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TR 359 - Misplaced Financial Panic ROCKS the Market

TR 359 - Misplaced Financial Panic ROCKS the Market

The more I think about it, the clearer it becomes.

Have no fear.

On Monday, I mentioned that AI was already controlling the financial markets. I didn’t take the time to dive into this because I was focusing on using the breath to maintain sanity throughout the Great Reset. We need a great awakening to gently shake people awake from the irrational cult delusions that come from being infected by the Woke Mind Virus, and for this, better breathing will in fact help—but that’s only one aspect of a much longer term strategy.

In the interim, as we face the daily deluge of mis- dis- and mal-information, state funded propaganda, carefully curated and censored news feeds, we must remain vigilant in our assessment of reality. In order to keep people asleep, the elites have to cycle us through endless iterations of panic (which shuts down critical thinking), followed by relative calm that seduces the herd into accepting the new normal. Think of it like shock therapy for society as a whole.

And that’s where the financial markets come into the spotlight. The threat of impending financial collapse is a surefire way to spook the herd.

Take a look at these headlines:

Are you ready to make a run on the bank yet? I suspect that’s what they’re aiming for: freaking people out to start a stampede that causes small and regional banks to get crushed by the weight of panicking peasants, all while the big banks snatch up the assets of smaller banks, small businesses, and consumers alike.

The net result is the consolidation of power and control in the hands of elite bankers and their government backers. The strategy seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?

Printing money out of thin air drives rampant monetary inflation. Historically high inflation then rapidly erodes the value of bank accounts and retirement funds, destroys the value of the dollar, and fuels the rate hikes that then put even more pressure, disproportionately, on the average middle class citizen—all while the big banks roll in record profits. Consider the trend:

Thus, the big guys are winning and the little guys are getting stiffed.

But that’s nothing new. As aggravating as this reality is, it would be wise to consider this longstanding, ongoing trend in the context of the Great Reset and the overarching globalist agenda. How does the consolidation of money, power, and control in the hands of huge international banks serve to further their agenda? How will this affect our bank accounts, retirement accounts, and the local economy? How will it affect our ability to get the gas, groceries, and goods that we need to enjoy a relatively comfortable lifestyle?

These are all pressing questions, and the truth is, I don’t have the answers. Nobody does—but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate about different scenarios, right? Trying to forecast the financial future is like trying to determine your destiny by peering into a crystal ball. That’s why this article caught my eye: Crystal Balls, Soothsayers, And AI; Oh My!, which dropped this chart on the table:

Obviously that trend line cannot continue on forever… or can it?

Two questions were posited in the article:

1) How long will it take to add the next $40 trillion in debt?

2) Precisely how will AI change the trajectory of debt, or the eventual banquet of consequences of parabolic increases in debt?

How will AI change the trajectory of the global economy? Now that is an intriguing question. With AI regulating the financial markets, as the author notes, the possibility of having a “never-ending bull market” that can always stay one step ahead of the debt crisis becomes, in theory, a plausible scenario. But will it work? And if so, how would that scenario play out and impact the average person?

Let’s pivot.

The more money they print or conjure up at the tap of a button, the more power and control gets consolidated and distributed among the global elite—and it’s the distribution of this plunder that I want to turn our attention to. The question is: where does all of this money go? The global elites can only spend so much on their lavish lifestyles, throwing swanky parties in Davos, jetting around in their private jets to lecture the peasants on destroying the planet, and buying off corrupt politicians.

Where does the rest of the money go?

While in reality we’ll never really know, we can connect some dots and read the writing on the wall. The ESG agenda—both Environmental Sustainable Governance and Earth Systems Governance—along with the the various aspects of the global surveillance apparatus, are certain to sop up much of the slop. There will also be a continuous redistribution of this wealth through investing in developing nations, which is how the global elites essentially purchase compliance and control of small countries all around the world.

All of this is meant to institute “global democracy.” As previously discussed, this effort to “level the playing field” globally is just a thinly veiled power grab that gives the global cabal more and more control over global affairs. By extracting money from rich countries and funneling it into developing nations, the global elite can incrementally institute global governance and advance the New World Order. This also allows them to pit poor nations against prosperous ones, which gives them “democratic” leverage in the world’s governing bodies like the UN and the WHO.

Just like Democrats buy votes by giving away other people’s money, so too does the global cabal aim to purchase ever more influence, power, and control by stealing money from middle class Americans and investing it in third-world countries. Global equality means you will eat bugs and own nothing, just like much of the rest of humanity already does—and you are supposed to be happy about this because it’s saving the planet and standing in solidarity with the starving children in Africa.

The starving children in Africa—who already own nothing and eat bugs—will also be happy, because now they have the benefit of being institutionally indoctrinated, forcefully vaccinated, and digitally assimilated into the NWO, all courtesy of your hard earned money. In reality, the situation is slightly more complex than that, but I’m sure you get the point: in a perfect world, global citizens can all enjoy an equitable lifestyle thanks to the benevolent masters who take from the rich to give to the poor.

At least that’s the story.

Which brings me to the dreaded but forthcoming digital currency. The U.S. Treasury recently confirmed that they are getting our Digital Dollars (i.e. CBDC) ready to roll out, whether we’re ready, or want it, or not. Noting that China (role model for the world) started rolling their digital currency out way back in 2020, the financial “scholars” at the Treasury and the FED claim that these Digital Dollars will be a boon for humanity, as they promise to provide “financial inclusion for people who are underbanked.”

No doubt all those poor, financially excluded, underbanked peasants will lunge at the opportunity to get something for nothing, rush to open their digital account, and gleefully accept all the free money that just magically appears in their accounts. They’ll be grateful, and they’ll vote accordingly. To keep this pipe-dream of prosperity going, they’ll go along with whatever the government tells them to do. If they don’t, all of those Digital Dollars will simply disappear.

The government giveth, and the government taketh away!

While it would be impossible for the government to monitor every transaction to ensure compliance with ESG regulations—even though they’ve spent some $10 million dollars on weapons and ammo to outfit IRS agents in combat gear—this is something that the AI can handle with ease. Thus, once they’ve implemented the digital currency, there really will be no escaping compliance with whatever hair-brained scheme the government comes up with.

Plus, if you decide to try to get clever by burying your money in the backyard or stashing gold nuggets under your bed, they’ve got tens-of-thousands of armed federal agents who are just itching for something to do. You don’t think they’ve hired these thugs and outfitted them with combat gear for nothing do you? Of course not.


I don’t think there will be some great catastrophic financial collapse.

If it happens, it will happen fast and be over soon, ultimately serving as the catalyst to fully implement digital currency. I understand the economy is in shambles, that financial markets are unstable, and that banks are going bankrupt—but that doesn’t mean things aren’t moving along according to plan. It will be easier for them to force everyone into Digital Dollars once they’ve consolidated control in the hands of banks that are too big to fail—and those banks aren’t going to fail. That’s the point.

Instead the global elite and the international banking cartel will continue to leverage AI to manipulate the markets—and public perception—in order to advance the global redistribution of wealth that is currently financing the ever expanding surveillance state and our “incredible transition” to Future Earth. No collapse necessary.

The global cabal wants total global control, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it, but that doesn’t mean that they’re willing to risk their own discomfort in the process. If they can hike rates and crush the middle class, destroy small businesses, and extract maximum taxes from the world’s most productive peasants without collapsing the entire system, they will. This is what best serves their agenda.

If I had a crystal ball, I’d say that’s exactly what they intend to do.

(But then again, I could be completely wrong.)


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