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TR 322 -Will There Be a Global Bank Run?

TR 322 -Will There Be a Global Bank Run?

Looking at the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the writing on the wall.

You’ve heard the news.

Last Friday there was significant chaos in the U.S. financial markets as news came to light that the 16th largest bank in the country, Silicon Valley Bank, with some $209 BILLION on its balance sheet (up from $27 billion in 2020, FYI), went bankrupt over night. How did this happen and what does it mean for the average American?

First, let’s take a look at some of the headlines swirling around this debacle:

Alright, sounds like a pretty big deal, right? I mean gosh, it’s almost like the financial system is on the brink of collapse, and nobody saw that coming, right?


Zooming out to the macro level, we know that a financial collapse and the destruction of the American economy has long been in the works. Some say they’ve just been kicking the can since 2008. Some say that this is all part of the transition to the global digital currency—a central component of the Great Reset—which Fed Chairman Jerome Powell was referring to last June, when he announced the 2023 rollout of the Fed’s own instant digital payments system, aka FedNow:

Please note the words, “Rapid changes are taking place in the global monetary system.” This is the clue as to what is driving this whole situation. It was not spontaneous. It’s didn’t just happen. It’s not by accident. This is orchestrated chaos that is serving the purpose of advancing the global push toward digital currency.

It is only through that lens that we can have a meaningful conversation about a global run on banks. Do you think for a second that these international bankers and the rest of the global cabal hadn’t considered this predictable reaction? Of course they did.

So, what’s their plan? While we can speculate, the answer is we’ll have to wait and see.

Honestly, though this particularly sensational news cycle aligns with the big picture trajectory, I don’t believe this will be the catalyst to the full transition to digital currency. That’s just a hunch, and obviously I could be completely wrong. But still, there’s more to this story that smacks of a cover up and distraction—something akin to a hammer wielding hippie assaulting Paul Pelosi, as opposed to a truly dire situation.

What makes me think that?

Well, it turns out that the Big Boys, the VC titans—i.e. the venture capitalists who supply the billions of dollars in startup funds for everything great in life—were working actively behind the scenes to spark this run on the Silicon Valley Bank. If that’s not coincidence enough, there’s the fact that simultaneously Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan Chase & Co) was soliciting SVB customers on Thursday, before the crash.

Just to give you a flavor of what’s out there:

And of course, right on cue, Biden has hinted at the only viable solution to this completely unforeseeable crisis, which is more regulations that are even stronger:

So we have Biden refusing to take questions (because he lacks the cognitive capacity to answer them), while demanding greater government control over the banks (after top dog bankers nudged him that direction), and the billionaire Big Boys are licking their lips and about to feast upon the struggling regional banks that they just setup to fail. It kind of seems likes all of this consolidates power and control, doesn’t it?

Who benefits here? Certainly not the peasants.

Before pivoting away from the behind-the-scenes players, I’d like to point out that:

  1. Jamie Dimon is currently embroiled in a lawsuit that ties JPMorgan to Jefferey Epstein’s sex-trafficking, and on Thursday a US District Judge issued an order demanding Dimon turn over more potentially damning records. Coincidence?

  2. Jamie Dimon is also associated with the globalist Council of Foreign Relations and the UN Net-Zero Banking Alliance, which currently represents nearly half of all total global banking assets. Coincidence?

  3. Jamie Dimon is also affiliated with the World Economic Forum and served as the Chairman of the Business Roundtable, wherein “Dimon's influence beyond Wall Street seems to be at a peak” on the global stage. Coincidence?

It’s probably nothing. Just a long line of completely unrelated circumstances that probably have nothing to do with big banks buying up little banks, the global consolidation of wealth among the power players, the dark and seedy past-times of these world-class predators, and the global transition to digital currency.


This is just a massive distraction.

Sure, it’s softening up the public for what lies ahead. This event, the collapse of SVB and the other banks that go down with it, will hearken more government intervention and its subsequent control over the economy. The government, at the behest of the global cabal, will continue to systematically destroy the U.S. economy to level the playing field globally, while the big banksters slop up the profits that come from printing money like it’s nothing and channel these funds to advance the agenda.

In other words, this is nothing more that a gross transfer of wealth at the global level. It will further drive inflation through the roof, negatively impact the supply chain, feed into the collapse of the housing market, and likely break the backs of the millions of Americans who are struggling to make ends meet in Biden’s booming economy.

People will freak out, run to the bank, and pull out their pennies, but it really doesn’t matter. Soon enough, the cash will be trash. Businesses will be forced to comply with the new 2023 FedNow service (as noted above) and they will be forced to adopt the digital currency roll out that’s coming down the pipe. Barter, trade, and other means of exchange—i.e. gold and silver, brass and lead, etc.—will be the only alternatives.

Friends, this day is not far away. The choice will be to comply and succumb to the demands of the state-backed bankers (and thus fall to the global cabal), or muster the grit, tenacity, and innovation necessary to wholeheartedly resist and strive to establish a functional parallel economy—starting with a local bartering network.

I know it sounds crazy.

This morning Biden declared that “Americans can have confidence that the banking system is safe.” I’m sure he means that the banking system is safe and effective, just like the masks, the vaccines, and the drinking water in New Palestine. He also added that the bank executives will be fired and the shareholders won’t be bailed out, though ostensibly to look out for the “little guy,” ‘ol Joe has pledged to give “whatever is needed” to keep his handlers happy.

As a side note, there are some jackass democrats who are out there praising the Senile Sock-Puppet for his “extraordinary leadership,” but just ignore them. These are the same morons who think that Bernie ‘The Socialist’ Sanders is the next best alternative if Biden decides not to run. I only mention that in passing, as we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the establishment is in full-Monty campaign mode at the moment.

Meanwhile, China’s Communist Dictator Xi Jinping is now talking with the comedian-turned-globalist-puppet Volodymyr Zelensky, just as the U.S.-Ukrainian relationship starts to flounder and U.S. officials begin to fret over the mismanagement of military equipment and the unaccountable pissing away of billions of taxpayer dollars.

At the same time, we’ve also got thousands of military aged males storming the southern border in broad daylight, while the President of Mexico threatens members of congress who are seeking to stem the tide of drugs, death, and crime being driven by illegal immigration. You can’t make this stuff up.

Never mind the fresh calls for hearings on the new J6 footage that’s intentionally being slow-rolled to the American public, the unlikely calls to investigate and prosecute Pelosi, Cheney, Mayorkas, and more, or the Oversight Committee squawking about having documents that prove Biden was getting money from the CCP—this is just political theater. This is on par with Mike Pence announcing that history will hold Trump accountable for the violent attack on the Capitol.

It’s not that this stuff is not important, but what do you think is actually going to happen? Could all this hype about a global bank run be a distraction from all of this? Could the cabal kicking off an international bank run just be a smokescreen to move the remaining pieces into place for the next act of the Great Reset?

As I finish this report, trading has been halted at some 30 banks. The contagion is spreading. People are scared and fear spreads faster than facts. My recommendation is take a deep breath. If they want us to be scared, it would probably be wise to stay calm and carry on. This too shall pass. In the big picture, this is beyond our control.

Despite the headlines, today is a beautiful day. Don’t let these commies steal your joy!


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