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TR 364 - Engineering Human Consciousness

TR 364 - Engineering Human Consciousness

Connecting the dots between spirituality, transhumanism, and modern politics.

Knowledge is power.

In 1817, Thomas Jefferson wrote that people “do not generally possess” enough information to perceive the vitally important truths, “that knowledge is power, that knowledge is safety, and that knowledge is happiness.” He repeated this truth in much of his correspondence, and later added: “Knowledge is power. Ignorance is weakness.”

It is in this spirit that I attempt to share with you what I’m learning on my own lifelong quest to gain knowledge, grapple with facts, and reconcile my personal perspective to reality. I am of the belief that there must be some measurable objective metric by which one can discern the accuracy of thought and perception. In my experience, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are typically fickle and fleeting, flexible and malleable, and forever shapeshifting to accommodate the input of lived experience.

It is not possible to comprehend life from a fixed point of view.

That said, I also believe there is immutable, unwavering truth. For the sake of brevity, I’ll label this “absolute truth” as Natural Reality. This is the reality that exists outside the mind, wholly independent of humanity and entirely impervious to our personal interpretations. To the extent our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs reconcile with Natural Reality (via logic, the laws of physics, and honest evaluation), they are accurate. When our thinking, feeling, and believing are in conflict with the truths embedded in and revealed by Natural Reality, we’ve become lost in the mental mirage.

Now, you may be wondering what the hell I’m talking about, and why I’m bringing it up when there’s so much exciting political theater to cover. It may seem like I’m splitting hairs here, but it’s because I believe the statement “knowledge is power” is sorely misunderstood. It is often associated with the assumption that the more you know, the more powerful you become. Thus, by acquiring a great deal of knowledge, one is capable of becoming increasingly powerful, relative to the ignorant masses.

There is a thin shred of flimsy truth in that assumption. True, by gaining vast amounts of knowledge, the ego may dazzle the masses and perceive itself as powerful—but this is not real power, nor is it necessarily accurate knowledge. This is such a prominent human proclivity, apparently innate in our nature, that it manifests at every level of society, across the full spectrum of religious and political beliefs.

For example, bullshitting with beer drinking buddies might revolve around the mysterious mechanics of some high-powered machine. The man who displays the greatest depth of knowledge about this machine will assume a certain air of power—his knowledge may wow his friends and exalt his ego, temporarily raising his social status, at least until the beer wears off. It’s a silly example, but it demonstrates how pervasive and sometimes subtle this manifestation of human nature is.

More relative to political analysis, we can look to the academic eggheads as a prime example of a class of people who have no doubt amassed great amounts of knowledge, complete with the corresponding degrees of arrogance, who then naturally assume they are more powerful than the mere ignorant peasants such as myself. Indeed, it may appear as if these self-ascribed academic elites have obtained more power via the attainment of impressive credentials—but have they really?

Underneath the belief that knowledge is power, there is a foundational assumption that generally goes unchallenged. Is all of this knowledge accurate?

To the inflated egos of the academic elite, it really doesn’t matter. Because they’ve spent countless hours steeped in feminist, gender, or environmental studies, because they have amassed a great amount of knowledge about queer theory, critical race theory, or other liberal theories, it is assumed that they now have the power to change the world. The thought that their theories (i.e. their knowledge) don’t actually reconcile with reality never crosses their heavily conditioned minds.

Thus, for those whose arrogance blinds them to their own ignorance—which a great majority of the human population—the knowledge acquired becomes a sort of invisible cage. They cannot think beyond the boundaries of what their knowledge tells them is true. And though this knowledge may make them feel powerful, relative to the people in their own social circles or those in society they judge as less knowledgeable, aside from being able to bully more humble individuals with their misplaced confidence, those who hold themselves as “holier than thou” really have no power whatsoever.

All they have are illusions. Illusions that can be shattered by the piercing power of absolute Truth. Illusions that dissolve in the light of spiritual awareness, when the mind is thoroughly reconciled to Natural Reality, and Divine Truth is revealed.

“If anyone lacks wisdom, let them ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault.” —James 1:5 NIV

Mind is master of the body. Spirit is master of the mind. This is an ancient truth that permeates many different cultural traditions—and this is precisely why Communism demands its devotees declare themselves atheists. This is also why the global elites have declared that we are soulless hackable animals. They want us to get over the idea that we have a “mysterious soul” precisely because this mysterious soul is the seat of wisdom and discernment. If one remains ignorant to the spiritual faculties endowed by our Creator, there is no hope of seeing through the illusions of the mind.

This is why the global cabal’s concerted effort to transform human consciousness is so evil and pernicious. They would have us believe that we are merely material beings, that there is no higher power than that of the collective, and that all things are relative, subjective, and open to interpretation. They have conditioned the masses to believe that truth can only be validated through expert consensus. Of course, anyone still in their right mind can quickly discern these assertions are an utter farce—but alas, this is a dwindling percentage of the human population.

“What luck for rulers that men do not think.” —Adolf Hitler

In Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness, author Jim Keith rightly points out that agents of the world’s elite have long been engaged in a war against humanity. He pinpoints greed as the driving factor, “a greed so pervasive that it encompasses the planet and all the beings on it.” He then emphatically makes the point:

“[In] recent times a philosophy has been used to justify that greed. It is the philosophy of mass control, that ultimately aims at dictating every aspect of human life—even remolding man’s perception of reality and himself.

It is always exciting to come across earlier writings from more astute thinkers that confirm what I have only recently discovered for myself. It always feels like a confirmation of sorts, that my study and line of inquiry are on the right track, and that I’m not just chasing rabbits, wasting time, or losing my mind. I’m learning. I’m gaining accurate knowledge, which gives rise to actual insights that have a positive impact on my personal life and the world around me.

As we’ve discussed at length, the global elites are striving to dictate every aspect of our lives. That’s what the Great Reset and the Sustainable Development Goals are all about. It has been disturbing to learn how this “secret cabal” has long been using the tools of psychological warfare to manipulate public perception and transform human consciousness, remodeling both our sense of reality and our sense of self.

Just as transhumanism seeks to “perfect” humanity by augmenting our biological vessels with tech enhancements that make us stronger, smarter, and more immune to disease and death, so too does socialism seek to “perfect” humanity by conditioning cosmopolitan global citizens who are assimilated into the collective hive mind. This is how they intend to end hate, discrimination, racism, inequality, and the stubborn tendency for human beings to disobey and express their own individuality.

The crux of their premise is that humanity is flawed because our thinking is wrong, and if they can just control our thoughts, then they can control the world. Hence the re-engineering of human consciousness. By controlling the narrative, they control the language. By controlling the language, they control beliefs. By controlling beliefs, they control behavior. By controlling beliefs and behavior, they control the neuro-synaptic processing of life experience—as in, they control and rewire the brain, literally—and by doing this, they gain total control over the population.

Here’s the twist: Knowledge is power.

Those who control the flow of information wield enormous power over both personal and public perception—that much is clear. But Jefferson said “knowledge is power, knowledge is safety, and knowledge is happiness,” so what was he trying to tell us? Spending hours on a tractor contemplating this phrase, it occurred to me that one’s sense of power, safety, and happiness are all inner resources.

Thus, knowledge of one’s self, when accurate and reconciled to Reality and Truth, is the ultimate source of power, safety, and personal happiness. For more reasons than I have time for today, I believe this is the truth that will set us free. The antidote to political insanity is an elevation of individual awareness and a reclamation of human consciousness, which must be rooted in the realization that we are spiritual creatures.

Thanks for indulging my philosophical romp… we’ll resume the political discourse on Monday. I hope you all have an excellent weekend!

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