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TR 360 - The Great American Awakening

TR 360 - The Great American Awakening

People are fed up with the lies, but will the truth set us free? Let's examine the facts.

Crazy times.

It’s a stormy Friday morning here in the northwest. Pouring rain, winds at a steady 20-30mph with higher gusts. The spring flowers are getting thrashed, but they like the moisture. There are hot dry days ahead. Though we can’t predict the weather, we can comfortably assume that each season will come and go as we collectively make another lap around the sun. For me, this helps put everything into perspective.

Each day, babies are born, grandparents pass, tragedy strikes, and people achieve their dreams. There are some 1,700 millionaires minted every day in America, and nearly 80% of them are “self-made” millionaires who started out in lower income homes. To me, that means the American Dream is still very much alive, and if one felt so inclined to muster the motivation, vision, and determination to build a life of abundance, there’s really nothing in the way of achieving anything one might desire.

While it is true that chaos abounds, so too does the infinite positive potential that unfolds in any given moment. That means that while political corruption and lawlessness appear to be all the rave right now, the potential for a reckoning remains within the realm of possibility. Nothing is set in stone. The Great Reset is upon us, but the Great American Awakening is picking up steam.

The history of our future has yet to be written.

That said, the history of recent memory continues to be rewritten, virtually in real-time, as the activist media strategies and progressive propaganda continue to permeate and skew public discourse. Here are just a few prominent examples:

  • El Paso has been engulfed in a “dumpster fire” of illegal immigration, Texas just declared a state of emergency, and yet the White House has doubled down on the absurdly farcical claim that immigration is down 90% under Biden. Even the Border Patrol Union has called out this blatant lie, stating rather emphatically: “We have lying propagandists running this country and DHS right now.”

  • The Bureau of Labor & Statistic’s jobs report was just released, revealing yet another month of cooked books that are “smashing expectations,” despite being heavily revised and completely decoupled from factual reality. One look at the charts, and you can see for yourself that Biden’s economy is booming:

  • In a similar vein, while some honest establishment economists are beginning to realize that it’s time to pay the piper (and maybe stop printing money and cooking the books), federal officials are looking for a scapegoat to pin with allegations of “market manipulation”—which is illegal when anyone does it except the government—which they believe may account for the regional bank failures.

The banking situation bears a little more scrutiny.

If “market manipulation” is what is leading to the collapse of regional banks—which is what happens when the big boys throw their money around and pass notes under the bathroom stall—and then these so-called “failed banks” get snapped up by too-big-to-fail banks like JP Morgan, who’s really behind all of this?

Is it just a coincidence that the CEO of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, was summoned to court for a deposition this week regarding his ties to former client Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring?

Did you catch the news that Epstein has been outed as an FBI asset? This is the guy who hung himself in a prison, while on suicide watch, when the guards accidentally fell asleep and the cameras just happened to spontaneously malfunction—all of which is an unbelievable series of shocking coincidenceswho turns out to be an FBI asset, that’s the guy who JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon is being questioned about in court.

Just in case it isn’t obvious:

It turns out, the same week some mysterious “market manipulation” led to the FDIC handing Jamie Dimon the First Republic Bank on a platter and he’s being deposed for his connections to Epstein, he’s also announced he’ll be making a trip to China to organize three different financial conferences in Shanghai. Some news outlets are making a big deal about the fact that this is his “first trip to China in 4 years!”—as if that matters—but the truth is, he was busy expanding business with the CCP back in 2021, and in 2022 he came right out and boldly admitted that he thinks “there is truth” to China’s claim that the United States is “incompetent and lazy.” What a patriot.

Remember, China is the role model for the world.

The point is this: don’t expect any accountability.

Lawlessness abounds.

Meanwhile, an unknown number of American patriots are still rotting in prison and being held without trial, even as Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and three others get officially convicted of seditious conspiracy for doing little more than exercising their Constitutional right to peacefully protest a questionable election—which many have pointed out is an egregious denial of due process. At this point, it’s painfully clear that equal justice under the law no longer exists.

Remember when Tucker Carlson got all the J6 footage from Kevin McCarthy, blowing massive holes in the official narrative? Too bad he’s not around anymore.

We’ve reached the point where the only thing that seems to matter to our ruling class is the raw pursuit of absolute power. If the deepstate needs to blow up some pipelines and crash a drone into the Kremlin to start a war that advances their agenda, so be it.

The ends justify the means.

But what is the end game?

The transformation of consciousness. Assimilation into the collective. A heavily conditioned subservient peasant class of mindless drones living out their lives in an inescapable surveillance state, paying their taxes, while their souls suffocate under the tyranny of an elite ruling class of predators who treat them like the Hackable Animals they are—because this is what a sustainable future looks like, according to the cabal.

