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TR 387 - Pushing Through to Clarity

TR 387 - Pushing Through to Clarity

This will be the final segment in the "Where there is no vision" series of contemplation.

It’s coming together.

Friends, I do appreciate you humoring my musings regarding a vision for the future of our country. Before the Torch Report was the Torch Report, this substack started out as “Letters from Luke.” Early subscribers were mostly friends, family, and folks from the local community. The audience has expanded considerably since then—all organically, typically from my public speaking engagements and people sharing—but the sentiment remains the same: I speak from the heart, as if we are friends.

After making a couple trips back and forth across the country and talking with other liberty loving Americans all across the fruited plains (first with the People’s Convoy, then with FreedomWorks and the Freedom Caucus), it became crystal clear that what we are experiencing in the local community is what is being experienced in communities all across America. It felt to me like people everywhere were all working toward a common goal: to stop government overreach and secure our elections.

The common enemy also seemed to be clear: top-down control of our every day lives.

But gradually things have changed. I’ve noticed it in the different groups I meet with, in the personal conversations with fellow patriots, and in the eyes of those I casually cross paths with in the community. I see people who were once holding signs for medical freedom, who were once on the front lines of community action, who have now stepped back and picked up the pieces of “life as usual,” albeit with a “deepened gaze.” They have a deep knowing that it’s all so wrong, it’s going to take a miracle to correct course—and they can sense that bad things are about to happen.

And the patriots are prepared for it. Now they’re just biding their time.

Will we have a hung election and a civil war in 2024? It has been predicted, and surveilling current circumstance, it appears to me that the puppet masters are pushing things in that direction—and we know they’ve been sowing the seeds for years:

Will it happen? Who the hell knows.

I find there are generally three different ways people think about this:

  1. The global elites want a U.S. civil war, because it destabilizes our country, destroys our national identity, and opens the door to international intervention.

  2. Civil war is being fomented by the Deep State in order to justify martial law as part of a larger ploy to intimidate opposition and eradicate political dissent.

  3. Our country is broken beyond repair and our government has been infiltrated and captured by enemies of the American people, and civil war is the only way to fix it.

Any one of those perspectives could be scoffed at and dismissed as batshit crazy. Or, any one of those perspectives could be 100% spot on and entirely accurate. It is also possible that all three of these perspectives reflect elements of truth about our situation. The global cabal could be collaborating with the deep state to undermine America and institute the New World Order—which is exactly what they’ve repeatedly said they intend to do—and Americans may have to fight to the death in defense.


Over the last week I’ve been ruminating on the lack of vision that besets the liberty movement. There are certainly people fighting back against the insanity, but there are too few people fighting in too many different directions. Tactically speaking, this is a recipe for defeat. From a battlefield perspective, it appears that we are surrounded and being attacked from all sides. Out numbered, out gunned, we’re about to lose.

But are we out numbered? Are we out gunned? I know there are those who would argue that “we” are the majority, and that “we” have plenty of guns. Perhaps. We do occupy the greatest percentage of American territory, and patriots generally do have the means to defend and protect this territory, along with the local resources.

BUT—and this is a BIG BUT—the enemy does out number us, strictly speaking. The number of people in metropolitan areas vastly out number those of us living in rural America. They might not have the guns, but they do have the money and the influence to persuade the outcome of national elections. They have political power, and along with this political power—however illegitimate it may be—they also have control over the military, as well as federal, state, county, and local level law enforcement.

They don’t control all of the military and the LEOs, but they certainly control enough.

Why does this matter? It matters because if some rowdy rebel rousers in rural America decided to get plucky and try to shutdown supply lines into the cities, you can bet your ass that the National Guard, FBI, CIA, ATF, and others would be mobilized to crush this rebellion as quickly and painfully and publicly as possible.

Furthermore, any such scenario would immediately be used to whip the masses into a frenzy of support for the use of government force to weed out and destroy these so-called “enemies of democracy.” Public support, manipulated by twisted polling that allows the media to paint the situation as another J6, would be cultivated in favor of dealing with these domestic terrorists once and for all.

Accounts would be frozen. Families would be harassed. Dissidents would be tracked down, locked up, and made a spectacle of before they simply disappeared. As more patriots rose up in protest, their locations would be noted, and their turn would be next. The clean sweep will have begun, with the full backing and support of the U.S. government, the international community, and the “majority” of the ignorant masses.

Tell me patriots: how do we win in this situation?

I have thought long and hard about how to answer that question. I’ve thought about it from the military perspective. I’ve thought about it from the moral perspective. I’ve thought about it from the family perspective and from the perspective of future generations. I’ve even thought about it from the angle of 3-Dimensional Chess:

There are no easy answers. There are few moves left to avoid a total checkmate.

Hence the need for vision.

We must look ahead, peer into the future, foresee the possible outcomes, anticipate how the enemy may advance, and plot our next moves accordingly. If they can win without firing a shot, they will. If we can win without firing a shot, we should.

But make no mistake, this is a game for all the marbles. The enemy is playing for keeps. They intend to keep the power and control they’ve assumed for themselves, and they intend to expand it. They intend to keep on locking us down, masking us up, and interrupting our lives under the guise of public health, safety, and saving the planet.

They intend to keep on conditioning the masses, ignoring the rule of law, and imposing their will by force. They intend to keep on undermining our national sovereignty, penetrating national cabinets, stealing national elections, and destroying our national identity. They intend to do all of this with impunity, and they will continue to do so until acted upon by a superior opposing force.

That’s the way the world works. Human nature and the laws of physics are immutable. What’s in motion will stay in motion. The collision course is set. Inertia and momentum favor the enemy, as do the practical aspects of strategic conflict. They control the flow of information, the flow of money, and the flow of public emotion.

Their agenda is expanding and picking up speed. They grow stronger and more bold by the day. They gain more allegiance and allies with each graduating class. The algorithms and AI are conditioning the masses at an accelerated pace.

Most who would side with us are too timid to even look, let alone stand and fight.

Am I wrong on any of this? Am I missing something here?

And yet we have free will. We have the ability to resist, and resist we must. We have hard choices ahead of us. Just like our forefathers before us, we cannot shy away from hardships, but instead “delight in the dangers” of fighting for our right to live free, whatever that looks like to you, however this all plays out.

It’s our humanity that’s on the line.

To overcome these overwhelming odds we need three things:

  1. We must come together and build community.

  2. We must come together and build coalitions.

  3. We must come together and communicate.

Building community shores up the home front. Building coalitions is the first step of political offense that will be necessary to overcome the corrupt two-party system. Coming together to communicate can take many forms, everything from book clubs to BBQs, from hiking groups to home fellowships, but the core of this is intentional interaction and building relationships through heart to heart conversations.

All practical strategies must flow from these connections.

This is how we can spread the message and share the vision: We are born to be free.

We need to inform the public that the enemy of freedom is government control.

Don’t let them stifle your spirit.

Live free or die!


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