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TR 326 - Let Me Tell You a Story

TR 326 - Let Me Tell You a Story

It's a story about how the good guys win and sanity is restored.

Think about it.

We are each born into a story. We don’t pick our parents or the circumstances of our birth. We don’t have any control over the environment we are raised in or the culture of our upbringing. Yet, all of this taken together, the immersive world within which we grow and mature, imparts powerful stories that stick with us for life.

Similarly, this week we each started out with our own stories, relative to our personal circumstance, pulling together every aspect of life up to the present moment. Within the context of our own personal stories, together, if you were with me on Monday, we then examined the possibility of a global run on the banks sparking a catastrophic collapse of the financial system. Some people were pretty worked up about it, others not so much, depending on the story one chose to accept and believe.

For my part, I said, “Keep calm and carry on.” Yes, there will be a financial collapse. And yes, we will be transitioned to a digital currency, but this wasn’t it. Of course, I could always be completely wrong, but as I pointed out, there was more to the story. Thus, it appeared all the hype in the headlines was little more than a distraction. It was classic, almost textbook distraction, that brought forth the following admonition: When the propaganda is operating in concert, something is up, ALWAYS.

What’s interesting, in retrospect, is how this whole story about SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) has played out throughout the week. The fear that there would be contagion has been assuaged by the Big Banks stepping in with their own benevolent private bail out. Today we learn there was a historic $30 billion injection of private funds to save First Republic Bank, which is a convenient PR stunt that feeds this story:

“America’s financial system is among the best in the world, and America’s banks – large, midsize and community banks – do an extraordinary job serving the banking needs of their unique customers and communities.  The banking system has strong credit, plenty of liquidity, strong capital and strong profitability. Recent events did nothing to change this.”

What’s the take away from this story? Well, the big banks are the good guys, they’re looking out for the little guys, because they value and appreciate the little guys. Beyond that, everyone can feel safe and secure that Big Gov and the Big Banks won’t allow anything bad to happen to the American banking system. What a great story! That’s just the kind of story that builds trust and restores the public’s faith in these institutions.

And what better time to rollout a controversial update to the underlying financial system than when good faith and trust are running high, right? Might that be why today the Federal Reserve has announced the launch of it’s FedNow “instant payment” system? Notwithstanding the connection between FedNow and forthcoming CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), this is being presented as another gift to the public from the benevolent Big Bank benefactors. Don’t believe me? Just ask them:

“The launch reflects an important milestone in the journey to help financial institutions serve customer needs for instant payments to better support nearly every aspect of our economy,” Tom Barkin, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and the FedNow Program’s executive sponsor, said in a statement.

You see, they are helping the public. They are serving. They are supporting.

Once they have this new digital instant payment system fully up and running, which is set for July, it’s going to be amazing! This is definitely NOT a trojan horse. Their intentions are as pure as the wind driven snow—and the bonus is, this new system will soon be “leveraged” to keep track of everyone’s transactions in real-time, “to monitor for aggregated concentrations of inbound and outbound activity (a sign of potential mule activity) and use machine learning to score transactions.”

What great service!

What a great story.

It’s almost as heartwarming as the Chinese Communist Party being a role model for the world, and the Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s meeting with Vladimir Putin to broaden Beijing’s role as a peacemaker on the world stage. The Chinese are urging peace talks and political solutions, which just might stave off WWIII. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Evidently this has freed up the Pentagon to mobilize more support for all the tech start ups that feed their war machine.

Of course, as nice as this all sounds, there’s always more to the story. There has also been a recent rash of stealthy cyber attacks, which likely came from China, that are said to exhibit a “new level of ingenuity and sophistication.” And, on the note of next level ingenuity and sophistication, it turns out “genetic data” from a market in Wuhan—where evil people were caught in “illegal wildlife trade”—has finally solved the mysterious origins of covid. This story should totally put your mind to rest:

“An international team of virus experts said on Thursday that they had found genetic data from a market in Wuhan, China, linking the coronavirus with raccoon dogs for sale there.”

So there you have it, now you know that the worst pandemic in a century really was ignited by an infected animal—and Dr. Fauci funding gain-of-function research just down the street really had nothing to do with it whatsoever. If you don’t believe that story, just look at the headlines:

Read those articles and you will learn that Dr. Fauci is amazing. He’s honest. He’s the real deal. Any attacks on Dr. Fauci are more than just an attack on The Science itself—they are politically motivated by the rabid science-denying Trump supporters who refuse to concede to a rigged election and accept the fabricated narrative.

Which brings me back to the narrative.

Which story do you believe?

Did you ever read that story about the Pentagon officials suggesting an alien mothership in our solar system could be sending mini probes to Earth?

Now that’s a story.

How about that story about Russia committing an act of war against the United States by bringing down a U.S. spy drone somewhere over the Black Sea?

Now that was rude.

Friends, the point is this: Millions upon millions of people have read those stories. And, millions upon millions of people believe those stories. Perhaps even more disturbing, many of these millions upon millions of people would flatly reject any story that counters the story they already believe. This is human nature, and as discussed in Thursday’s report on The Depravity of Deception, this is rooted in ego (my story is right, your story is wrong), which has long been exploited by the elite.

Our egos need a narrative, that’s why the ego is so easily deceived. The ego can be conditioned to believe that you must defer your judgement to the experts, or the government, or some other perceived authority. This exploits the fact that the ego wants to be good, it seeks approval and needs acceptance. This is all part of being human, so don’t sweat it, just learn to recognize it for what it is—it’s a head trip.

The reality of the situation is that you are already good, even without the government’s stamp of approval. Similarly, in reality, your acceptance in society is in no way contingent upon the government—despite the decades long concerted effort to convince you otherwise. To grasp this, just think about being accepted into a gang.

Though they may be thugs and criminals, wholly unwholesome, the bane of civil society, and a direct challenge to government authority, their need for acceptance is met by virtue of being in the gang—thus, their identity is intact and the ego happy.

No government approval needed.

Which brings me back to the unique stories that we are each born into, and how this ties into the overarching global narrative. Remember that it is the narrative that our minds use to make sense of things. It’s the narrative that feeds our egos the stories we accept as truth, shaping our perception, and ultimately driving our beliefs and behaviors. The Great Narrative of modern times is that you are a soulless hackable animal who is destroying the planet with your unsustainable western lifestyle.

Fortunately, we can reject this narrative and re-write the story. We each get to write our own inner narrative. We each get to tell our own story. This allows us to break free from the conditioned mental submission to the state sponsored story.

This is how we can awaken the human spirit, helping people realize that we are each infinitely unique (the opposite of collective), that we are powerful (the opposite of dependency), that we can resist (the opposite of helplessness), and that we can shape the future through the power of choice (the opposite of central control)—all of which, taken together, is the opposite of global tyranny.

In other words, I believe that we can win this battle for the hearts and minds of humanity through the power of story—and that’s the story I wanted to tell.

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