In short, they want total control. But, in order to achieve this, they have to destroy the will to resist and eradicate all opposition. Therein lies a truly significant distinction that I believe points to the path forward. I want to break this down for you, so let’s start out with helpful definitions:

»» The word “conscious” —

»» The word “conscience” —

»» The word “consciousness” —

Why the word games?

You may have picked up on me using the term “conscious transformation” lately. I’ve picked up that term from the globalist literature and spent a lot of time thinking about this so-called “conscious transformation”—specifically the implications of the conscience transformation that comes with it. The two terms are inextricably linked, as one leads to the other in a cause and effect fashion.

Conscious transformation leads to conscience transformation.

That’s the end game.

The intentional manipulation of emerging perception, public opinion, and personal belief is a conscious transformation of humanity—as in, it is being done with full awareness of the potential impact and outcome of these intentional actions. It is also a personally felt conscience transformation, as one’s awareness is trained to amplify stress, sex, and insanity, all of which ultimately transforms one’s consciousness.

Stress is elevated when we become aware of perceived threats, inequalities, envy, and the discontent that arises from the “delicate task” of developing dissatisfaction. As I’ve been reflecting on this, something struck me…

From TR 333 - Frank Church & the Family Jewels:

Because dialectics pits opposites against each other to transcend toward new understanding and new truths, the Third Way is often considered a centrist political position that takes the best of Left and Right ideologies. This “new political synthesis” is dubbed communitarianism—which explicitly aims to exploit dissatisfaction and crisis to create radical social transformation.

The reason we have an entrenched and entirely corrupt two-party establishment is precisely because this forms the catalyst for the conscious transformation of human consciousness—i.e. the Worldview Transformation and the Development of Social Consciousness discussed in TR 333. By controlling the narrative, they control the language on both sides, thus initiating dialectical dismantling of currently held beliefs.

Whereas the majority of Americans used to self-identify as rugged individualists living in a free and prosperous society, now the majority of Americans self-identify as victims of an oppressive, racist, misogynist, transphobic, capitalist society.

See how neat that was? By golly, this conscious transformation stuff really works!

But they’re not done yet.

Mind control. Menticide. Memes and memetic viruses. Propaganda and psychological warfare. We’ve covered it all. These are the well-documented scientific methods that are being used to manipulate the masses. These are the tools of conscious transformation, which results in the transformation of human consciousness. But, while all of this is happening “collectively,” there is another element that often gets overlooked—and that would be the transformation of personal conscience.

According to psychologists, individual conscience is the “superego” that commands the ego to conform and do what is good and morally right. The commands of the super ego are often rooted in guilt, or more accurately the aversion to guilt, which then drives “moral” behavior in order to keep the ego in tact [as in: I’m still a good person and deserve to live—and hey, at least I’m better than that guy—but gosh, I wonder what they think of me—oh no, what if they don’t think I’m a good person!].

Sociologists understand this very well, as do the socialists. They understand that we are social creatures that insatiably seek social approval to pad our egos and appease our superego’s need to maintain its sense of goodness, which often manifests as a smug sense of moral superiority. Hence the signs like this:

Don’t underestimate the power of a yard sign! This sign implies that believing these things makes you a good human being. If you don’t believe these things, you are not a good human being. You are a bad human being. We don’t like bad human beings, so you better stay away, or else we will viciously attack your ego, call you names, and make you feel small, so that you know just how much of a lesser human being you are.

In other yards, MAGA types typically prefer signs like this:

If things ever go kinetic, you want to guess who’s house gets raided first?

It’s key to understand that the transformation of consciousness is what is causing American citizens to take down their “No Trespassing” signs in exchange for “Love is Love” and “Science is Real” signs—because they don’t realize that the science says crackheads really do love them some crack, and they’d love to get top dollar for your stuff down at the pawn too; and since your sign says “no human is illegal” the science indicates the crackhead would likely perceive that as an invitation; and since it says “black lives matter” you probably won’t press charges, because clearly you are a good human who wouldn’t want to support those racist pigs anyway!

And the crowd goes wild!

Much like in the movie Idiocracy, today’s useful idiots are cheering on their own demise, too dense to realize they’re being played for the fools they are. They no longer have a conscience of their own. Now they have a collective consciousness. These cosmopolitan peasants have been fully assimilated into the collective, where they serve as a semi-functional cog in the globalists’ machine. It’s almost like a dream, or a nightmare, but it isn’t. This is real. This is serious.

And it all ends very badly unless we can stimulate a Great American Awakening.

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