’ll have to defend what’s ours.

I’ve asked the question: where’s the line in the sand? At what point do we fight back, and how? Where is your personal line? What does organized opposition to systematic oppression look like? I’ve concluded that in every possible scenario, the most strategic and advantageous thing we can do is build relationships, network, and communicate our concerns with conviction. The mission now is to build alliances and help others prepare—for the day that SHTF is rapidly approaching and almost upon us.

Yes, the 2024 political theater is entertaining and enticing. Yes, the indictment of Donald Trump is indicative of heinous injustice. Yes, we have a “wanna be dictator” in the White House. All of this is true, and it’s important, but there’s more to the story.

It is also true that the globalists continue advancing their various schemes to implement total global control. The Great Reset continues to advance the overarching agenda to centralize political decision making in the hands of enlightened leaders. The secret global cabal—to quote Rockefeller, again—is very actively working to undermine the United States and conspire to usurp the will of the American people.

Worse yet, these elite sociopathic evildoers are wielding weaponized AI to covertly condition the masses with Algorithmic Social Interventions that are already actively controlling “emerging” public perceptions. Through their Trusted News Initiatives, these global elitists are controlling the flow of information, directing the national narrative, and manipulating public opinion. They are manipulating people’s perspectives, their emotions, and their behavior—specifically manipulating how people vote—all of which will be coming to a head in the 2024 election.

They want outrage. They want war. And they’re going to get it.

The Left is outraged over “trans genocide” and “systemic racism” and “the war on women”—all of which are fictitious mental constructs that are completely incongruent with reality. These ill conceived social causes really only exist in the cesspool liberal cities, where the ruling elites enjoy an unholy control over the domesticated herd.

The Right, on the other hand, is outraged by the lawlessness, by the political persecution, by the rampant corruption, lack of justice, stolen elections, and utter destruction of the American way of life. To be clear, we have much more to be angry about, we have every reason in the world to explode with righteous indignation.

When the wrath of American patriots is finally unleashed, it will be fully justified and long overdue. Rural Americans are quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger. Our cultural heritage is one of moral restraint, of self-discipline, hard work, and minding our own business—but in our hearts we know there is a time for everything under the sun, including a time for making a stand and fighting back.

As it is written:

“There is a time for everything… a time to be silent and a time to speak… a time to uproot…a time to tear down… a time to kill… a time to weep… a time to mourn… a time to hate… a time for war and a time for peace.” —Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Is now a time for silence and peace? Is it a time to weep and mourn? Is it a time to uproot and tear down? Is it a time for hatred and war? If anyone lacks wisdom, we are told to ask God. If you are asking these questions, I suggest you pray. Search your heart for peace. The answers will come. You will know what to do. And when.


In all fairness, think about how much insanity has been carried out in the name of God. People strap bombs on their bodies and blow up innocent people screaming “God is Great!” History is rife with crusades of religious believers murdering and conquering their neighbors, all for the “Glory of God.” This is an ugly and difficult truth—and yet, it is human nature, is it not?

I do not judge people for not believing in God, precisely because of this sort of thing. For that reason, I do not believe that it is wise to think that we’re “fighting for God.” Some are quick to quip, “If God is for us, who can stand against us?” but that too I believe is misplaced faith. How many soldiers have held that faith, only to be slain in battle? How is this any different than a jihadi’s belief in martyrdom?

In my mind, this is not a logical stance. Wars are won by logic and strategy. Faith is important, but hopium is fatal. While it is true that the hand of Providence will inevitably play its part, it is critical that we proceed without being blinded by faith. This is not—I repeat, this is NOT—a Christian insurrection. This is not merely a fight between “God’s people” and the stinkin’ pinko-commie heathens in the world, and to believe that it is would be painfully short-sighted.

This is a fight for our country. It is a battle for the heart and soul of America. But, more than anything, it a battle for control over territory and resources, a war fought for the right to live on the land in the way that we choose, and repel and expel those who are actively attempting to infiltrate and conquer our lands.

They want control of our territory, plain and simple. They want to rule the land according to the dictates of global governance. They want to impose their will by force, demanding that we comply with whatever rules and regulations they come up with, with complete disregard for local autonomy or the will of We The People.

You will own nothing, eat bugs, and be happy. That’s what they’ve said. Why?

Why do they say you will own nothing? This is the abolition of private property, which comes directly from the Communist Manifesto. But why do they believe this is what’s best? It’s because they—the useful idiots—believe that private property is inherently inequitable. It’s not fair for there to be land owners and renters. They—the useful idiots—believe that the land belongs to everyone, and therefore, they vote to give the “government” control over all the land, to make sure everything is equitable.

The commies pulling the strings take great delight in exploiting these idiots, understanding that someone has to be the boss, manage the land, and tell people what to do. And, once they’ve laid siege to and confiscated the private property of others, they will have gained an immense degree of control over the population. It’s centralized power and control. It’s communism. It’s the collective hive-mind.

It’s insanity, but it’s coming—formally. In reality, it’s already here.

Their agenda is always sold as being for the greater good. Some elements are sold as being necessary for public health and safety. It all ties back into the “triple planetary crisis” and the urgent need to sacrifice humanity in order to save the planet.

The point is this: it is not just Christians who are being attacked in all of this, and it’s certainly not just Christians who are standing opposed to it. Hence the need to connect and collaborate with people who may have different beliefs, in order to band together in sufficient numbers, with sufficient resources and manpower to withstand the globalist assimilation and enslavement of the masses.

Wanna build a voting block that can out vote all these useful idiots? The precipitous decline of religious conviction demands we cast a vision not based on faith alone. Too many people are put off by it—and lest you revel in this fact, realize that strategically speaking, shunning people who don’t share your faith is political and national suicide.

The American revolution was fought, not to establish a Christian nation where everyone believed the same exact thing, but to establish a nation of free individuals, wherein people could choose to believe what they wanted and live according to their own convictions. It was a risky and wild experiment. The law of the land, as established, was only suitable for a moral and righteous people.

As John Adams famously stated:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People.
It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

And yet, in their inspired wisdom, our forefathers realized that compelling people to go to church, or forcing people to profess faith, or expecting that everyone was ever going to believe the same exact thing, was an entirely foolish proposition. Religious tyranny was no better than political tyranny, and the only way to prevent both was to set people free. Let people live. Let people learn. Minister to them and show them the way. Teach them to fish and be fishers of men—but don’t demand it.

It is in this spirit of mutual respect that we must move forward. There are those who value life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, who don’t go to church, who don’t profess faith, who might not even believe in God in the Biblical sense—but these people are still on our side. Many of them are willing to fight and die for our country. Many of them already have. And when the time comes, many of them will rise with us.

There is no way of knowing how this will all play out, but as Nature would have it, I believe that the only way out of this mess is to get through it—and we’ll have to get through it together. There is no other way, and that is the message of my heart for today.

I’ll get back to the news next week. Have a great weekend!

For freedom,



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